Inside: 4 Stages of High School, what are they and how to master them. 

High School is such a fun and transformative time for teens. They not only learn a lot from school, but also from the friends they make and the experiences they have.

If you are just about to go into High School, you may be pretty nervous. You may have clicked on this article in hopes of finding some comfort from knowing what lies ahead of you. But let me tell you, there is nothing to be afraid of. Change can be scary, but also such a great thing. One of my favorite quotes says,’ “What if things change?”

Do you really want to stay the same as what you are now?’. My point in this is that you have so much growing to do, you’ll blossom into the person you were always meant to be, and that doesn’t come from things staying the same.

Your High School Experience may differ from what I am about to describe, and that is okay. I am just laying out a general outline for you to be able to at least get some comfort from knowing what your years will be like. In between the academics, you will make friends. You will laugh, cry, and connect with yourself and the people around you in beautiful ways. Even if sometimes things get hard, just know that you are laying the foundation for the rest of your life. No pressure.

The 4 Stages of High School explained

What Are The Stages of High School?

Well, High School will happen in about 4 stages. The 4 Stages of High School are freshman year, Sophomore year, Junior year & Senior year in that order. These stages will be laid out in accordance to the years in the same order that you will experience them, linearly.

4 years may seem like a long time, but you will be surprised by how fast it will go by. Pretty soon you’ll be in college, and then out of college, and then getting a mortgage on a house…it’s funny the way time works. So while you are here, really try and be in the moment. Soak in where you are, you will only be there once.

Wow…that was dangerously close to saying YOLO. So without further ado, let’s get into…

Stage One: Freshman Year

Freshman year is your transition year. This is when you will be adjusting from moving out of middle school and into a high school setting. The setting may be similar, but you will be challenged more when it comes to learning. But this is a good thing! You can’t grow without challenge. With any luck, you will slowly find your own group of friends that will make having to get up early everyday sort of worth it.

Here you will have the opportunity to explore new interests and figure yourself out in a whole new setting. It’s like a new season of a TV Show, with the same main character (You) but a different setting and a different plot, with new characters and new problems to face and overcome.

Examples of a Sophomore Year in high school

Stage Two: Sophomore Year

Stage two of High School is your Sophomore Year. Now, sophomore year is a little easier than your freshmen year. You know where everything is and you have your group of friends, you know what it’s like to be in high school, and now you get to enjoy it a little more.

You’re not quite an upperclassman yet, but you aren’t fresh meat either. It’s a great year that you get to spend furthering your friendships and really getting into the groove of High School. Now is the time that you will start to contemplate what it is you may want to do when you get to college.

This is that hilarious and awkward middle period where you don’t quite get to work towards it yet but it’s important to start thinking about it.

Stages of High School

Stage Three: Junior Year

Junior Year was my personal favorite year of high school. It’s that glorious time when any fear you’ve had can turn into excitement. This is beginning to feel like your turf now, and oh how good it feels. This is the year that you should really focus on your grades and your academics seeing as this is the last full year that those folks over in college additions will look at when you apply to colleges.

Feels like a lot of pressure but the secret to staying on top of things is to not give in to procrastination. You got this!

How to master each Senior Year

Stage Four: Senior Year

You made it…the final year. This is a year full of lasts so make sure to bring the tissues. It’s a fun one though, so don’t get the impression that it will be all sad. By this year, you will have a solid group of friends, a good understanding of what you want out of life, and the ability to go for it.

Not only this but there are so many fun things that are planned for this stage to celebrate how far you have truly come. Things like Prom, Homecoming, Senior Skip Day, and so many others. It can be hard but try not to let your grades drop because those colleges will still be on the lookout. Just take your time and really soak in the fact that you are in high school, you won’t be there forever.

Finally, you will graduate.

You’ll throw that cap in the air, and with it the four years of experience. If you just take a little extra time to make sure your High school experience is amazing, you will not regret it.

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