Inside: The best trivia questions for High School Students that will stump them every time.

High School is a place where you go to learn the fundamentals that you get to build upon as you get older. It is also the place where you go to learn a bunch of useless(but cool) facts. If you have ever thought to yourself, “When am I really going to use this information in real life?” Well…the time is now when you play this trivia game.

I have compiled some of the top trivia questions for high school students for you guys to go through, round by round, to see who is the smartest high schooler. Each round is divided up by how hard they are.

Top Trivia Questions for High School Students

At the end of this article, I have also included some printable PDF trivia question options for you to look through if you do not want to use this article. But if you are, I hope you are ready to get your trivia on! First, though, we have to go over the rules.

How to Play

When it comes to playing trivia, there are a few key rules. But other than these, it’s pretty straightforward. According to an article called, ‘How to host a trivia night.‘ The rules are as follows:

How much of a stickler are you for cell phones? How many players are allowed per team? Establishing rules early makes sure that all contestants know how to play the game and what might disqualify them.  A few good trivia night rules are:

  • No yelling out answers
  • Set a clear limit on the number of players per team.
  • No looking up information on cell phones. This might be on the honesty policy, but servers can help enforce this, also.
  • Teams can’t change their answers after submitting a response.
  • The host has the final say in all disputes. 

So there you have it. Setting up for trivia is pretty simple; the hard part comes when you are trying to think of answers. I am known for accidentally calling out the answer because of muscle memory. I totally space that you have to write it down and just BLERT. So I recommend NOT doing that.

But now that you have all the information you need. Let’s get into the real fun stuff: Let’s play trivia!

Easy Trivia Questions for High School Students

I thought we should start out with the easy questions and move up from there. These are some good trivia questions that vary in terms of category, but they all are around the same level of hardness. So check out this list, and let’s get this party started! Okay, well, it’s not a party per se…but it’s fun. Trivia is fun.

1. Who holds the world record for eating the most amount of hot dogs?

Answer: Joey Chesnut

2. How many movies are in the Harry Potter series?

Answer: 8

3. Who is the inventor of the basketball hoop?

Answer: James Naismith

4. What country gifted the United States the Statue of Liberty?

Answer: France

5. What is the only fruit to bear seeds on the outside?

Answer: Strawberry 

6. What was George Washington’s favorite pastime?

Answer: Cave Exploring

7. What mineral is spinach high in?

Answer: Iron

8. What was Mohammad Ali’s birth name?

Answer: Cassius Clay

9. What was the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s name?

Answer: Quasimodo

10. What is the name of the cartoon city that the Simpsons is based in?

Answer: Springfield

Funny Trivia Games High School Students

Medium Strength Trivia Questions

Let’s turn up the heat a bit. It’s time to get into the medium-strength questions! If this were a hot sauce, this would be siracha. It’s not too hot, but it adds a kick. The neck list afterward is the ghost pepper sauce that only lunatics like to add to their food. See how many of these questions you can get right!

11. What is the natural habitat of the emu?

Answer: Australia

12. How many Bronte sisters were there?

Answer: Three

13. How many carats is pure gold?

Answer: 24 Carats

14. What vitamin is lacking when someone has Scurvy?

Answer: Vitamin C

15. Where was the TV Show Gilmore Girls set in?

Answer: Stars Hollow

16. How many breaths does a human take daily?

Answer: 20,000

17. What is the lifespan of a dragonfly?

Answer: 1-2 weeks

18. What scale measures the strength of earthquakes?

Answer: Rictor Scale

19. Who was Johnny Depp’s Second Wife?

Answer: Amber Herd

20. What state has the most National parks?

Answers: California

History Trivia Questions about pineapples

Hard Trivia Questions for Teens

Now, these questions are not for the faint of heart. This will be the last round, so be prepared for battle. I am saddened by how few of these questions I got right. At this point, I think I can confidently assume that I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader. Check these out to see how many you know and if you need the tissues…I have them.

21. At what velocity does light move?

Answer: 186,411 miles per second

22. What was the old English word for the earth?

Answer: Ground

23. What State in the U.S has more people than Canada?

Answer: California.

24. What is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

25. What did President Zachary Taylor Die Of?

Answer: A Cherry Overdose

26. During the 18th century in England, what fruit was considered to be a status symbol?

Answer: Pineapples

27. What kind of animal doesn’t sweat?

Answer: Pigs

28. Who was the author who wrote Around the world in 80 Days?

Answer: Jules Verne

29. Why did Mcdonald’s first introduce a drive-thru?

Answer: For the military.

30. What Disney Princes had the least amount of time on screen?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty

Trivia Questions for High School Students

Printable Trivia Questions for High School Students

Lastly, I wanted to include a list of printable options. That way, you could save yourself some time. These are from Etsy because I believe that Etsy is the best place to find printable games. Not only are they affordable and unique, but you get to support a small business. How cool is that? There are a few different themes here, so pick the one that works best for you!

31. Trivia By the Decades

32. 300 Trivia Questions

33. Halloween Printable Games

34. Food Trivia

35. 500 Trivia Questions

36. Random Trivia

Alrighty, folks, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed the top Trivia Questions for High School Students because I enjoyed finding them. I mean I will admit that I was a little alarmed by how little I knew, but I know how a fresh fire under me to start learning cool facts.

Trivia is a game that turns to learn into a fun competition, so it is perfect for high schoolers. That way, they have different ways to retain their information. Honestly, if my teacher were to turn every pop quiz into a trivia game…I would have been top of the class.

If you are curious about some other fun games to play with High School Students, then I have some more recommendations for you. There are so many awesome ideas out there just waiting for you to have fun with them. It’s always important to give the boring form of learning a break and find new ways to enrich the brain. That’s what I tell myself, at least.