Inside: Top baptism gifts for teenager that they will adore.

Becoming baptized is such a powerful moment in a teen’s life. It is the moment when they are fully giving themselves to god; they enter the water with their problems and leave it with a protector. I think this beautiful moment needs to be rewarded and immortalized.

So I have gathered some of the cutest Baptism Gifts for teenagers that will honor this huge occasion. Each is geared and themed toward what this day means, and most of them actually have inspirational quotes that will help them along their journey with Christ.

Baptism gifts for teenager that honor the occasion. Photo of girl wearing cross.

What are you waiting for? Take a look to see what you think the teen in your life would love to get as a gift for their baptism. Remember that these are just a jumping-off point; many of these ideas can be customized to be more personal. Take a look!

Baptism Gifts for Teenager: Girls

I know it can be kind of hard to choose a gift for something as important as this, but just remember that it is truly the intention that counts when it comes to gifts. With that being said, here is the first section of gift ideas for teen girls. These are some truly adorable ideas; take a look.

1. Sweet Bracelet Idea – You can never go wrong with a nice bracelet idea. I have included a few on this list, but I especially enjoy this one because it’s sweet and elegant. Take a look to see if you think your teen will like it.

2. Cross Necklace Ideas – Now that they have a new connection to Jesus, a new cross is the perfect gift. It’s a symbol of their devotion and an active reminder that he is always there, caring for us.

3. Christian Quote Bracelet – If you want to give them an INSPIRATIONAL bracelet, then I think this is a wonderful one to consider. It has a bible verse on it that inspires.

4. Personalized Keep Sake Box – This keepsake box is probably one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Every time they look at it, they will be reminded of their baptism.

5. Washed By Water Bookmark – Washed by water is a popular quote about being baptized. It fits well as a bookmark, seeing as you can use it for your bible. This one would be a great one to include in a gift basket.

6. Faith Graphic T-Shirt – Faith is one of the most important words, so it’s perfect for giving to someone who is being baptized.

7. Cross Bracelet Idea – This cross bracelet is so cute; I was contemplating adding it to my collection! It’s so cute, right? I could just imagine this being a smash hit.

8. Devotionals for Teens – This is a wonderful book to get for a teen girl who was just baptized. It’s a devotional book that she can work with to strengthen her bond with her religion.

9. I left it In the Water  – I think this is just such a comforting statement that needs to be written on every wall in my home, so I see it all the time.

10. Makeup Box Idea – This is another cute one. This little makeup bag is such a cute way to incorporate your beliefs into your everyday life.

Baptism gifts for teenage boys. Personalized baseball, compass, and cross necklace

Baptism Gifts for Teenager: Boys

Next up, I had to include the boys. But hey, ladies first! Below you will find some great baptism gifts for teenager. He will truly love each and everything on this list, so don’t worry too much. Since everything is geared towards something he already loves, you know you are going to win.

11. Black Chain Necklace – Black chain is a very chic way for men to rep jewelry, and this cross necklace is just perfect for a teen boy who was just baptized.

12. Personalized Bat – This is a unique one, but if your teen is a baseball fan, I think this is the way to go. You really cannot beat this kind of cool, customized gift.

13. Cross in Silver – If they want a cross for a present, this one is in silver…and it’s super cool. I think any guy would be lucky to have this.

14. Cool Compass Idea – This is probably one of my favorite things on this list. Having a religion is like a guiding light in your life, so what better gift to give than a compass?

15. Straight Outta the Water Shirt – If you want a funnier approach, this straight outta the water shirt is the way to go. It’s a spin on the straight outta Compton song, but I still think it has merit.

16. Baptism Name Idea – This is a personalized present that they can hang on their wall to commemorate the special day. You just put in their name, and it turns it into Christian-themed art.

17. Men’s Wrap Bracelet – Men can accessorize too, and this bracelet proves it. What do you think? It’s a winner, for sure.

18. I Will Be Your Guide – Another guiding present, it’s only right. If you are going for more of a sweet and inspirational gift, this is a wonderful option.

19. Walk in Faith – Here is another wonderful faith-based present that a teen boy would absolutely love. I think the beauty of these gifts is that they will continue to inspire the longer they have them.

20. One Minute Prayers – This is a wonderful one that will get lots of everyday use. I know it can sometimes be hard to find time for faith in our hectic lives, but this one-minute prayer journal will help with that!

21. Not Today Satan Bracelet – This is a hilarious bracelet because it has a secret code. It’s beads that spell out, ‘not today satan’ in morse code! How funny is this?

More gift ideas, photo of personalized bible idea.

More Gift Ideas

If you have yet to find a gift, do not stress. There are so many different ideas out there; these are just the tip of the iceberg. Below you will find some simple presents that are perfect regardless of gender. Take a look!

22. I Know Jesus Loves Me

23. Wall Cross Idea

24. Baptism Comforting Gift

25. Baptized This Year

26. Cute Cuff Idea

27. Left It In The Water

28. Jesus Necklaces

29. Christian Talking Points

30. 101 Bible Verses for Teens

31. Make Heaven Full

baptism gifts for teenager


I think the moral of this story is that you can never really pick a wrong baptism gifts for teenager. It’s truly the thought that counts; they know and feel that, so take that pressure off yourself.

The real gift is the new connection your teen will have with their higher power. It is a very comforting and exciting time in their life, so these presents are a welcome treat, the cherry on top if you will. If you want to learn about some other teen Christian things, I have a few other articles that you might enjoy.

Perhaps you would like to send this article to your soon-to-be baptized teen. It’s all about the best Christian podcasts for teens to listen to. Podcasts are great to listen to while doing chores or homework, so it’s a perfect way to sneak in some prayer!