Inside: 27 Necessary Art Supplies for Your Teens Next Project.

So you have a budding artist whose dedication to their art is ready to bloom.

With all their creativity and inspiration bursting at the seams, they need the supplies to make those ideas come to fruition.

As your favorite teenager’s dedication to their craft grows, you can help them invest in more professional-level tools. For now, allow them to test their creativity with these art tools. Here are some ideas of the best art supplies for teens and a list of essential resources to help get them started.

Cool Art Supplies for Teens

Cool Art Supplies for Teens

1. Canvas Panel 12 Pack: Canvas boards are an inexpensive way to make paintings more elevated than your standard 12×18 sheets of paper. They don’t take up a lot of space, and they give the student a more authentic experience. These boards are for acrylic or oil paint, not watercolor.

2. Micron Pens: These Micron pens are cool to use and this set comes in a variety of sizes. They work super well for outlining drawings, etc.

3. Prismacolor Colored Pencils: We have tried so many cheaper brands of colored pencils and honestly, none that we have tried even come close to how nice these are. They lay color on the paper so smoothly. So richly. So nicely. The colors are amazing. You just can’t go wrong with Prismacolor. The image below is linked to a set of 23, but they also come in other-sized sets.

4. Eraser Set: Sometimes you just need to erase a teeny-tiny area and regular erasers are just too big. Finding these mechanical erasers was magical. This first mechanical eraser is quite narrow, and the second one is a bit bigger.

Supplies for Artists

5. Blending Stubs: A what? Trust me, these little gizmos come in real handy. Just when you’re wanting your drawing to have some blended or shaded areas, and a fingertip or a q-tip just won’t do. Well, blending stumps are just what you need.

6. Pelikan Watercolor Set: We’ve tried so many different brands of inexpensive watercolors, and when a friend suggested I try these Pelikan watercolors I was hesitant because they weren’t quite as cheap. But I did try them and now we really can’t/won’t go back to any other kind. Yes, there are fancier brands out there, but for our needs, these are really fantastic.

The colors are simply yummy! Oh, my. So rich and so vibrant. Not washed out at all.

Art Sets for Teens

7. Posca Paint Markers – I love my posca paint markers! They are awesome to add highlights onto any of your sketches and the white comes up super bright and clear. You can use them in tons of creative projects like writing out lettering or outlining your lettering to make it pop. You can also add accents to your abstract art in form of dots, lines, or squiggles.

8. Blick Studio Aluminum Tripod Travel Easel: If they’re short on space we suggest this lightweight foldable easel that can fold up and be put away easily.

9. Painter’s Leaning Bridge: Nothing sucks more than accidentally smudging fresh paint across with your arm. Believe us, do your favorite artist a favor and get them a bridge so that they may paint comfortably moving forward.

10. Oil Paint Set: ZenART’s Essential Palette Oil Paint Set is a non-toxic highly-pigmented traditional oil paint set with a buttery consistency that artists love. It produces remarkable colors on a canvas that will definitely stand out.

Art Sets for Teens

11. A Smudgeguard: If your artist does a lot of digital drawings on a tablet, then consider getting them a soft and comfortable smudge guard. A smudge guard protects digital pieces from tablet smudging. Artists wear this glove to avoid streaks that can make styluses hard to use.

12. Portable Lightbox Tracers: Help the artist in your life make tracing and replication fast and easy. A portable light table for tracing is handy and mobile.

13. Speedball 6-Nib Calligraphy Lettering Set:  Pen nibs and ink. This is such a fun thing to learn and experiment with. You can also get ink in many colors and use it with other pens and brushes too.

Art Supplies for Teenage Girl and Boy

These art supplies for teens are packed full of everything they need to perfect their craft.

14. Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set: To make quality drawings, it is important to have the right tools. This includes graphite sticks, charcoal, pencils of different softnesses, blending tools, etc.

15. Conte Crayon 18 Box Set: I love drawing with Conte crayons. It’s kind of like a chalk pastel, but not quite as dusty. The colors are brilliant, and you can blend them easily.

16. Artify Marker Set: Broad and fine tips allow artists to create various styles, sketches, and patterns with ease through accurate line control.

Art Supplies for Teenage Girl

17. Gold Watercolors: These various shades of gold watercolors are a perfect tool for embellishing and adding more awesomeness to your already awesome watercolor sketch.

18. Square Watercolor Journal: The small pages are not intimidating and allow for quick sketches (not to mention they are square and thus perfect for the next Instagram opportunity!)

19. MozArt Water Brushes: They are great for artists of any level because you can fill the containers with water which makes painting with watercolor super easy. You can also use these with watercolor pencils or other water-soluble media. So instead of worrying about dipping your paintbrush into your cup of coffee or tea, you can fill up your water brushes with water and get to sketching.

20. Neon Watercolor Paint Set: This is another super fun watercolor set that I love playing around with. Neon. Watercolors. What more can I say?

Best Art Supplies for Teenager

21. White Gel Pen: White gel pens take a basic work of art and elevate it to a new level in seconds. These are so much fun. A four pack is necessary because you’ll want to use them on everything!

22. Chalk Pastels: These are great for kids who like to get their hands dirty! They’re so much fun to play with, and this set has an amazing selection of colors. They will love creating with these.

23. Wacom Intuos Graphics Drawing Tablet: Am I wrong to say that any artist teen would go nuts over a Wacom tablet? I love how far down in price they’ve come, all while going way up in quality.

Best Gifts for Artist

24. Gelli Printing: I can’t stop recommending Gelli plates to everyone I know, and teens are no exception. These little things are so addictive and fun, and really easy to get going making monoprints quickly.

25. Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tube 48-Piece Set: Liquitex Basics are my go-to acrylic paint. The colors are many and beautiful, the paint lasts a long time, and it’s not ridiculously expensive.

26. Pro Art 18-Piece Sketch/Draw Pencil Set: To make quality drawings, it is important to have the right tools. This includes graphite sticks, charcoal, pencils of different softnesses, blending tools, etc. This is a great starter kit.

27. Pentel Arts Oil Pastels, 50 Color Set: Oil pastels are a must. I love this brand, and this set has 50 colors! I could color with oil pastels for days.

More Fun Ideas for Teens

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Art Supplies for Teens