Inside: 17 Christian podcasts for teens who could use helpful tips and stories from other like-minded teenagers, including the best Christian podcasts for teen girls 

Your relationship with Christianity is one that evolves as you grow and that requires consistent work. The transition from childhood into adolescence is a period of immense change and learning as teens begin to think more independently and consider their future as adults.

This is also a time where their relationship with practicing Christianity evolves, and it is an important time for them to continue to work on their religious practices, as it can help them with the more difficult aspects of adolescence.

Focusing on and studying more about religion will help teens develop a sense of responsibility, accountability, appreciation, respect, and discipline that will help them immensely as they move towards becoming self-sufficient, mature adults. Moreover, with things like clubs and Christian podcasts for teens, adolescents will become part of a vast and strong community of like-minded teens that will help support them through this transitional period.

Best Christian podcasts for teens

Where to Listen to Christian Podcasts for Teens

Luckily, we live in a society wherein useful resources for teens seeking to dive into their Christianity are widely available and easy to find. With internet access, finding Christian podcasts for kids is quite simple, and often free or fairly cheap. Most of the podcasts listed below can be found with an Apple or iTunes account on the podcasts app or an Apple Music, which can be accessed at less than $10 per month.

Likewise, most are also available on Spotify and Amazon Music for a very low monthly price or even for free! Some of the best Christian podcasts are also free on YouTube. For a monthly subscription, we have listed Christian podcasts for teens that are available on Patreon, and the monthly fee usually also comes with valuable resources like newsletters and community opportunities, and the ones on our list are as cheap as $1 per month.

Christian Podcasts for Young Adults

Podcasts are useful, unique tools. They’re typically shorter than television episodes and can be listened to wherever and whenever you please. Many of the ones on our list even accept FAQs from audience members and answer them in episodes! Some of the following podcasts are didactic and others are just entertaining and mindful conversation.

Christian focus podcasts for young adults

  1. Teen Christian Podcast This is a nicely diverse show that talks about basic relatable teenage struggles, including the developing relationship that kids have with Jesus. Episodes are published sporadically, but there is a catalog of around 20 episodes that cover a variety of subjects including help with Bible study.
  2. Teen Christian View Hosted by two everyday teens, this show features a weekly episode wherein the hosts speak about a wealth of teen struggles and how the Bible can help.
  3. Teen Bible Study Taught ‘N Ten Minutes Available on both Apple Music and Spotify, this ten-minute daily podcast gives a quick nugget of useful Bible study for those ever-busy teens looking for some self improvement!
  4. The Culture Translator This unique show addresses the ever-changing world and societal values and “translates” these changes in teenage culture to meld with practicing Christianity. It can be found on most streaming platforms, including Podchaser.
  5. Young & Faithful A monthly podcast that helps encourage teens to nourish their faith throughout their youth, complete with advice and Q&A sessions.
  6. Thoughts from the Mind of a 21st Century Teen Narrated by Emma, this show explores morals and modern politics through the lens of Christianity. 
  7. The Young Adult Christian A modern Christian podcast for young adults that addresses various current events from the point of view of a faithful young adult. Episodes are just over an hour long.
  8. The Boundless Show This is a very popular podcast for older teens and young adults that talks about the various challenges of young adulthood, including friendships, relationships, finances, and more, all through the lens of Christianity.
  9. All Things Reconsidered This show is available on Patreon for just $10 per month, and it offers the ability to ask the show’s hosts questions regarding Bible study and more. The mission of the two hosts is to help others strengthen their faith.
  10. Cafeteria Christian Also available on Patreon, the mission of this talk show is to reimagine their faith and right the wrongs that have muddled what Christianity means in today’s world.

Best Christian Podcasts for Teenage Girls

Being an adolescent girl is never easy, and in today’s day and age, there are myriad struggles that young girls have to face. The good news is that they are never alone, and the following list of unique podcasts are geared towards giving guidance, advice, and community to Christ-loving young women.

Best Christian podcasts for teens

  1. Christian Girls P.O.P. This is a wonderfully informative talk show that provides weekly guided Bible study and encouragement for those looking to get closer with God.
  2. UncommonTEEN: The Christian Podcast for Christian Teen Girls This popular show is hosted by bestselling author Jamie Kirschner, and it helps young girls feel heard and seen through the modern difficulties of coming-of-age in today’s society.
  3. Fierce and Lovely A wonderfully inclusive talk show that gives teenage girls help through all-too-common struggles with body image, eating disorders, self-harm, mental health, and so much more, making use of helpful Bible references.
  4. A Message for Christian Girls A podcast and blog with great resources that helps adolescent females learn more about God and living a Christ-centered life. 
  5. Academy Days: Christian Fiction for Teen Girls This unique show is actually a fictional series, wherein each new episode is a continuation of the same fictional story. The series follows four high school girls through their struggles with family, friends, and growing up. 
  6. The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey This is a lighthearted podcast that consists mostly of just good old fashioned girl talk, and how Jesus can be the guide through all of life’s ups and downs.
  7. GirlDefined With nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, this talk show is one of the best Christian podcasts around. Hosted by two young adult girls, episodes cover various questions from audience members and a wealth of advice for young women integrating Christianity into their lives. With a $1, $3, or $5 Patreon subscription, teens can get even more out of this show!

More Ideas for Teenagers

Teaching faith helps kids become respectful and responsible, so that they can use these values in the real world. Here are some extra useful resources for your faithful teens!

  • Best Chores for Teenagers No one wants to do chores, but of course, chores teach kids and teens how to be responsible, to have discipline, and to work for what they want. The best way to get teenagers to be consistent with chores and to actually glean the lessons that come from doing them is to assign chores they can and want to do. This list will help!
  • Mission Trips for Teens and Young Adults Mission trips are a wonderful way for young adults to experience new cultures and to learn the importance of giving back to those in need. Going on mission trips not only allows them to do a good deed, it helps students gather valuable community service hours for college applications. This is a list of safe mission trips that will be an unforgettable experience for your teenager.