Inside: Best party themes for teens that are both trendy and cool for your summer bashes.

Parties are the root of all existence. Okay, sorry, it’s too early to get that existential with you. But I will say that parties are very important to me. I think that they give you the opportunity to let loose, spend time with the people you love, and celebrate an occasion, all under one simple name. How crazy is that?

Throughout time, the way parties have been thrown has changed. Every new decade there are new trends, new ways of doing things, so it only makes sense that our party themes change. What remains the same is the fact that we still use parties as a way to get together with the people we love.

Best party themes for teens: Trendy and cool

Today, I want to share with you some of the best party themes for teens that are trendy and cool. There is a good mix of classics and trendy ideas, so I know there is something for everyone.

Best Party Themes for Teens

For this first list, I wanted to hit you with the classics that are never going away. Not only are these super cute, but they are effortlessly popular. I can imagine these parties being around until the end of time. Take a look below to see if you would want to throw any of these parties for your teens.

1. Hippie-Themed Party – I am not the only one who has had a blast at one of these parties, and I know it. You have all of your guests dress up like they are from the 70s peace era. The decorations are groovy, the cake is a peace sign, and life is a good man.

2. Sweets – Yep, it’s simple, I know, but it’s gold. For this party, you have an entire table full of the yummiest sweets known to man. You have bright-colored decorations and themed games.

3. Glow in the Dark – For this party, you will need to have a ton of glowsticks and a later starting time. You want it to be dark when people are over; that way, people are actually able to see in the dark.

4. Masquerade Themed – I don’t care what age you are; masquerade-themed parties are the best. You have everyone come dressed up in masks(have some extra by the entrance as well, and spend the day having a ball.

5. Outdoor Movie Party – This is a super fun one. It rides that line of trendy and classic beauty. Not only is this one super fun, but it’s cozy and cute as well. You have to set up an outdoor projector with a screen and then spend the night watching movies under the stars.

8. Indoor camping sleepover

6. Picnic Party – Having a picnic party is a super simple and classy way to have everyone you love to eat on your lawn. Okay, jokes aside, this one is fun. You just need a bunch of yummy food(potluck, perhaps?) and a bunch of blankets and sheets to lay on the ground with.

7. Hawaiian Themed – For this you will need everyone to come in a Hawaiian shirt. Have lays on hand and lots of pineapples for snacks. For music, play songs from IZ, and have a bbq!

8. Indoor Camping Sleepover – One of those classic parties that will never go away. Having all your friends come over to see you on your floor, it’s a lot more nuanced than that. But that’s about it.

9. Starbucks Themed – Starbucks is an actual theme; I am not playing with you. It is quickly becoming a classic, so watch out. You better order your decorations while you can.

10. Spa Night – Having a spa night is one of those party themes that are effortlessly fun. Self-care is always great, but when you add the people you love and yummy food, it just keeps getting better.

Personal Themes

If you want to choose a theme that is more personal, you have to throw a favorite party. A favorite party is a party themed after the honored guest’s favorite things. You can check out the topics below.

11. Favorite Band

12. Favorite Book Series

13. Favorite Movie

14. Favorite Sports Team

15. Favorite Foods

16. Birthday Person Theme

17. Crafting Party

18. Talent Show Party

19. Favorite Dessert

20. Favorite Video Game

Best Party Themes for Teens: Trendy Ideas. Photo of outdoor movie theater idea

Best Party Themes for Teens: Trendy

This last list is probably some of my favorites on here. Not only are they super cute, but they are unique in their own right. Sure, they may be trendy, but being trendy is not a bad thing. In fact, I think the opposite.

21. Murder Mystery – Murder mysteries are normally saved for the adults or the bored, but the teens are taking them back. There are so many different kinds of murder mystery packages out there online. This will be a good old fashioned, who done it?

22. Outdoor Fort Camping – If you are brave enough to sleep outdoors, this is a great option.

23. Musical Party – If your teen is obsessed with anything surrounding music, then you should throw a party like this. You can play guitar hero, and karaoke, and loads of other music-based things.

24. Mini Game Party – Some of the best parties are game centered. Meaning they are themed after the games they are playing. If you love minute-to-win-it games, this is the theme for you.

25. Twilight Party – Here is one of the most trendy parties of this year. Yes, it’s ironic; also, no, it’s not ironic. Twilight has made a comeback, don’t ask me how.

26. Tiktok Party – If you throw a TikTok party, the teens will come. You can have themed food, decorations, and, most importantly, themed activities.

27. Social Media Party – This one is fun. You set up different sections for each social media platform based on color: Snapchat yellow, Instagram pink, etc. Then you have everyone go around taking photos with each.

28. Photoshoot Party – Teens these days love photoshoots, so why not make a party out of it? Think of all the fun you could be having WHILE getting awesome photos for your Instagram.

29. Art Party – Everyone gets a canvas, and they have to try and make some art. This would be extra fun outside!

30. Baking Party – Last but not least, I present to you a baking party. Where you get together with your best friends, and you bake.

best party themes for teens


I think writing these down made me too excited. Now I have to find someone that will let me throw them a party. Birthday season is over in my family, so I am going to have to outsource.

Can you blame me, though? These are amazing. I hope you loved this list of the best party themes for teens, I know there was a lot to choose from, but I can confidently say that each and every one of them will be fun. I think that the only loser here is the person not throwing a party. I wonder if I can celebrate my sister’s birthday early?

If you loved this, I think you should continue on learning about parties. I have so many different ideas to share with you; this is truly just the beginning. So what are you waiting for?