Inside: The coolest teen camp activities to create memories.

Going camping with the family is already one big way to make memories. But if you get to the campsite, set up the tent, and then look around going, “okay, now what?” Then this is the article for you.

I have been there before. Too many times have I been a teen, eager to get to the campsite with my family only to become bored when we get there. You can go on walks and be in nature all you want, but if there are no fun activities, you really aren’t making any memories that will last.

Teen Camp Activities for Fun in the Sun

Having outdoor activities to do together will not only help the time pass by, but it will bring you closer together in a way that is unmatched by having a blank itinerary. So with this in mind, I have created the best list of the coolest activities that you can do while camping. From the classics to some new ideas, you will love what you find below!

Classic Teen Camp Activities

Of course, I had to start out this list with some of the classics; who would I be if I didn’t? My personal favorite on this list was making Smores. To make this even more fun, my family would hold a contest to see who could make the fanciest S’more presentation.

So if this sounds fun to you, I give you the green light to steal that idea. Take a look below.

1. Hide and Seek 

2. Hiking

3. Make Smores

4. Soccer

5. Scavenger Hunts

6. Obstacle Course

7. Go on a Rock Hunt

8. Go Foraging

9. Tell Scary Stories

10. Learn Wilderness Survival

Games to Play At Camp

Games to Play at Camp

Here are some games you can buy or set up at the site. If you don’t feel like spending time putting together a game plan, then you can buy them premade. I totally understand not having the energy; you already have to lug everything to the campsite and set it up, save the energy for the games!

So take a look down below and click the links; those will take you to the game you want.

11. Nature Hunts

12. Bucket Ball

13. Portable Cornhole

14. Find & Seek Game

15. Ring Toss Game

16. Toasted or Roasted

17. Slammo Game

18. Yardzee Game

19. Jumbo Tumbling Blocks Game

20. Bear Stare Down

Printable Camp Activities

Obviously, you will have to print these out before you go unless you have some battery-powered portable printer handy. But printing out some activities can be an affordable alternative to buying a large game. Not to mention they take up much less space than some of the options above.

There are lots of options here, so take a look and decide which ones you or your teens would enjoy the most. There are some bundles close to the bottom if you want more than one.

21. Printable Scavenger Hunt

22. Glamping Word Game

23. Camping Bingo

24. What is your camping name?

25. Riddle Me This

26. Camping Game Bundle

27. 10 Game Bundle

28. Cute Teen Games

29.Nice Multigenerational Bundle

30. Printable Camping Game Bundle

Unique Camp Activities for teen

Unique Camp Activites

Here are some camp activities that you might not have heard of yet. I have done one or two of these, but I know for a fact I will be doing as many of them as I can next time I go camping because how fun does a glow-in-the-dark party sound when you are literally in a space where there is only natural lighting? It sounds like too much fun to me.

31. Paint with Nature – Use mud and other pigments as your paint and create something beautiful.

32. Slack Lining – This one is only for older kids because it can be dangerous. But also so much fun.

33. Glow in the Dark Party – you will need LOTS of glow sticks for this one. But it is such a great experience for adults and teens alike.

34. Charades – Charades is a classic game that is more often than not overlooked these days. Bring it back with the whole family.

35. Bubble Tag – It might sound childish, but bubble tag is too much fun not to add to this list.

36. Capture the Flag – You can use a shirt as the flag if you forgot to bring one!

37. Find the White Elephant – When you get to the campsite, have one of the adults run and hide a white elephant that your teens will have to look for during your stay. The winner gets a cool prize.

38. Leaf Painting – Use leaves to paint. It is super fun, and it’s super pretty!

39. Fire Starter Challenge – With an adult’s supervision, see which teen can get a fire to start and keep. This will prove to be helpful knowledge as they get older.

40. Nature-Made Tic Tac Toe – Find some sticks and a few things to be the Xs & Os, like rocks and pinecones, and then set up an all-natural game of tic tac toe. It’ll be a blast.

Bonding Teen Camp Activities

Lastly, we have some bonding activities for you and your teens to play together. Some of these ideas are to get the teens to bond, and others are basically one big bonding idea. I suggest picking a few for the best camping experience. Bonding is the name of the game when it comes to a camping experience, after all. So you better pick as many as you can!

41. Tug of War

42. Survive Together – The teens have to pretend they are out in the wilderness for the whole day. You can hide their snacks(and sunscreen) that they’ll have to forage for.

43. Teens Make Dinner – Have the teens treat you to dinner for once. You’ve earned it.

44. Gratitude Circle – Sit in a circle and talk about all the things you are grateful for.

45. Water Balloon War – I don’t care how old you are; you are never too old for a water balloon fight.

46. Water Marco Polo – If you are lucky enough to have water near your campsite, go for a swim and play Marco polo!

47. Sleepover – Have all the teens sleep in a tent together and have them stay up to play games and tell scary stories.

48. Animal Scavenger Hunt – Safe animals only of course, but you can have your teens come up with animals they want to see while you are driving to your site, and then go looking for them.

49. Build a Fort – Building a fort can be such a fun challenge for your teens, plus it gets them to start using their brains and think out of the box, which is always a good idea.

Teen Camp Activities

I hope you loved these teen camp activities because I feel all sorts of inspired to plan a new camping trip. I literally just got back from one, but you can never have too much fun in the sun! Okay…actually, you can. I have gotten sun sickness before, and it is, in fact, not very fun at all.

But still, you know what I mean. There are so many other outdoor activities for your teens to continue doing when you get home if you want to keep this momentum going.

Playing outdoors just has too many benefits to ignore! Until next time, you can catch me at my campsite!