Inside: Cutest daddy daughter trips that will strengthen your bond.

When I was a little girl, my dad used to make special trips for just him and I. This meant so much to me, especially because I was a middle child. When you have other siblings, it can be easy to feel a little lost in the business of day-to-day life. So these trips truly made my entire childhood.

Whether your daughter is an only child or one of many… Daddy daughter trips are a must. I wanted to give you some inspiration for your next trip, that way you two can have the best time together!

Daddy Daughter Trips To Strengthen Your Bond. Photo of girl leaning out of car.

I have compiled some of my favorite trip ideas. Some may be better if you have an only child because they are so cool the other kids may get jealous. But still, this list is full of wonderful places and activities that you and your daughter can enjoy together, take a look!

Daddy Daughter Trips

I wanted to start this off with some strong ideas. Now, not every idea on this list will be so bold…but I wanted to go big before I went home.

So jump into these awesome Daddy Daughter Trips! Remember, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are going. What matters is the time spent with your daughter.

1. Disney – Naturally, I had to kick this list off with Disney. Don’t worry, not all of the ideas on this list are this extravagant…but I wanted to start with a bang. Disney is one of those unforgettable vacations that are perfect for bonding. But this is one of these trips to go on ONLY if you have an only child.

2. Ski Trip – If you and your daughter enjoy the snow, why not take her on a snow trip weekend? Go skiing up on a mountain can be a trip that is full of new experiences. I love this idea.

3. Hollywood – Hollywood is a classic trip that everyone in the family will love. But if you have a daughter who loves movies and stars…this is the place you want to be.

4. Go To The Boardwalk – If you live in a coastal state, traveling to your nearest boardwalk is a lovely way to spend time with your daughter. Most of the time, there are rides and yummy food…and games! So many fun experiences to be had.

5. Have A Fancy Getaway Weekend – If you don’t want to go too far, you could just choose a fancy getaway weekend for your daddy-daughter trip! You could travel a few hours and stay in a fancy hotel, swim in the pool, go do face masks at a spa…maybe even get dressed up and go to a fancy dinner!

6. Eat Food In New Orleans – If you live near New Orleans, then you should travel there and spend the weekend enjoying some the of best cuisine in the state!

7. Go To A Concert – You probably don’t even need to ask your daughter who her favorite musician is…you already know because she talks about them all the time! So surprise her with tickets and go on a road trip.

8. Plan A Trip In Portland – Portland Oregon is such a fun city because it’s so weird! They really love people that express their individuality there. Take your daughter for a fun weekend, hit up the Saturday market for some shopping and end your night with VooDoo Donuts!

9. Go To A Water Park – Waterparks are always so much fun. You really can’t go wrong with an awesome weekend that’s based on fun in the sun!

10. Go To An Amusement Park – This doesn’t have to be disney. If your daughter likes thrill-seeking rides, then perhaps Six flags would be an awesome place to be.

11. Take A Road Trip – This road trip can be anywhere, as long as you have car snacks, tunes, and a cool hotel waiting for you.

simple day trips for daddy daughter trips

Day Trips: Simple Ideas

If you want to go on a Daddy Daughter Trip but don’t have very much time or money, don’t worry. This list is full of ideas that you can do in one day. You don’t NEED to spend the night. You can leave early and get back home before it’s time for bed.

12. Go Find A Waterfall

13. Go On A Shopping Trip

14. Go On A Scavenger Hunt

15. Have A Hotel Weekend

16. Go To A Zoo

17. Go To An Aquarium

18. Drive 2 Hours And Find The Best Food

19. Go See A Play

20. Find An IMAX Theater

21. Go On A Picnic

Nature Based Trips

I don’t know if there is a much better way to spend quality time with your daughter than being out in Mother Nature. It pulls back all the distractions and allows for some serious one on one bonding time. Check out this awesome list of ideas.

22. Water Rafting

23. Zion National Park

24. Go To The Grand Canyon

25. Visit Yellowstone

26. Visit Lake Tahoe

27. Go Snorkeling

28. Go Bird Watching

29. Visit The Redwoods

30. Visit Mount Rushmore

31. Go Canoeing

Daddy Daughter Trip To Michigan tulip farm

Daddy Daughter Trips To Strengthen Your Bond

Lastly, I wanted to find some ideas that would really strengthen your bond. Honestly, any time spent is a good time…but these ideas will knock your socks off. Sometimes, you just really have to go for. Check out this list to see what I mean.

32. Go To Hawaii – Hawaii is one of those places that you just have to experience at some point in your life. Who better to go with than your daughter? The food is amazing, and the beaches? Even cooler.

33. Visit New York – I don’t think I have to explain this one. I mean, come on!

34. Go To Texas – Texas can be such a fun experience for a teen or a kid.

35. Visit Your State Capitol – This is never a bad idea.

36. Spend the Weekend In San Fran – San Francisco is the city of hills! This can be such a great experience.

37. Go To Death Valley National Park – Here is one of my all-time favorite national parks. You have to see this one.

38. Go To A Resort – You get to feel relaxed while bonding!

39. Go To A Water Park World – Find the biggest water park you can and go to it.

40. Gatlinburg – This one is more educational, but lots of fun.

41. Road Trip Through the Florida Keys – Florida is crazy, but it can be quite the experience.

42. Stay In A Unique AirB&B – Air B&B has so many awesome places now that are so out of the box.

43. Holland Michigan – It’s like our own little slice of Amsterdam.

44. Go On A Train Trip – These train trips can be such a beautiful and scenic experience.

45. Ask Them Where They’d Like To Go

daddy daughter trips

These ideas are just scratching the surface. My advice would be to try and take advantage of your resources.

If you have more money to spend, then by all means go for a bigger trip. But if you are working with a regular amount, then try and see what your state offers. There are plenty of adventures to be had, even where you least expect it!

I hope you loved these Daddy-Daughter Trips as much as I loved putting them together. Honestly, this makes me realize that I haven’t gone on a trip with my dad in years. Just because I am an adult now does not mean that these trips have to stop. I am gonna text my Dad!