Inside: The ultimate teenage what to pack for a road trip guide.

Going on a family road trip is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the entire world. Lots of people loathe the long drives, but I have loved them since I was little; the longer, the better.

As you get older, there are some things that you can bring on your car trip that will make your overall experience even better. Today I want to share some of them with you. Oh, who am I kidding… ALL OF THEM. I have made the ultimate teenage what to pack for a road trip packing list.

There are over 63 items on this list. If that is too many for you…learn to pack better.

Ultimate teenage what to pack for a road trip guide

All jokes aside, I really hope this list helps you out. Write them down or bookmark this article to use it as a list!

Basic Road Trip Must-Haves

For this first list, I thought we should go over the basics. I know better than anyone how easy it is to forget even the simple things when the excitement of the road trip is at a high. So take a look through all of these to create a little mental checklist.

This will help you not leave any stone unturned! A good road trip is about the people that you are with and the cool things you pack in the car. So the basics are important.

1. Wallet

2. Cell Phone

3. Keys – This is more for the parents, but if your teen can drive, then it applies to them too!

4. Charger

5. Car Adapter – Nothing worse than going to charge your phone and realizing there is no adapter.

6. Headphones

7. Book

8. Chapstick – I don’t know about you, but something about car rides just makes my lips super chapped. Avoid this.

9. Hat

10. Sunglasses

11. Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

12. Mini First Aid Kit

13. Fidget Toy – Fidget toys are now a part of the basics category. If you have to sit down for 10 hours, you are going to want to fidget.

What to pack for comfort ideas and examples

What to Pack for Comfort

Comfort is key when it comes to road trips; sitting in a car for so many hours can hurt the backs of even the youngest person. The items below should help you to alleviate some of that discomfort.
I also recommend stopping every 2 hours or so to take a 15-minute stretching break. This will help reduce cabin fever and will help your posture in the long run. So take a look!

14. Small Pillow

15. Lap Blanket

16. Neck Pillow

17. Back Support – Even the teenagers will benefit from this.

18. Car Slippers – Who wants to wear shoes all day? No, thank you. Add some slippers to your list.

19. Eye Mask 

20. Ear Plugs

21. Motion Sickness Pills – I am not judging; motion sickness can be tricky.

22. Face Masks – Kill some time by packing some sheet masks along with you. This will make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

23. Moisturizer

24. Sweatshirt

25. Comfy Pants

26. Small Personal Fan – A small personal fan is a must if you are traveling somewhere warm. Sometimes the AC just doesn’t cut it!

Teenage What to Pack for a Road Trip: Entertainment

Ah, entertainment. One of the most important things to pack with you on your road trip. I genuinely believe that having good entertainment can make or break a road trip. So you better be prepared!

You might think that you can just play on your phone and call it good, but if you don’t plan at least a little bit, you’ll have nothing to do when you eventually drive through a dead zone. On my last car ride, I didn’t have service for 3 hours. Trust me when I say I wished I had downloaded some stuff.

27. Horror Novel

28. Download a Podcast

29. Download an Audible Book

30. Download Some Netflix Shows

31. Bring A Portable Movie Player

32. Romance Book

33. Fun Facts Information

34. Music Playlist

Teenage what to pack for a road trip

Best Books for Road Trips

I like to give more specific ideas when it comes to books because I am an avid reader. These are 8 of some of my favorite books to read in one sitting. I thought this was perfect because you’ll be sitting for so long! Each one of these books will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The top one has just been made into a movie, so perhaps you can watch it after! I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to terribly; the book was just so good. Take a look at these and see which ones you’d like.

35. Where the Crawdads Sing

36. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

37. The Last Thing He Told Me

38. Then She Was Gone

39. Book Lovers

40. Things We Never Got Over

41. The Midnight Library

42. In Five Years

43. If You Tell

Best Teen Road Trip Snacks

Now, snacks are a whole genre because they are what will get you through the car ride. The entertainment is important, but it’s like the seasoning on top of a meal. When it comes to a road trip, you need both equally. Here are some of the most car-friendly snack ideas to pack with you during your trip.

If you can think of anything more specific to you, then go ahead and add it to your list! This is all about curating an experience that you love. There is no sense in packing a PB & J if you know you won’t eat it.

44. Trail Mix

45. Potato Chips

46. PB&Js

47. Soda

48. Granola Bars

49. Beef Jerky

50. Candy

51. Lots of Water

52. Fruit

53. Gum

teenage what to pack for a road trip

Teenage What to Pack for a Road Trip

Lastly, these are some extras that you will not regret packing. Who says you can have too much stuff? Okay, maybe your parents, but still. Check out these ideas and see if any of them sound like something that you should be bringing on your trip.

54. Charging Bank – Though the car has charging ports, depending on where you are seated, you may not be able to reach them.

55. Extra Headphones

56. Polaroid Camera

57. Journal – So you can journal your experience and thoughts!

58. Art Supplies

59. Wii Switch

60. Trivia Games

61. Deodorant – After sitting in the car all day, you are going to need this on hand.

62. Mad Libs Games

63. Roadside Help Kit – This one is less for teens to pack, but it is always a good idea to have it when you are on a road trip.

So, what do you think? Did I tell you it was the ultimate list or what? If you can think of anything else to add, I solute you because I really searched every corner of my brain for these.

Road trips are one of my favorite things to experience with my family. The open road, the bonding, the adventure, ugh, I just love it. But adding things from this article to your packing list will help bring your experience from regular to spectacular!

So go ahead and write down as many as you like. And if you can fit all of them, I say do it. But that’s only if you are doing a cross-country road trip because this is quite a bit!