Inside: Best day trips for teenager: Places to go and things to do when you only have one day.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get out of town at least once a month, I start to feel a little cooped up. Now, I am not talking about thinking a full-on vacation every month, but rather just spending the day out of town.

Getting away doesn’t have to be glamorous of expensive; it can be simple. There are so many fun things to do out there that only require a little money and time.

Today I am going to go over some of my favorite day trips for teenagers to help you find something to do when things get a little monotonous.

Best Day Trips for Teenager

Below there are over 30 of the best ideas I could come up with that range from simple to complex, so I know there has to be something for you on here. Take a look and start planning your next-day trip for you and your teens to enjoy!

Simple Day Trip Ideas

First up, we have some simple ideas that are still loads of fun. Sometimes, you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life. When this is the case, you should only make very simple, loose plans. That way, there is as little stress as possible. Take a look at these ideas!

1. Go to a Beach – I thought I would start off with the beach because it’s a classic. If you live somewhere on the coast or at least a few hours away from the coast, this is a fun one to plan.

2. Go to a Lake – For those of you who live in the central states, perhaps driving to your nearest lake is the best bet for you! It’s tons of fun.

3. Go to a River – For those of you lucky enough to live close enough to a river to take a day trip to one, you absolutely have to. If you are in California, I recommend the Smith River. It has crystal-clear water!

4. Go to a Popular Hike – There are hikes all around, but perhaps choose one that is popular and commute to it.

5. Drive to a Neighboring Town – This is a really fun one, and great when you are getting tired of your own town. Personally, I live in a small city and do this kind of day trip often.

6. Be a tourist in your area – This one is super cool. You get to look at your area with fresh eyes! Act like you have never been there before and imagine seeing your area as if you were a tourist.

7. Go Snowboarding – If you live somewhere where this is an option, you definitely should go and give this a try!

8. Travel Up a Mountain – Sounds random, but it’s super fun, especially if you are outdoorsy.

9. Pick a Direction and Travel for 1 hour, then stop. – If you want a no-plan, stress-free day then I think this is the idea for you.

10. Go Out of Town to Eat – Going out of town to eat is such a fun way to spend the day. Plus you know you are going to find some good food.

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Next up, I have some bigger ticket items, but they are super fun so I had to include them. If you live close to any of the following, pack your lunch and car snacks and hit the road! These are too cool to miss.

11. Go to a Museum – You can never go wrong with a museum.

12. Go to an Aquarium – Aquariums are so cool. They are the best when you are on the coast.

13. Go to the Zoo – This one is fun for all ages. Go see how many animals you have and have not seen before.

14. Go to a Festival – If there are any festivals, you may want to consider going to one. They can be so much fun!

15. Go to an IMAX Theater – These are next level.

16. Spend the Day Outdoors – This is the best way to balance out your energy.

17. Find a Small Town – Small towns are fun to explore.

18. Go Kayaking – If you can, do it.

19. Go to an Outdoor Adventure Experience – These are the places with all the rope bridges and zip lines.

20. Go to an Art Show – See which ones are open and go experience some art.

21. Go to a Waterpark – Lots of fun in the sun!

22. Go to a Science Center – Science centers are so hands-on, I love it!

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Best Day Trips for a Teenager To Tackle On Their Own

I think it’s safe to say that the best should always be saved for last. So, I have done just that. These are my favorite day trips for teenagers ideas that I could think of. Remember that you can change any of these to better fit your abilities and needs. Take a look! You’ll love these.

23. Make a trip to your nearest mall – I know this sounds silly, but for many people, malls are 2 hours away or more. So the act of taking the day to go do a little shopping at once feels so special.

24. Go Find the Biggest Tree In Your Area – You can either google this, or you can just use your eyes the old fashion way.

25. Go on a Daylong Bike Ride – This one is mainly meant for those of you who like to exercise.

26. Find the Best Sushi in 100 Miles and Go To It – Yep, this is a fun one because it is just so silly. You have to try multiple sushi spots; how amazing is that?

27. Pack Food and Go Find A Waterfall – I think this one sounds like something from a movie. You will have the main character’s energy for real if you choose this one.

28. Spend the Day in the Big City – If you live near a big city, go and explore it for the day.

29. Spend Time Getting to Know Your Area within a 100-Mile Radius – How nice would it be to be able to fully understand the area you live in? Go and explore!

30. Find the Best Bakery – Do some research, or if you like to be spontaneous, don’t. Just go to as many bakeries as you can and see which one is your favorite.

31. Find the Coolest Experience and Go Do It – This one will take some googling, but I have faith that you can do it.

32. Go Indoor Rock Climbing – There is bound to be one of these places near you, so find it and go to it. Spend the day climbing!

33. Find a trampoline house – I don’t care how old you are; I don’t think you are ever too old for a trampoline house.

Best Day Trips for Teenager

I swear these little day trips are the best resets. I always come home and am so grateful for my space and the fact that I get to live where I live, but also have the opportunity to travel somewhere to experience new things on the regular.

I hope you loved these day trips for teenager ideas and that I inspired you to have a little day trip of your own. Get out there and have fun, experience new things, and be in the moment! You will never be sorry for it. And the little areas around your home will be happy to be noticed.