Inside: Important summer rules for teens that will help them keep a consistent routine.


Summertime is upon us, and you know what that means: It’s time for fresh watermelon. Okay okay seriously though, I know you read the title of this article. I am guessing that you are trying to find some guidance on how to keep your teens in check this summer.

We’ve all seen it before; they are on a good schedule, they get their homework and chores done, go to bed on time… and then summer comes and all of that is out the window. I understand, it happens to us every year.

Must have summer rules for teens. Photo of teen boy on phone.

Look I get it, it’s a LOT more free time and they deserve it, but it is still important to make sure that they are maintaining a routine and schedule. Otherwise, there are some serious risks. Below I have outlined must-have summer rules for teens and why these rules are so important…

Why Are These Rules Important?

Believe it or not, there are so many downsides to not keeping your teen on a routine that I can’t even count them all. The biggest one though is mental health.  According to this article,

Teenage brains experience big periods of growth during adolescence. This can sometimes make life pretty hard for you and your teenager as they grapple with the hormonal changes in their bodies, the rapid growth of their brain, and the many transitions they experience in the world around them. Healthy routine for teenagers can help them navigate this complicated time because they bring structure and predictability to a teenager’s world and prevent them experiencing the stress associated with sudden change.

So you may feel like the bad guy, but in reality you are just doing what is best for them. Below I have broken down these rules in terms of age. Jump into it.

Summer Rules for Teens. Photo of teen reading book.

Summer Rules for Teens

This first list is summer rules for 14-year-olds, but don’t let that fool you. Consider these the foundation of your teen’s rules and routine for this summer season. The lists after this get a little bit more specific for each age, but these are important for any teen of any age. For this first list, I will walk you through the rules.

1. Limited Screen Time – We are in a new age of technology, and it can be pretty scary at times. We truly don’t realize just how different things are until we see our teens spend all day on their devices.

These devices are literally built to keep you engaged, so you are going to have to peel them away from their phones, tablets, and screens when it is time. Creating a healthy boundary with them by limiting screen time is essential

2. Wake Up At A Decent Hour – I know that teens need sleep, so you can keep this in mind when you are coming up with a good sleeping schedule. It’s important that they are not sleeping in until 12 every single day because that will create a lasting habit.

3. Pitch In With Chores – They are going to have a lot more time and energy without school, so they need to pitch in with the chores a little bit more than they have been.

4. Eat Every Meal – When they go to school, they are being fed breakfast and lunch. But when they are at home, it will be easy for them to accidentally skip meals. This is a big no-no for teens because their bodies need the fuel and nutrients so badly.

5. Spend Quality Time – They need to be spending a little bit of quality time with you everyday. If it’s not with you, then it should be with their siblings or your other family members.

6. Communicate – If they want to leave the house? They need to communicate that to you. If they are feeling frustrated by something and they give you attitude? You need to sit down and communicate. Being a teen is very hard. You will have a better overall experience if you and your teen have an open line of communication.

7. Try New Things – You don’t want your teen to get stuck in a rut. By the time school comes back around they are going to be more nervous about trying new things. Get them out of their comfort zones during the summer.

8. Keep Your Room Clean – They must keep their room clean. There have been countless studies that show the correlation between a clean space and a healthy mind. If your teen is struggling with this, make sure that their mental health is alright. I know when I have a hard time cleaning my room, I am also having a hard time mentally.

9. One Lazy Day Per Week – I love this rule because it’s a nice one. Your teen needs to have one lazy day per week that they get to do whatever lazy things they want. If they want to binge a show? Go for it. If they want to sleep in? Go for it!

10. Be Mindful Of Binge Watching – Speaking of binge-watching shows, make sure that your teen is extra mindful of this. It can be so easy to be pulled in, but it’s a big time suck. Pretty soon, their entire summer was spent in front of the TV.

11. Learn a Helpful Life Hack – This is another fun one, have them learn one helpful life hack per week. The internet is super helpful with its tips.

Summer Rules For 15-Year-Olds

Being 15 is a very confusing age. You don’t quite have the freedom that 16-year-olds have, and your body is going through a whole bunch of changes. So these rules act as a little bit of a guide to your changing responsibilities. Check it out.

12. Keep The Lawn Kept

13. Driver’s Training

14. Take The Dog For Walks

15. Take Care of Animals

16. Do Your Own Laundry

17. No Rated R Shows

18. Be Nice To Your Siblings

19. Take Out The Trash

20.No Bad Attitudes

Important Rules For 16 Year Olds, Photo of teen driving while driving.

Important Rules For 16 Year Olds

Now, 16 is a super big year for teens. They finally get to drive, and that comes with a whole bunch more freedom. With that freedom comes responsibilities that they may not realize. So look at these summer rules for teens and see which ones you think you are going to need.

21. Road Safety

22. No Alcohol

23. Welcome Their Friends, but with Boundaries

24. Respect Eachother

25. Ask for Permission To Make Plans

26. Have A Cerfew

27. Make Dinner Once A Week

28. Clean Up After Yourself

29. Have Hobbies Outside Of Your Phone

30. Get Physical Exercise

31. Learn Something

summer rules for teens

Something that I find to be very important to remember when choosing these rules is that your teen is not going to do them perfectly, and they don’t have to. As long as they continue to try and better themselves throughout the summer months, they are golden.

In fact, it’s important to let them have rest days. I know I already said that above, but I wanted to really drive that point home because rest is a very important thing that can be overlooked.

Sure, your life as an adult may be harder, but your teens deserve downtime too. Wouldn’t you wish that your parents allowed you some more rest when you were young? They have their whole lives to work. If you want some fun activities to do with your teens this summer, I’m sharing our summer bucket list right here.