Inside: Best dating tips for teenage guys that will earn you a second date

I have had enough bad dates as a teen to be able to safely say that there is nothing worse than a guy who doesn’t know how to date. I am talking inconsiderate, rushed, and just super unfun dates that left me wishing I was home in my PJs the whole time.

Now that I am an adult, I look back at those times and shudder. How many chili cook offs are too many on a first date? One. Especially when that one was a 45-minute drive away, and you have to drive home together. I’ll let you fill in the gaps there.

Best Dating Tips for Teenage Guys

So, I have decided to do the world of civil service and teach all you guys out there how to date. Down below is a list full of dating tips for teenage guys that will help you to be the best date you can be.

So please read them, and do not only yourself a favor, but your future girlfriend too.

Dating Tips for Teenage Guys: Asking Her Out

This first list of tips will all cover how to ask a girl out and plan the first date. I figured it would be best to start here so you can get tips as you go through the process. I imagine you already have one girl in mind, so you can curate all of these tips to fit her.

I also know that in today’s age, it is possible you could be asking a girl out over the phone. Even though in-person is a better way to go, I still have tips to help you with texting a girl in the next section.

1. Be Gentle About It – When walking up, do not blurt out the question; just simply make conversation first. Take it slow, make some jokes, and then seamlessly blend it in there. Ask if she would like to go out sometime.

2. Be Understanding – If she says no, though it may hurt, do not take it personally. There are a million reasons why she may have given that answer that have nothing to do with you who are. Just be proud that you asked.

3. Be Specific – Many ladies find it very attractive when the man plans the date but is still open to their input. There is nothing worse than having to basically plan your own date as the girl who got asked. So have a plan.

4. Plan something specific to her – Speaking of planning, don’t go on a date that she won’t like. Get to know her likes and dislikes and then plan something that you both will enjoy.

Dating Tips for Teenage Guys

5. Don’t Plan it Too Far Out – When asking a girl out, you are going to want to set a date for no longer than a week away. Otherwise, you both will be panicking the whole time. You want to use momentum.

6. Don’t Plan Too Much – You want your date to have a few different activities that you both will enjoy, not too many. If you plan too many things, chances are you are going to become stressed, and that is no fun.

7. Don’t Plan Too Little – On the contrary, you don’t want to only have one thing planned because if she wants to hang out with you for longer, you’ll have nothing to do.

8. Go with the Flow – Sometimes, dates don’t go exactly as planned. Maybe she gets tired and wants to go home before the night is over. That is okay! Have your solid plans, and then after each one, ask her, “Are you up for…” Insert whatever activity you have planned next. You don’t want her to feel trapped.

9. Always Plan Around Food – Food is the great binder that brings people together.

10. Check in the Day Before – Always give her the courtesy of checking that she still wants to go the day before.

11. Text Her Throughout the Week – This one has it’s own section. Keep Reading.

How to Text a Girl

How to Text a Girl

Texting a girl can be hard sometimes, especially if you don’t know what to talk about. I have found that these days, texting is like predating. This is how you can bond before the date and then your time spent in person will be less awkward. Let’s get into it.

12.  Do NOT Over Text – If she is busy, do not keep texting her. I think a good rule of thumb is to send two at most and then wait until she is able to respond. This is the beginning; you want to show her that you are thinking about her but not freak her out.

13.  Be Lighthearted – Don’t be afraid to make jokes.

14. Ask About Her Day – Asking about her day helps to make her feel seen and cared for, plus you get to learn more about her and her day-to-day life.

15. Ask Questions About Eachother – You can ask her all about herself during this stage, but try and leave some things to talk about on the date.

16. Use Good Punctuation – Does this one need an explanation?

17. Text Back Fast – I find it so irritating when I am texting someone, and they take 5 minutes to respond every single time like they are timing it. If you are texting, just be there and available. Who cares?

18. Use GIFs – GIFs are one of my favorite ways to connect with people.

19. Use Your Knowledge – After you get to know her better, you can fine-tune your date with her in mind.

20. Let the Conversation End – This one sounds a little counterintuitive, but if you feel like the conversation is dying out, just let it and say goodbye.

21. Avoid Texting All Day – I know how exciting it can be, but you want her to miss talking to you, and she can’t do that if you are constantly texting.

22. Don’t Text Her Very Much on the Date Day – This will give you both something to look forwards to.

Dating Tips for Teenage Guys: Going on the Date

Dating Tips for Teenage Guys: Going on the Date

For this last list, we are talking about tips for when you are on a date. These are pretty straightforward, so there is no need for an explanation. Remember to have fun. You got this!

23. Wear Something You Feel Confident In

24. Smell Good

25. Do Your Hair

26. Show Up On Time

27. Open Her Doors

28. Push Her Chair In

29. Take it Slow

30. Listen to Her

31. Go with the Flow

32. Be Lighthearted

33. Have Fun

And with that being said, I think you are ready for your first date. I hope you found these tips helpful! I understand how confusing dating can be. When I was a teen, I had enough terrible dates to learn what a guy should not do, so I thought I would share that here.

Remember that you don’t need to be perfect. This can put an insane amount of pressure on you during your date, which will only end up being a bad thing. You can be yourself; just keep these tips in mind. Plus, every girl is different. Just go with the flow, have fun, and be yourself, and everything will turn out just fine!

Oh, and please, for the love of god, be chivalrous. That is the most attractive thing you can be in 2022. Chivalry is not dead, people, it is alive and well as long as we make a point to keep it that way!