Inside: Top signs he likes you but is playing it cool you need to watch out for.

I think one of my biggest goals, when I started blogging was to be the bigger sister to all you teens out there who don’t have one. Or even if you do, I wanted to be like your even older, even-COOLER big sister. And I think I have finally achieved that status. That is right, ladies and gentlemen of the High School Courts; today we are going to be discussing something very important.

We have all been there; you like a boy, but you don’t know whether he feels the same about you. You know there are some signs, but you aren’t sure if he checks all the boxes. Well, my friends, after this article, you will know.

Signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Photo of couple outside against wall.

Below you will find the top 41 secret signs he likes you but is playing it cool. These are tried and true, so you know you are only getting the best information. I’ve been through this before, so I want to share my expertise with you. I know that half of you bypassed this section and went right to the list, you cheeky dogs.

Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Guys can be sort of dumb when it comes to their feelings. If they have a crush on you, it can be hard to know for sure. You don’t want to ruin the dynamic you have with your guy friend if he doesn’t feel the same way! So here are some signs to keep an eye out for that will tell you what he wants.

1. He looks at you often – For this first list, I wanted to walk you through some of these tips. If he looks at you often, it could be a sign that he likes you! We often want to stare at the people we like.

2. He smiles every time he sees you – I am not talking about a simple smile, but a cheesy grin. The kind that you can’t hide.

3. You make him nervous – If you make him nervous, that’s basically a guarantee that he likes you. Guys don’t really get nervous unless they are.

4. He tries to show off – This one can feel cringe to watch, but if you notice that he tries to show off in front of you, it is a sign that he likes you.

5. He tries to make you laugh – Guys think that the way to a girl’s heart is through getting them to laugh, and they aren’t wrong.

6. He pokes fun at you – I am not going to tell you that a boy being mean to you means that he likes you, because that is very confusing. But if he pokes fun at you in a non-aggressive way, it could be a sign that he likes you.

7. He always tries to hang out – This is a big one. If he is always trying to find ways to hang out with you, he could totally like you.

8. He finds a way to touch you – Whether that is by putting his arm around you or sitting next to you, this is a big one. It’s his way of wanting to be close to you. I bet those little touches give him butterflies.

9. He plans hangouts in the future – If you find that he is often the one making plans to hang out next, I would say that it’s safe to assume he likes you.

10. He texts you first often – If he texts you first every time, he probably likes you. This is a big sign! For the most part, guys don’t really care enough to initiate actual text conversations these days. It’s all about sending memes and things like that. Come to think of it; if he also sends you a lot of memes, he could totally like you.

Signs you need to look out for. Photo of couple looking into books.

Signs You NEED to Look Out For

Look, don’t get me wrong, boys, I get it; feelings can be hard. This is especially true when you are a teen. But I think that there is a certain amount of power that can come from being assertive with your feelings. You may not be there yet, and so we will have to get by reading your subtle signs until you do.

11. He posts photos with you

12. He feels protective of you

13. He tries to hangout alone

14. He plans specific ‘friend dates’

15. He always brings you food

16. He picks lint off your clothes

17. He talks to his friends about you

18. He brings you up as often as he can

19. He is attentive

20. He pays attention to you

Obvious Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Okay, I thought I should include a list of some more obvious signs because, believe it or not, these are sometimes the easiest to miss. When you are reading these, analyze your last interaction. Chances are that is the interaction that brought you to this article anyways.

21. He asks about your dating life

22. He gets a little jealous around other guys

23. He tells you about his dating life(or lack)

24. He tries to make a good impression on your family

25. He’s do anything for you

26. He’s always there

27. He’s comforting when you need it.

28. He is interested in your interest

29. He compliments you

30. He notices your hair

Secret Signs he likes you but is playing it cool. Photo of couple outside.

Secret Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

And lastly, here are some secret signs he likes you but is playing it cool. I understand how confusing this situation can be, but I think after you learn these signs, you will know exactly where you stand with him. All there is left to do is talk to him about it.

31. He doesn’t let others make fun of you

32. He’ll help when needed

33. He goes above and beyond

34. His body language is always open to you

35. He surprises you with simple gifts

36. He gets awkward when you bring updates

37. His friends make fun of him when he’s with you

38. He asks you what you think about his looks

39. He shares food with you

40. He laughs at everything you say

41. He always finds an excuse to see you

Signs he likes you but is playing it cool.

Okay, those are the tips and trick I have for you. The signs he likes you but is playing it cool are pretty obvious when you know when and where to look for him. So if you haven’t already, think about if he has done any of these things when he’s around you. If he’s done more than 10, I think it’s safe to say he is all yours.

Now that you know where you stand, you might want to start thinking of first-date ideas. Oh, you need some help with that too? I am your girl! Check out these ideas.

I know that teenage love can be difficult and hard to read but go easy on yourself. You are just learning how to like someone and what to do when you do like them. It will get easier.