Inside: 27 Cool Teen Boy Birthday Party Ideas.

When they say kids grow up fast, they really do!  Before you know it, your little boy is a teenager.  Though they change, they may still want a birthday party, but with a teen twist.

As a teenager, throwing a birthday party can be difficult. You want to make sure that everyone you invite is having a good time, but you also want to pick a theme that you love. Help your child find the perfect solution and make their birthday party dreams come true.

Here are some of our favorite teen boy birthday party ideas to help get you thinking about their next birthday!

Teen Boy Party Ideas

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Guys

1. Pool Party Theme: If your son has a summer birthday, this pool party theme is sure to cool everyone off. Think blue colors, snorkels for fun party favors, and a water slide birthday cake. You can have a cannonball contest in the pool and award prizes to whoever makes the biggest splash.

2. Bowling Birthday Party: Strike up some fun with this birthday party theme. Take the guest of honor to the local bowling alley or bring the bowling alley right to your home. Try and find an old bowling pin at a thrift store for table centerpieces. When guests arrive, have them sign a bowling pin and give it to the birthday boy as a gift. You can also display decorated cupcakes in the shape of a bowling pin on a table.

3. Sports Themed Birthday: A sports birthday party is always a home run. Whether the birthday boy loves baseball, basketball, soccer, or any other sport, find decorations to fit it all.

4. Go Carting: Go carts have come a long, long way in the last decade. You can now drive really powerful, really fast go-carts safely inside of go-cart facilities. Usually, they have carts for a variety of ages/heights, so check the website to ensure your guests can participate.  The carts that go excessively fast will usually require that the rider be at least 15 years old with a valid driver’s license. (This is a great 16-year-old boy birthday party idea)

Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teenage Guys

Teen Boy Party Ideas

5. Camping Birthday: If the birthday boy is a well-known camper, throw him a camping-themed birthday party. Set up tents in the backyard, or take him and his friends to a cabin for the weekend.

6. Rent a Movie Theater: A crowded movie is probably not the best spot for a tween or teen party, but some theaters have been offering party rentals. Teens can catch the latest flick with a theater all to themselves, giving enough room to spread out. If you’re not comfortable with an indoor movie, have an outdoor movie or gaming party instead of in your backyard with a screen and a projector. (This is one of our favorite 13th birthday party ideas for boys)

7. Escape Room: Not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with Escape Rooms. To put it simply, you and a maximum of 7 other people walk into a room and 60 minutes to figure out how to get out following clues. It usually requires players to find clues, find keys and find codes that all unlock locks which helps you get out of the room. In truth, there is always an emergency exit for people who need it but it’s a thrilling and fun experience to do with friends.

8. Video Game Theme: So for your older teen you can skip out on the cheesy video game decor, but instead deck out a gaming area for them and their friends. I’m talking TVs, multiple consoles, VR, and more. This would also be a great theme to create a “tournament” with. That way you still keep the “fun and interactive” vibe but in a cool way.

Birthday Treat Ideas for Teen Boys

These fun birthday cake ideas are perfect for a birthday party for teenager boy.

9. Xbox Controller Birthday Cake

10. Star Wars Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

11. Hamburger Shaped Birthday Cake

12. Birthday Cake in Shape of Pizza

13. Rubix Cube Birthday Cake

Birthday Ideas for Teen Boys

Bite-Sized Munchies

The one thing that I have learned about teen boys is they like little food but in mass quantity. Something they can pick up with their hands, that tastes good, and there is a lot of it. Some might call it “bar food” but these little bite-sized goodies are perfect for a teen boy party.

14. Mini Hot Dogs

15. Bite-Sized Pizzas

16. Mini Mac and Cheese Bites

17. French Fry Dipping Spread

18. Homemade Pretzel Bites

Tween Boy Birthday Party Ideas

The tween years are difficult, especially for boys. They are still young enough to enjoy some of the “child-like” activities but are also getting old enough that they need to impress their friends. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for tween boy birthday party activities and decorations that are still cool and age-appropriate.

19. Video Game Decor

20. Nerf Gun War

21. Decked Out Star Wars Theme

22. Water Gun Station

Tween Party Themes

23. Harry Potter Theme

24. Avengers Theme

25. Nerf Gun Course

26. DIY Escape Room Party

27. Pool Party Ideas

More Cool Ideas Teen Will Love

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Teen Boy Birthday Party Ideas