Inside: Find Fun First Date Ideas for Teens Who Might Be Nervous.

When you first start dating someone, it can be awkward and difficult to come up with fun things to do. Honestly, this doesn’t change just because you get older, either! As a teen, it’s a little more difficult because they don’t tend to have the funds to go on elaborate dates, and many times they don’t have the experience to travel either.

While you can always stick with the go to ideas like grabbing a bite to eat at the local pizzeria or watching a movie, sometimes you want something a little more special.

We have compiled a list of 27+ fun first date ideas for teens that I think you are going to love. We thought it was a good idea to include ideas that will fit each of the seasons. So, let’s get started, and you will be ready to plan your next outing.

Date Night Ideas for Teens

First Date Ideas for Teen

1. Hit the trails! Whether you have some walking paths in your area or you want to walk around your high school track, it’s great exercise! Plus, it’s always good to take in some fresh air.

2. Go Shopping – Head to some shops and pick out something fun! You can buy new clothes or pick a game or movie that you can enjoy together. There are no answers here!

3. Go to a museum – Are you lucky enough to have some nice museums nearby? Spend the afternoon going through a museum. See what you can learn about each other along the way.

Where to go on a first date for teens

4. Enjoy a hobby together. You can start a brand new hobby or take turns showing each other your favorite hobby.

5. Enjoy some good times at an amusement park. Who can go to an amusement park and not have a blast? And if rides aren’t your thing, play some games, eat junk food, or people watch!

6. Visit an Escape Room. Going to an escape room is a great way to learn how well you work together to figure things out. Some people buckle under pressure, while others are calm and cool. You’ll learn a lot about your partner.

7. Go ice skate or roller skating. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy some laughs while going skating!

Good Date Ideas for Teens

8. Go to an animal shelter. Playing with puppies and maybe even a cat or two is a great way to melt your heart. They are cute, fuzzy, and begging to be loved.

9. Head to watch some sports. If you are lucky enough to live near a bigger venue for sports, be sure to go! Or, go to a sporting event at a community college to save some money.

10. A drive-in movie is sure to be fun. If you live near a drive-in, I promise you will enjoy it. Don’t forget to go with candy, cookies, popcorn, and any other treats you want.

Activities for Teenagers Dating

11. Take time to smell the flowers. Go visit a greenhouse or botanical garden in your area.

12. Head to the zoo, and you are sure to enjoy the day. You can even bring a picnic lunch to make it even more special.

13. Enjoy some dessert. Go to your local ice cream shop or bakery to indulge in a sweet treat.

14. Get your bikes geared up and head out on the trails. It feels good to breathe in the fresh air and take in the sights.

15. Trampoline parks are becoming increasingly popular. They are a great way to burn some energy and feel like a kid.

16. Pack a lunch and head to a park or lake to have a picnic. Pack sandwiches or wraps, fruit, and some veggies. Don’t forget something for dessert!

Date Night Ideas for Teens

17. Plan an afternoon to go to an arcade. They will have games, and some have fun things to do, like laser tag, playing pool, and bowling.

18. Use your passion for photography. If you both enjoy taking photos, head out to some parks or other cool things in your area.

19. Get your workout in while rock climbing. Rock climbing is a great way to encourage each other and spend time together.

20. Check out some new music at a music store.

21. Time to put on some bowling shoes and head to your nearest bowling alley. Enjoy some snacks and good music while you are there too.

Good Date Ideas for Teens first date

22. Break out a puzzle and put it together. It helps you both use your brain a little, and it’s just good old-fashioned entertainment.

23. Try your hand at a batting cage or driving range. Show off your skills to your partner and get in some good laughs while you are at it.

24. I don’t care how old you are; you are never too old for mini golf. It’s fun any time of day.

25. Go and grab a coffee or tea. Sit and sip something good while chatting about all sorts of things. Makes for a great date.

More Fun Ideas

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First Date Ideas for Teens