Inside: Feather Hair Extensions are Back

Do you remember the craze of adding colorful feather hair extensions? Well, great news, it is making a comeback, and it’s going to be more popular than ever!

When it comes to fashion, design trends will come and go just like any other aspect of the industry. Do you remember rolling your crop tops, hair scrunchies, and tight rolling the bottoms of your jeans back in the day? I don’t mean to flaunt the fact that I’m getting older, but many of these fashions have come and gone more than once.

This season, they are going viral again!

My daughter is excitedly planning her hair appointment so she can get feather hair extensions ASAP!

Feather Hair Extensions how to

Putting feathers in your hair may seem strange at first, so you may be asking why on earth anyone would want to. Well, I am going to give you a few reasons why you (or your daughter) may be interested:

  • They are super fashionable
  • The Bohemian style is always fun
  • Great for celebrations like homecoming and other events
  • Popular TikTok stars wear them
  • The options are basically endless
  • They are modern and a little bit edgy

Where do feather extensions come from?

They come from the tailfeathers of roosters. However, they also make many synthetic feather hair extensions that don’t come from roosters! So they are cruelty free and look gorgeous too!

Naturally, nothing is going to be more stunning than feathers that come from birds, but it’s all about what your preferences are.

Teen Hair Trends How to make hair feathers work

Not only can you make an appointment with your local hairdresser, but you can also make them at home! You will need some simple materials and you will be ready to wear your hair feather extensions in no time.

Supplies You Need

Our Favorite Feather Hair Extension Products

Feather Hair Extension Products

How To Put In Feather Hair Extensions at Home

Pick your favorite feathers

You can choose between 2-5 feathers to make your extensions. The more feathers you have the more full it is going to look.

For a fun twist, add multiple colored feathers. This is especially great if you are adding them to celebrate your school colors or holidays like Halloween and Christmas!

Decide on a placement

Choose a spot that is easily visible or hide them, so they peek out ever so often. Along your hairline and on top of your head are pretty popular locations.

Place Bead

Select a little pea-sized piece of hair from the base of the hair at the scalp, clip the section of hair out of the way, and then continue to place the bead.

How to Put in Feather Extensions

Secure the bead

Simply thread the bead onto the needle. Wrap the segment of hair around the needle’s end until the small hook catches,. Then grab it and hold tightly, push the bead upwards, grasp the hair firmly once more, and pull the hair through the hole. The silicone inside the bead means that not all of the hair will pass. That’s fine; just put enough hair in the bead so the extension doesn’t tear out your natural hair and create irreparable damage.

Add feather extension

Slip the feather’s hard end root beneath the bead adjacent to or on top of the hair once you’ve threaded the hair through the bead. Place the bead near the scalp.

Keep in mind if it’s too close to the scalp when sleeping can be painful;. I recommend for children,  keeping the device 1/2 to 1 inch away from the scalp, and for adults, keeping it 1/4 inch away or more. Additionally, if your hair is thin, you should place the feather in a denser section of your hair, rather than at the hairline. Otherwise, it could cause your hair to break or become damaged.


Squeeze as tightly as you can using a pair of needle-nose pliers until the bead is flat and rests against the head. That’s all there is to it!

How to Care for Your Feather Extensions

The average lifespan of a feather hair extension is between three and four months. It’s up to you to ensure their health and happiness, of course. If you stick to the advice below, you should be able to prolong the life of your extensions.

How to care for Feather Hair Extensions

  1. Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. 
  2. Never use high heat, so they don’t become damaged. Any heat you use should be low heat.
  3. Put them in a bag for safekeeping when you aren’t wearing them. Don’t forget that they’ll take on the form of wherever you put them, though they may be quickly and easily reshaped.
  4. When you shampoo and comb your hair, keep this in mind. Because the feathers are so soft, they may start to feel like an integral part of your hair, making it easy to forget about them. The feathers are what should be brushed, not the link.
  5. Your hair will naturally pull the link further from your scalp as it grows. Take extra precautions around the two-week mark, when this becomes more common.
  6. It’s simple to reattach your feathers—just lift the link and place it on top of your head.

How To Remove:

The bead can be easily removed from the hair by clamping it with the pliers and squeezing the two flat ends together to open them.

Whatever you do, don’t just yank it out of your hair, or it could cause damage.

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