Inside: Get Colorful with Tinsel Hair Extensions.

Made popular in the ’90s, hair tinsel is back in full force! It’s not just for celebrities and people with colorful unicorn hair, hair tinsel can upgrade anyone’s look. If your teen is anything like mine, they LOVE to add flair to their personal style.

Whether that’s funky nail choice, chunky sneakers, or crazy hair. These tinsel hair extensions make the perfect accessory for prom, festivals, or just to add a little spice to their style.

Tinsel Hair Extensions

You can find a color that coordinates with any hair color (gold for blondes, silver for gray, copper for red, brown for brunettes, and black for the darkest shades) or choose any shade of the rainbow to stand out. Looks range from a few subtle strands to the full-blown goddess — a whole head of glitter!

What Is Hair Tinsel?

Hair Tinsel is nothing dramatic or permanent. It is designed to add a subtle sparkle effect. Depending on quantity, color, and lighting, it looks like a sprinkle of colorful dust. These thin, narrow, lightweight, heat-resistant polyester fiber strands can be washed, cut, curled, flat ironed or blow-dried.

Hair Tinsel

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How to Apply Tinsel Hair Extensions

Anyone can learn how to apply hair tinsel. Typically hairstylists take the time to learn the technique because they have a clientele to share the shimmer with, but anyone with some dexterity and an installation kit can install glitter extensions. Applying tinsel to yourself might be a different story, your arms will be sore and your eyes a bit strained from watching the process in the mirror but, with practice, it is possible! It can take a few tries before you’re totally confident applying for the extensions; use wigs or close friends to try out your new skills! For professional hairstylists, it is essential to learn and practice before you have a paying client in your chair wanting tons of tinsel.

How to Put In Tinsel Hair Extensions

  1. Take a strand of tinsel and fold it in half: Buy a package of hair tinsel that’s at least twice as long as your hair. Then, take a strand of tinsel and fold it in half so the ends touch.
  • Most tinsel is between 20 and 47 inches (51 and 119 cm) long. If you have short hair, choose the smaller size so you don’t have to cut off the excess tinsel.
  • Have fun picking a tinsel color! You could use tinsel that matches your hair color to add a slight shimmer to your hairstyle or pick bright, bold colored tinsel that stands out against your hair color.
  1. Make a slip knot with the looped end of the tinsel: To form a slip knot, pinch the folded end of the tinsel with 1 hand to form a loop. Slide the thumb and index finger of your other hand through the loop. Then, use your thumb and index finger to pinch the strands of tinsel and pull back to make the slip knot.
  • If you’re unsure whether or not you’ve successfully made a slip knot, remove your fingers and pull the loop away. The loop should disappear instead of tightening into a knot.
  1. Pull 2 to 3 hairs through the loop and tighten the slip knot near your scalp. Keep your thumb and index finger through the loop of the slip knot. Use your other hand to separate 2 to 3 strands of hair near your part and hold the slip knot up to them. Grab the hairs with your fingers and pull them through the loop. Then, pull the ends of the tinsel so it tightens near your scalp.
  • Make sure that you pull the strands of hair completely through the loop so they don’t get tangled or knotted.

Hair Tinsel For Teens

  1. Tie the strands of tinsel into a simple knot. To keep the tinsel secure in your hair, find both of the ends. Overlap the ends and bring 1 end through the loop you made. Then, pull the ends in opposite directions to secure the knot near the base of your scalp. The knot keeps the tinsel in your hair for about 3 weeks.
  • Feel free to wash, dry, and style your hair as usual. The tinsel is designed to blend into your hair and it won’t melt or break.
  • You can repeat this a few times or knot the tinsel with the strands of hair if you want to keep the tinsel in your hair for several weeks.
  1. Slide the knot down your hair when you want to remove the tinsel. The tinsel should stay in your hair for at least 3 weeks. When you’re ready to take the tinsel out, feel the hair near your part for the tinsel knot. Pinch the knot and slowly slide it down your hair until it comes away.
  • You can also cut the knot with a pair of small scissors if you’re having a hard time sliding the knot off.

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