Inside: The cutest short hairstyles for teens that are trendy in 2022.

Hair is a beautiful thing. It allows us to express who we are without saying a word. 2022 is the best year for hair yet. We get to experiment, try new things, and figure out the kind of styles we like without judgment from others.

If you are considering getting a chop and going with a shorter hairstyle than you currently have, you are in the right place, my friend. I have created the master list of trendy short hairstyles for teens that will blow you away.

You can look through these to figure out more about your personal style and what you will be going for with this cut.

Short Hairstyles for Teens

It is a big decision, so make sure you have a few choices. Bring these photos with you to your haircut appointment and ask your hairstylist’s advice on which might be the best option for you. Things like maintenance, face shape, and longevity all play in here, so give it a thought. But first… let’s look at some haircuts!

Buzzcut Hairstyles

I figured we would start out with the shortest hairstyles and slowly grow it out together. Buzzed hairstyles are IN for men and women. Honestly, a girl who rocks a buzzcut is basically confidence personified. There are so many ways that you can customize and personalize this style, and I have even made a list of these at the very end of the article.

Take a look and prepare to have your mind blown.

1. Brown and Highlighted Buzz

2. Soft Buzzcut

3. Short Buzzed Hair

4. Pink Buzzcut

5. Classic Buzzcut

7. Silver Bleached Hair

8. Marbled Hair

9. Heart Patterened

10. Cool Smiley Face Hair

11. Strawberry Hair

12. Curly Short Pixie

13. Leopard Print Hair

14. Floral Buzzcut

Short Hairstyles for Teens Pixie

Adorable Pixie Hairstyles

The next stop along the hairstyle train is a pixie cut! A pixie cut is a grown-out version of a buzzcut. Since there is more hair, there is more opportunity for shaping and styling, so below, you will see some of the best variations. You can change anything you don’t like by just expressing it to your hairstylist.

Most of the time, pixies do require some maintenance. So keep that in mind.

15. Long Fringe with Short Sides

16. Bleached Pixie Cuts

17. Blonde Hair with Longer Bangs

18. Cute Short Pixie

19. Short Pixie with Blonde Hair

20. Longer Hair Pixie Cut

21. Soft 90s Hair

22. Blonde Pixie with Brown Roots

23. Short Light-Haired Pixie

24. Cute Quaffed Hair

25. Longer 90s Pixie

26.  Light Pink Hair

27. Long Feminine Pixie

28. Sweet Little Pixie Hair

Short Hairstyles for Teens

Most of these hairstyles are bobs, which are essentially hairstyles with lengths that are close to the chin. They are pretty short, and I am obsessed with them. Though some require styling, many you can just leave natural as long as your hair’s natural texture goes with it.

You can ask your hairstylist about these things once you are in the chair. So take a look and make notes.

29. A Symmetrical Bob

30. Shorter in the back Style

31. Long Pixie Bob Hairstyle

32. Straight 2 Tone Bob

33. Adorable Short Bob for Black Teens

34. Blunt Bob

35. Straight Classic Bob

36. Natural Blow-Out Hair

37.  Blue Bob

38. Red Underneath

39. Blonde with Purple Stripes

40. Half Up Half Down Short Hair

41. Separate Colored Bangs

42. Box Braid Bob

43. Beautiful Curly Afro

44. Bob with Bangs

Lobs for Teens

Lob Hairstyles for Teens

Lob is shorthand for a Long Bob. So imagine anything that sits just on your shoulders that has a blunt or styled edge. These are some of the cutest styles I have seen so far, and I think you will feel the same. If you like the comfort of longer hair, then you will find something on this list that suits you. There are just so many options!

45. Lightly Wavy Hair

46. Layered Lob Hair

47. High Low Hairstyle

48. Hot Pink Hair

49. Champagne Pink Straight Hair

50. 90s Brunette Moment

51. Longer Curly Hair

52. Curtain Bangs

53. Cute Blended Hair

54. Long Cornrow Hairstyle

55. Beautiful Black Hair with little Buns

56. Bright Red Hair Bob

57 .Bangs with Lob

58. Adorable Long Afro with Bangs

59. Bright Maroon Hair

Colorful Short Hairstyles for Teens

Now, if you love color, then perhaps this might be the hairstyle list for you. Everything below is vibrant and colorful; you will literally be the rainbow! I remember wanting to dye my hair so badly when I was younger. I would have LOVED any one of these hairstyles. So pick the one that makes you the happiest and live your best life as the best you!

60. Light Blue Pixie

61. Spongebob Buzzcut

62. Light Purple Ombre Bob

63. Ombre Tips Bob

64. Green and Yellow Bob

65. Orange Yellow Hair

66. Patchwork Hair

67. Multicolored Bob

68. Green, Blue, and Purple

69. Purple Natural Curles

70. Rainbow Bob

71. Pastel Pixie Cut

72. Neon Ombre Bob

73. Light Pixie with Bangs

74. Navy Blue Black Hair

75. Bright Purple Hair

Short Hairstyles for Teen Guys

Short Hairstyles for Teen Guys

I wanted to make a list exclusively for the guys. These are mainly full of different classic styles that you will like, as well as with a few newer trendy ones in the mix as well. When deciding on a haircut, think about the amount of styling you want to do. Some require more than others, so speak to your hairstylist about it!

76. Short Fade on the Side

77. Fluffy Hairstyle

78. Short Simple Hairstyle

79. Blended Buzzcut

80. Short Fade

81. Clean Blended Hair with Long Top

82. Cute Hair with Blonde Top

83. Clean Sharp Sides

84. Hair Updo

85. Curly Mop Top

86. Longer Hairstyle

87. Long Curly Hair

88. Curly Mohawk

89. Cool Design

90. 3 Lined Design

Trendy Short Hairstyles

These hairstyles are some of the most popular in 2022, so you will love them. I love living in this day in age because everyone is so much more willing to try new things with their looks, and it doesn’t mean anything about them. It’s full artistic freedom, and I am for it. Check these out to see what I mean.

91. Short Hair with Braids

92. Wolf Cut Hair

93. Flowers with White Hair

94. Rainbow Hair Lob

95. Solar System

96. Mint and Purple Hair

97. Cloud Hair

98. 2 Tone Buzzcut

99. Longer Two Tone Bob

100. Mullet

101. Mullet for Lady

102. Soft Pixie Mullet

Unique Buzzcuts for Teens

Unique Buzzcut Hairstyles for Teens

Buzzcut art is all the rage right now, and I see why. I know you have seen quite a few of these throughout this list, but I wanted to give this topic its own section. There is so much artistic freedom to be had with this hairstyle, not to mention it’s pretty low maintenance. So take a look through and consider which ones you like and which you don’t.

103. Red Snake

104. Flaming Hair

105. Spiderweb

106. Cherry Blossoms

107. Cotton Candy Heart

108. Silly Smiley

109. Bubble Haircut

110. Red Lip Marks

111. Green Hair with Black Stars

112. Neon Hair

113. Squiggly Neon

So, did you find a hairstyle that you loved? I bet you did! 2022 is the prime year for trying new things and finding new ways to express yourself. Hair is one of the best ways to do that. The best part is if you hate it…it always grows back.

There are so many other things you can do to show your personality through your hair without cutting it. Whether that be with styling, braiding, or dying it, you have options. The most important thing here is that you are having fun and that you are feeling confident. Hair can really make or break that. So if you have been dealing with a hairstyle that just doesn’t suit who you are…go for the chop!