Inside: Braid ideas + how to braid tips for teens.

How we present ourselves sends a message to the world about who we are. It may not feel as deep as that as you put on your favorite t shirt or add eyeliner to your eyes, but it does. With over 7 billion people on this planet, it is easy to feel small sometimes. But just because we are one of many doesn’t mean we’re not unique. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Every person on this planet comes from different backgrounds, we all have different perspectives on life and the way we view the world. It is our likes and dislikes, our hobbies and go-tos, that separate us from everyone.

One extra fun way to express yourself is through your hairstyle.

There are so many different routes you can take in terms of hair. You can dye it, shave it, cut it, put it in pig tails, and my personal fav: Braid it. When it comes to braiding, I understand that it can seem quite daunting. Trust me, there are certain types of braids that absolutely earn that reputation.

But they aren’t all like that. In fact, there are several beginners braids that you can easily get under your belt. Once you do, you can slowly build your skill until you can do a fish brain with your eyes closed. I know what you may be thinking…what is a fish braid? Well let’s not overwhelm you right off the get go.

I’ll get to that later! But first I want to go over a few of the basics.

Braids for Teens

Tools For Braiding Hair

In order to achieve these looks, there are a few things you may need on hand.

  • Hair
  • Hair tyes
  • Bobby Pins
  • Comb
  • Mirror

See, it isn’t much. Once you have these things then you’re already halfway there. So let’s get into some beginners braids to kick start your hairstyle journey.

How To Do A Classic Braid

Step One: Always start out with freshly combed hair. Nothing is worse than having to rip apart knots.
Step Two: Part your hair into 3 even sections. This is just a practice braid that you’ll undoubtedly try a few more times after this so you can choose whatever section of the head is easiest for you.
Step Three: Start by crossing the left section to the right side. You’re going to take the hair in your left hand and bring it to the right hand and grab it. The section that was in the right hand is brought to the center, and what was in the center is moved to the left.
Step Four: Repeat this until you’ve made it all the way to the bottom and have to hair left to braid. Then tie it off with a hair tie.

You’ve done it! A Classic Braid. Now that you have that down, you can just keep at it until you become a pro. You can achieve this by slowly adding to your arsenal until there isn’t a braid in the work you can’t do. Take a look at the list below of braid examples to get the inspiration to keep ongoing.

I wanted to include styles from simple – complex, like a road map for braids. You’ll find that as you slowly build your skill, braiding becomes easier and easier to pick up. If you were to just start out trying to attempt one of the braids in the last list, it would have probably ended in less than 10 minutes with a hair knot the size of Texas.

So as you look through these think about the process of building your skill and be patient with yourself as you learn. If you need visual aid there are thousands of different tutorials on youtube for you to check out. I

n the meantime, look at these fun braid ideas for teenagers…

Simple Braids

Simple Braids

I figured we’d start out simple. Once you’ve mastered the braid above, you can look at these as inspiration for your next step. You’ll be braiding your hair like this in no time.

1. Simple English Braids

2. Long Side Braid

3.Braid Accent

4. Classic Center Braid

5. Simple Half Crown

6. Double Trouble

7. Braided Bangs

8. Bright Blue Braids

9. Half Up Braid

10. Elegant Single Braid

Braids For Short Hair

I remember when I have shorter hair, I so desperately missed being able to braid it. I didn’t even know that it was still an option. So I wanted to add a section just for cute short hair braid styles for those of you with short hair. Because if you want to braid it, you should be able to braid it. Plus if you want your hair long you can always use some extensions and braid them into your existing hair. The braid helps camouflage and blend where they separate, no one will be any the wiser.

11. Simple Blonde Braid Crown

12. Braided Rows

13. Short Pig Tails

14. Braided Bunny Tails

15. Loose Crown

16. Connected Short Braids

Complex Braids For Teens

Complex Braids

This last section is to just show you what kind of possibilities there are when it comes to braiding. There are so many insane styles you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Flowers and spirals, crowns and lines. Looking through these will blow your mind. I know this because when I was finding these, MY mind was blown. It makes me want to get back into braiding just so I can achieve these looks. Check them out!

17. Long Braids with Awesome Lines

18. Geometric Style Braids

19. Triple Style Braids with Rose

20. Lavender Purple Braids

21. Complex Long Braid

22. Epic Cross Hatch Braids

23. Rose with Fish Tail Braids

24. Hippie Style Braid Crown

25. Thick Mauve Braid

26. Light Blue Long Braids

27. Multiple Braid Flowers

So cool right? I hope you loved learning how to achieve a simple braid, and that you found some inspiration to help you along your braid journey, because it’s just that, a journey. You can’t just skip right through to the end, you have to take it step by step. But with a little determination, you’ll be braiding like a master in no time, I can see it!

Braids For Teens

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