Inside: Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens 50+ Ideas, Instructions & FREE Printable PDF list.

Summer days can be long and grow to be boring, but you can beat the lazy days with a fun summer bucket list for teens! With two teens of my own, it can be challenging to find fun activities to keep them busy and off their phones.

I honestly think if it were up to them they would watch youtube and Tiktok for weeks straight.

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

This is why we decided to sit down together at the begining of summer and create a list of summer activities that we could all enjoy! Check out a few of our favorite fun summer bucket list idea for teen…

Printable Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

Fill in this printable bucket list with your favorite crazy summer bucket list ideas for teens. The best part is you can print out multiple copies with all differnt types of summer goals for teenagers.

FREE Printable Bucket List PDF For Teens

  1. Simply print out your own copy
  2. Fill in the activites
  3. Have fun!

50 Things To Do Before Summer Ends – Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

Check out our 50 favorite summer bucket list ideas for teens!

1. Go to a Drive-In Movie

Drive in movies are so much fun! For some of us, drive-in movies use to be a regular thing. (Cheers to getting older! 😂) One of my favorite way to enjoy a drive-in movie night is by making TONS of snacks. Plus, you save some cash by making and buying your snacks beforehand. Some of my favorite snacks include:

  • Popcorn, pop before and store in individual bags
  • Candy from the gas station (Trust me, it’s much cheaper!)
  • Grab a Pizza on the way there
  • Pick up your favorite drinks

Another way I love to prep for a drive-in movie is making sure our car is comfy and cozy. Make sure to grab some pillows and blankets to stuff in the back of our car. Or pack up some fold out chairs and hangout in comfort.

2. Trip to the Zoo

3. Photoshoot with Friends

4. Have a Picnic

5. Relax in the Hammock

6. Stargaze

7. Try a New Food

8.Go Strawberry Picking

9. Participate in a Color Run

10. Volunteer

Some out our favorite places to volunteer include:

  • Animal Shelter
  • Food Bank
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Retirement Homes
  • YMCA
  • National Park

Summer Goals List Teenagers

11. Learn to Juggle

12. Go to the Farmer’s Market

13. Visit a Museum

14. Catch Fireflies

15. Go on a Hike

16. Watch the Sunrise

17. Successfully Fly a Kite

18. Visit Grandparents

19. Go Night Swimming

20. Beach/Lake Day

Pack up a cooler, grab your sunscreen, and gather your favorite water toys. Spending a day at the beach or lake is a great summer activity. This is also a great actvity for older teens to do alone with their friends.

21. Chalk the Driveway

22. Eat Breakfast for Dinner

23. Build a Giant Slip and Slide

24. Waterballoon Fight

25. Karaoke with Friends

26. Paint Pottery

27. Go to an Escape Room

28.  Bake a Cake

29. Try a New Ice Cream Flavor

30. Tye-Dye Shirts

Who doesn’t love a good tye-dye moment? One of my favorite ways to tye-dye during the summer is by Ice Dying! It is so easy and perfect for hot, sunny days.

Crazy Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

Supplies You’ll Need:

  • Bucket
  • Wire Cooling Rack
  • Stuff to Dye
  • Powerder Dye
  • Ice

How to Ice Dye:

  • Start by getting the items you want dyed wet.
  • Then place your wire cooling rack on top of your bucket. This helps with drainage for when the ice melts.
  • Place your wet items on top of the wire rack. Make sure you twist and twirl them to make cool patterns.
  • Add a mound of ice on top of all the item.
  • Then sprinkle the powdered dye all on top of the ice.
  • Wait till the ice is melted.
  • Rise of items and wash according to the dye instructions on the package.

31. Go Mini Golfing

32. Visit an Animal Shelter

33. Go to a Baseball Game

34.  Pull an all-nighter

35. Watch the Sunset

36. Go get Snow Cones

37. Go for a Bike Ride

38. Water Balloon Fight

39. Do a Puzzle

40. Do a DIY Project

Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas For Teens With Friends

41. Make a Slide Show

42. Send a Post Card to Someone

43. Have a Bonfire

44. Play in the Rain

45. Go with No Phone for One Day

46. Go Thrifting

47. Make Root beer Floats

48. Make S’mores

49. Go for a Hike

50. Movie Marathon

We love a great movie marathon around here. We grab snacks, blankets, and sit in for a long movie night.

Here are a few of our favorites

  • Harry Potter
  • Twilight
  • Star Wars
  • Princess Diaries
  • The Fault in Our Stars
  • Mean Girls
  • Lady Bird
  • 13 going on 30
  • She’s the Man
  • To All The Boys I Loved Before
  • Five Feet Apart
  • Freaky Friday
  • Bring It On

These are just a few to start, there are so much more!

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens

Bonus Summer Bucket List Ideas for Teens!

If you liked these teenager summer bucket list ideas with friends then check out this funky hair trend you will need to add to your must-dos!

Feather Hair Extensions are Back –  Let’s talk about Feather Hair Extensions… As quickly as the trend came into our lives, it was gone. But like low-rise jeans, Juicy Couture tracksuits, and chunky blonde highlights, feather hair extensions are back. They are all the rage this season!  For the past two weeks, my daughter was having a fit for some of these colorful ways to jazz up her hair.  So why put feathers in your hair? Putting feathers in your hair is a bold way to show that you have an amazing bohemian style. Feathers come in all different shapes and colors, so you can choose one that looks great with your hair color and texture. Plus with their growing popularity with kids’ favorite TikTok stars sporting the look, who wouldn’t want to join in on this trend?