Inside: Ultimate list of creative fun hobbies for teenage girls.

Summer break is one of the best times of the year; the weather is warmer, you get to sleep in, and there is no school! It does come with a little bit of an adjustment though.

After spending so much time at school, you make ask yourself, “what in the heck am I going to do with myself?” during your new free time.

Fun Hobbies for Teen Girls

Now is the perfect opportunity for you to pick up a summer hobby! Having a hobby will help you not only kill some of your abundant time but will also bring so much fun and joy into your life. There are so many amazing hobbies to choose from, you may not know where to start, I totally get that! It’s a lot.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is what you think will bring you the most joy. Some questions to ask yourself when deciding are:

  • Will this be something that I’ll be excited to do?
  • Is this a skill that I want to work on building?
  • Is this something I can afford to do on a daily or weekly basis?

To help get you started, I created a list of 137 of the best hobbies for teen girls! This epic master list most definitely contains one(or 20) hobbies that you will have a blast incorporating into your summer. Just take a look through, and keep in mind the questions I asked above.

They will act as a guide to finding the perfect hobby! Before we get into that though, I want to briefly go over the benefits of having a summer hobby!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Hobby?

Hobbies aren’t just something fun to do, they also bring many benefits to the table. So let’s go over some of them!

Having a hobby will improve your overall mental health. According to studies, hobbies have been proven to lower stress, help you make connections with people socially, help to improve your physical health, and generally raise your level of happiness in your day-to-day life.

So there is literally nothing to lose from starting a new hobby!

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of hobbies! How will you be spending your summer?

Hobbies for Teenage Girls at Home

Having a hobby doesn’t mean you have to leave your house. There are so many awesome ones that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Take a look at this list of hobbies that you can start today!

1. Embroidery. This is a classic!

2. Candle Making.

3. Croqueting

4. Painting

5. Reading

6. Scrunchy Making

7. Jewelry Making

8. Poetry

9. Yoga

10. Learn Calligraphy

11. Work out

12. Baking

13. Cooking

14. Learn an instrument

15. Gardening

16. House Plants

17. Making Beauty Products

18. Resin crafts

19. Birdhouse Building

20. Wreath Making

21. Writing Short Stories

22. Learn a new language

23. Scrap Booking

24. Pet Training

25. Gaming

26. Pizza Making

27. Clothing

28. Puzzles

29. Word Games

30. Cake Decorating

31. Masterclass

32. Meditation

33. Pet Training

34. Learn to Sing

35. At Home Work Outs

Outdoor summer activities for teens

Fun Hobbies for Teens

36. Swimming

37. Running

38. Pottery Making

39. Golf

40. Rock Tumbling

41. Create a Living ecosystem – There are plenty of videos on this. All you’ll need is a jar, and a large body of water to go to.

42. Growing Plants

43. Roller Skating

44. Bowling

45. Indoor Rock Climbing

46. Cheerleading

47. Fishing

48. Math Club

49. Movie Club

50. Write Music – Like any good writer, you have to start somewhere. Practice makes perfect.

51. Shrinky Dink Earring Making

52. Watercolor Painting

53. Hiking

54. Grow Crystals

55. Rock Collecting.

56. Rock Walks – Go on walks to collect rocks for your rock tumbler

57. Clay Sculptures

58. Become a Fungi Expert – Learn all about mushrooms and then go out and see how many you can identify

59. Cricut Crafts

60. Hand Lettering – Practice your calligraphy

61. Oragami

62. Soccer

63. Star Gazing – A timeless Classic

64. Learn how to Style Hair

65. Knitting

66. Practice Nail Art

67. Tie Dye

68. Flower Pressing – You can go on flower walks!

69. Photography

70. Upcycling Thrift Finds – There are so many awesome things at the thrift store that are just sitting there, waiting to be revamped and used again.

Hobbies for 13 Year Olds

Hobbies for 13 Year Olds Girl

71. Coloring Books

72. Start a Vlog

73. Start a Book Club

74. Dancing

75. Learn to play the Ukulele

76. Start a collection – This can be anything you’re interested in: Stickers, Butterflies, Books.

77. Tea Making – There are so many different kinds of teas you can mix and make.

78. Start playing chess

79. Watch Classic Movies

80. Learn about Butterflies

81. Learn how to do Makeup

82. Stand Up Comedy

83. Trivia

84. Play the Nintendo Switch

85. Watch Documentaries

86. Blanket Making

87. Become a Fan of Marvel – With so many movies and TV Shows, being a fan of marvel has become a full time hobby

88. Read Comics

89. Skateboarding

90. Bike Riding

91. iPad Art – Digital Art is on the rise, it’s so fun!

92. Online Classes

93. Learn how to do the splits

94. Become an acrobat

95. Build Bird Houses

96. Learn as much of Pi as Possible

97. Create Scavenger Hunts – This is one you can get your loved ones in on.

98. Collect Stuffed Animals

99. Read about Classic Art

100. Get a Fish

Hobbies for Tweens to enjoy

Hobbies for Tweens

101. Color Fuzzy Poster

102. Paint by Numbers

103. Create a fort

104. Sandwich Making

105. Learn to Draw Your Fav Cartoon Characters

106. Flower Collecting

107. Acting

108. Bracelet Making

109. Create Your Own Inspiration Board

110. Create Animation

111. Learn about astrology

112. Origami

113. Paper Mache

114. Duct Tape Crafts

115. Beadwork

116. Make Necklaces

117. Create a Collage

118. Solve a Rubix Cube

119. Create Tongue Twisters

120. Create an online club

121. Puppetry

122. Make Ice cream

123. Dog Walking

124. Party Planning

125. Play Board Games

126. Listen to Audio Books

127. Write Your Own Story

128. Learn First Aid

129. Make a Braided Rug

130. Discover Your Family History

131. Make Recycled Purses out of Grocery Bags

132. Get an Ant Colony

133. Collect Shells

134. Make a Bucket List

135. Raise Caterpillars

136. Learn about Crystals

137. Write a memoir

Hobbies for teenage girls

There you have it: Hobbies for teenage girls! I just know that there is something on this list that will help to fill your summer with enriching experiences, I’m so excited for you!

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