Inside: The most thrilling teenage Halloween activities

With Halloween around the corner, it is time to start planning a party. What is the most important part of a Halloween party(besides the candy)? The activities!

If your kids have now blossomed into sassy new teenagers you may be wondering what to do for them to still have fun…well, I have just the thing for you!

What do teenagers like to do for their Halloween activities? Essentially the same things they liked to do as kids. They are teens, not aliens.

They still enjoy the things they liked as kids but now they are able to be challenged a little more.

Fun things for teens to do on Halloween

So I created an epic list of the best teenage Halloween activities that will help to ensure that your Halloween is just as fun as it was when they were kids. Let’s get into it!

Simple Halloween Activities

For this first list, I thought we would keep it simple. So read on to get some inspiration for your up-and-coming Halloween shindig. There are so many awesome ideas to choose from.

1. Ghost stack – A ghost stack is essentially where you take clear plastic cups and draw eyes on them. You then stack them up and see who can get a tower of 6 up and down first.

2. Blind Mystery – Tye a blindfold around the teen’s eyes so they cant see. In front of them will be different sensory bowls filled with creepy things like organs(cooked cold sausages) and eyeballs(peeled grapes).

3. Spider Race – Take a tiny plastic spider and give the teens a straw. Line up on one else of a table and then see who can get the spider to the other end by simply blowing.

4. Truth or Scare – Truth or Scare is a play on the classic game of truth or dare. The difference is if they choose scare they have to do something spooky like watching a scary video.

5. Apple Dunk – This is a classic Halloween game. Fill a big tub with water and apples and see who can pick one up by only using their mouth. Hopefully, no face paint is involved.

6. Werewolf n Villager – This game is actually played all year round. The gist of it is that half of the people playing are werewolves and the other half are villagers. When someone screams the villagers close their eyes and the werewolves have at them. They have to try and guess who killed them when they open their eyes again.

7. Movie Marathon – Try your hand at a scary movie marathon. Watch the classics like Chucky, Nightmare on Elm Street, and many others.

8. Candy Swap – This is another classic and time-honored tradition among kids and teens. After a long night of gathering the goods, everyone dumps theirs out and trades to get their favorites.

9. Make Popcorn Balls – These are surprisingly easy and fun to make!

10. Halloween Musical Chairs – Like regular musical chairs but the only difference is you use Halloween music!

11. Scare Challenge – Have one person at the beginning of the night be ‘it’ and tasked with scaring everyone for the rest of the night.

12. Squid Games – Squid games were scary, you simply cannot tell me otherwise. So have your own version of red light green light where the losers get sprayed with a squirt gun.

Teenage Halloween Activities to Buy

Teenage Halloween Activities to Buy

Sometimes you don’t really feel like DIY-ing your own games and I totally understand that. Whether you are busy with work, life, and other things, or if you simply want the fun and none of the work…this next list is for you.

I have included some of the most fun Halloween games that money can buy. From ring toss to Booooo-opoly. Yeah…that’s a thing. Check these out!

13. Inflatable Ring Toss

14. Carnival Can Bean Bag Toss

15. Spooky Eyeball Race

16. Boo-Opoly

17. Paint Spooky Rocks

18. Poison Apple Toss

19. Pin the Spider

20. Don’t Get Stabbed

21. Guess How Many

22. Ghost Dart Board

23. Halloween Sack Race

24. Teen Piñata

Printable Halloween Activities

This is a good middle man for those of you who do not want to buy an expensive game but also don’t feel like putting together their own either(this can get quite expensive as well). Printable games are affordable, easy, and accessible.

If you were throwing your party today then you would have no problem getting these in time for the guests to arrive. Take a look and see what you like.

25. Scavenger Hunt

26. Halloween Charades

27. Hocus Pocus Trivia Game

28. Candy Slogan Trivia

29. Halloween Bingo

30. Horror Movie Trivia

31. Squid Game Trivia

32.Dice Gamble

33. Murder Mystery

34. Halloween Emoji Pictionary

35. Halloween Feud

36. Halloween Name Quiz

37. Name that Phobia

38. Scattergories

39. Halloween Trivia

40. Spooky Genius

41. Charades Game

42. Halloween Megapack

Fun Halloween Activities

Fun Halloween Activities

43. Inflatable Limbo – This is another one you can actually buy but it’s too fun not to include.

44. Donuts on a string – String up lines of donuts and have people take turns seeing who can get one down without touching it. And by down, I mean down the hatch!

45. Mummy Maker – Set the timer for 1 minute and see who can make the fasted mummy out of toilet paper.

46. Pumpkin Bowling – Get yourself some tall squash and line them up like bowling pins, then you use a small round one to let it rip. See how many you can get down. Do I see a strike in your future?

47. Eyeballs and Organs – Cook some spaghetti and get yourself some plastic eyeballs. Mix the eyes all in the spaghetti and blindfold your contestants. The person who gets the most eyes out after a minute wins.

48. Poke a Pumpkin Cups – Put sweet treats in half of the plastic cups, and tricks in the other half. Then you cover them with tissue paper and have your guests poke in there to get tricked or a treat.

49. Pumpkin Decorating – How could I not include this one? It’s perhaps the most important Halloween activity of all.

50. Throw a Costume Contest – Make sure you include different categories like ‘best scary costume’ and ‘best cute costume’ that way more people can win,

51. Zombie Walk Contest – Have everyone line up and see who can do the best impression of a zombie. The most convincing undead is the winner!

52. Fear Factor – This is essentially the TV show but makes it PG-13. No need to scare the teens. You can put things like “stick your fingers in a cup of worms” and so on and so forth. Lots of fun!

53. Pumpkin Checkers – For this, you will need to wither a table set up with the checkerboard or a comedically large check board, and mini pumpkins. The pumpkins act as the checkers for this cute twist on a classic game.

Teenage Halloween Activities

So…are you pumped for Halloween? I know that I am. There are so many other awesome ways to make sure that your teens have a good Halloween, this is just a start!

Remember that the importance is that they have fun with these teenage halloween activities, so maybe let them in on the party planning and see which whens they want to include.

It can never hurt to check. Until next time, stay spooky!