Inside: Cute Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas (+ Senior Session Tips)


Let’s all agree that MOST of our teenage girls LOVE to be in front of the camera. It obviously is more popular these days because of social media and creating that “perfect” pic for the gram. I feel like between selfies, group photos, and styled shoots there is always a camera clicking around my teens.

I can’t say the same for me as a teen or when we did do photos it was something ridiculous like crazy make-up or mall bathroom mirror pics.

From friend groups, photo sessions to big senior shoots here are a few of our favorite teenage girl photoshoot ideas that will guarantee you get those shots you are wanting.

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Teenage Girl Senior Photoshoot Ideas

When it comes to planning the perfect senior photo session, there is a lot of work that can go into the planning. Locations, Attire, Makeup, Hair, and Poses are for main categories.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for these senior teenage girl photoshoot ideas.

Tips for Senior Photos

  • Plan several outfits to bring: You should arrange to bring several outfits to your photo session in a variety of colors, not just your favorite hue.
  • Keep your clothing visually simple: Don’t bring outfits with words or designs, stripes or pictures, except possibly your school logo. You want your face, eyes, and expression to command attention, not the words on your shirt.
  • Go easy on the jewelry: Avoid wearing attention-grabbing jewelry. Again, the photograph should accentuate your face, eyes, and personality, not draw unwarranted attention to your jewelry. Also, jewelry can date a photograph very quickly. Classic jewelry pieces are best.
  • Apply makeup normally: It’s tempting to get very “glam” when having pictures taken, but this could very well make you look like a stranger in your senior portrait.
  • Personalize your photos with props: Many photographers will invite you to bring favorite props to the shoot, such as sports equipment if you are a team player or fan, musical instruments, or hobby items. You can even bring a favorite portable piece of furniture, such as a lightweight chair or stool. Usually, you can even bring your pet to appear in some of the shots with you.
  • Bring someone with you: Most photographers welcome you to bring a friend if that person can help make you relax and take a natural picture.
    That person can also help with clothing changes and “double-check” you while you’re being photographed to make sure your clothing hasn’t taken a turn for the worse or that your hair hasn’t come all undone.

Cute Senior Picture Ideas

Let’s start with some classic cute senior teenage girl photoshoot ideas. These poses, locations, and outfits will give you a good idea of where to start when planning your session.

1. Casual in a Field – Sitting

2. Posing in the Middle of a Gravel Road

3. Sitting on a Staircase

4. Leaning on a Fence

Cute Senior Picture Ideas

5. Looking Back While Walking in a Downtown Area

6. Photo Session at Cool Diner

7. Styled in a Flower Nursery

8. Photos at a Local Creek or Lake

Funny Senior Picture Ideas

Show off your humor, interests, and passions with a few funny and unique photos. These are such a fun way to express who you are as an individual.

9. Riding a Fun Ride

10. Senior Cheerleader Poses

11. Blowing Confetti Out of Hands

12. A Messy Artist Inspired Photo

Funny Senior Picture Ideas

13. Hanging from a Jungle Gym

14. Playing on a Swing

15. In Graduation Cap and Gown Throwing Confetti

Fall Senior Photo Ideas

Fall is such a popular time for senior photos. Here are a few of our favorite fall teenage girl photoshoot ideas.

16. Posing on a Rock with Fall Foliage Behind

17. Fall Leaves on Road

18. Holding a Fall Leaf Up to Face

Fall Senior Photo Ideas

19. Throwing Leaves Up in the Air

20. Laying in a Bed of Leaves

21. Fall Leaves in a Field

Classy Photoshoot Ideas

Looking for a classy, sophisticated, and put-together look for your teen girl? These ideas are great for portfolios, college admissions, senior photos, headshots, or just to frame for your home.

22. Twirling in a Dress in a Field

23. Beauty Headshot

Classy Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas

24. Bright  Senior Photos in Field

25. Dressed Up Downtown

26. Gown in City Street

Photoshoot Ideas for Teenage Friends

If you have a teen or pre-teen daughter,  you’ve probably realized her life revolves around two things – her friends and her phone.  And, one of her favorite activities might be to take pictures with her friends to post on social media with her phone!

With a teen daughter myself, I have noticed that those two things go hand in hand. I cannot count the number of times I have been asked to snap a shot of her and her BFFs together. They love to celebrate their friendship with the perfect pic for the gram. Power to them! So here are a few of our favorite ideas, poses, and shots of friend group photos.

27. Playful Pose on Rooftop

28. Together with Colorful Wall Backdrop

29. More Serious Photo on Stairs

Photoshoot Ideas for Teenage Friends

30. Holding Hands and Walking

31. Cool at Subway Stop

32. Piggy Back Photograph

Poses for Teen Girls

Finding the right pose for any photo session can be a struggle. You want to look natural, confident, and of course, get flattering and good shots. Here are just a few of our go-to poses for photos that have proved time and time again to produce great results.

Of course, the key to any great photo is confidence, and when you feel confident and comfortable you are sure to have a beautiful photo at the end.

33. Crouching Down and Playing with Hair

34. Casually Kicking Up Feet

35. Leaning on a Fence

Poses for Teen Girls

36. Walking and Playing with Hair

37. Standing and Looking Away from Camera

38. Sitting on a Staircase – Leaning Over

39. Hand in Pocket Leaning Against a Wall

More Great Ideas for You and Your Teen

If you liked these cute teenage girl photoshoot ideas and tips for senior photo sessions, then check out a few more posts about living with teens.

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  • Teen Volunteer Programs – If you have a senior or upcoming senior, thinking about volunteer programs is so important to consider. Volunteering also benefits your teen by building their self-confidence and imparting empathy. Additionally, many college applications ask teens to list their service projects. If you’re not sure where to find volunteer work for your teen, consider these options which usually offer something in every local community.
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Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas