Inside: Cute Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas (+ Senior Session Tips)


The majority of our teen females enjoy being in the spotlight. In today’s age of Instagram and selfies, it’s no surprise that the trend has gained popularity. It seems like there is always a camera clicking around my teens, what with all the selfies, group pictures, and trendy shoots.

When my friends and I were teenagers, we rarely took serious photos, opting instead for make-up-heavy selfies in the mall mirror instead. Or making funny faces at each other, like some of my favorite photos from senior skip day.

Here are some of our favorite photoshoot ideas for teenage girls, whether you’re looking to capture candid moments between friends, or planning a senior shoot.

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Teenage Girl Senior Photoshoot Ideas

There is a lot that can be done to ensure that your senior pictures turn out great. Main categories include settings, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, hairstyles, and poses.

Some of our favorite suggestions for senior photoshoots for girls of that age are presented below.

Tips for Senior Photos

  • Bring various outfits: Grab several outfits so you can have a few wardrobe changes along the way. The outfits should include various looks that match your personality.
  • Clothes should be basic:Do not wear anything that has writing, plaids, or photos on it (with the possible exception of your school’s logo). Rather than the words on your shirt, you want people to focus on your eyes, appearance, and facial features.
  • Don’t wear too much jewelry:Don’t stand out by accessorizing with flashy jewelry. Once again, the jewelry should not steal the show from your beautiful face, eyes, and personality. Another quick way to tell if a photo has become dated is by looking at the jewelry worn by the subjects. The best jewelry is timeless classics.
  • Don’t go for exaggerated makeup:Even though you might feel tempted to put on your best glam for your senior portrait, doing so may result in you looking like a total stranger.
  • Don’t forget the crops:The majority of photographers will encourage you to bring in personal props to the shoot. These props can range from instruments to pieces of sports gear if you are an athlete or fan. In most cases, you can even include your furry friend in the photos.
  • Bring someone with you: If you know of a friend who can help you feel more comfortable and take more candid photos, most photographers will encourage you to bring them along. Plus, a friend or family member can help you with wardrobe changes and make sure your hair is looking good!

Cute Senior Picture Ideas

Traditional senior photo ideas for teenage girls are where we should begin. You can use these examples of poses, backdrops, and outfits as a jumping off point for your own photo shoot.

1. In a Field – Sitting

2. Middle of a Gravel Road

3. Staircase Pose

4. With a Fence

Cute Senior Picture Ideas

5. Walking in a Downtown Area

6. Cool Diner Photo

7. Styled with Flowers

8. Creek or Lake

Funny Senior Picture Ideas

Use a few humorous and distinctive images to demonstrate your sense of humor, interests, and passions. These are a great way to have some fun while also expressing your unique personality.

9. At an amusement park

10. Cheerleader Poses

11. Blowing on Confetti

12. A Messy Art Photo

Funny Senior Picture Ideas

13. Jungle Gym

14. Swinging in the air

15. Graduation Cap and Gown

Fall Senior Photo Ideas

For seniors, the autumn season is ideal for portraits. Some of our favorite concepts for teen girl photo shoots this autumn are listed below.

16. Fall Foliage Behind You

17. Road with fall trees

18. Holding a leaf

Fall Senior Photo Ideas

19. Throwing Leaves

20. Laying on a bunch of leaves

21. In a Field with leaves

Classy Photoshoot Ideas

Want to give your teen girl an air of sophistication and elegance? The following are some ideas for photographs that would look great in a portfolio, on a college application, as a senior portrait, a business headshot, or simply framed in a home.

22. Turning in a Field

23. Headshot

Classy Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas

24. Senior Photos in Field

25. Dressed Up

26. Gown in the Street

Photoshoot Ideas for Teenage Friends

27. Playful Pose

28. Colorful Wall Backdrop

29. Serious Photo

Photoshoot Ideas for Teenage Friends

30. Holding Hands while Walking

31. Subway Stop

32. Cute Piggy Back Photograph

Poses for Teen Girls

33. Crouching Down

34. Kicking Up Feet

35. Leaning on a Fence

Poses for Teen Girls

36. Playing with Hair

37. Looking Away from Camera

38. Sitting on a Staircase

39. Hand in Pocket

More Great Ideas for You and Your Teen

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Teenage Girl Photoshoot Ideas