Inside: The best dress up game for teenage girls with ideas for teens that are as grown up as they are.

For some reason, people seem to have it in their heads that Dress Up is only a kid’s game. Well, they are so wrong! Dress up can honestly be fun for all ages, but especially for teens.

Teen hood is that beautiful, confusing in-between time when you are figuring your style out. Sometimes, clothes can end up feeling like such a serious thing. Something that becomes a part of your identity. This makes sense seeing as clothes are one of the best ways to express yourself without saying a word.

Best Dress Up Games

But when you are a teen and you’re surrounded by people, it can be hard to express who you are, and instead, conform to whatever is popular.

This is where dress-up comes in. This game gives our teens the space to safely experiment with fashion in a fun way.

You can make a party of it, invite all of their friends over and have them all go nuts trying out new styles. It’s a great way to get them out of their heads in terms of clothes. When choosing a Dress Up Game, You can think about the girls who will be playing. Do they want a theme? Or should it just be a classic game of dress-up with no limitations?

Do Teens Still Play Dress Up? Things to Consider

When throwing your own dress up party, you need to think about:

  • Who will be playing the games
  • What themes they will enjoy most
  • What your price range is

Lucky for you, down below is a good list of different kinds of dress-up games for your teens to play. So take a look and see which ones would fit your teen and her friend group the best.

Dress Up Games for Teens

1. Thrift Store Challenge – This is one of the bests, so I decided it should b the top of the list! So for this game, you and your group of friends get together at the nearest thrift store. You decide on a budget, whether that is 10$ or 20$(depending on your price range) and each person has that much money to spend on picking out someone else outfit. It can be as funny or as cute as you want. You can even have themes! Such as Opposite Day, where you pick out clothes that are the opposite of the aesthetic that the person normally falls under. It’s hilarious.

2. Classic Dress Up – This one is obvious but must be included. Classic dress-up! With this one, your teens will get to channel their inner children and let them loose. You can have all of their friends bring their best staple pieces they own, including dresses, suits, anything a little fancier than they normally wear, put on some tunes, and voila! A night spent laughing and feeling beautiful

3. Ball Gown Dress Up – In today’s day, there are simply not enough occasions that require us to get all sorts of dressed up. Many people will only know what it’s like to have a gown on during their wedding day…that is unacceptable! Everyone deserves to get dressed up, and sometimes you don’t need to have an occasion to do so.

Make the occasion yourself! So have everyone get together and get all gussied up as they live in Victorian London. If you want to save some money, thrift stores often have an awesome selection of adorable gowns for a fraction of the price you’d pay for it retail.

Dress up games for teenage girls to play

4. Dress Up As Your Favorite Character – Have everyone choose their own character to dress up as, preferably their all-time favorite one. This could be from movies, tv shows, books, etc. Just have everyone pick their favorite and get dressed up like them.

This is a fun one for those of you who like to cosplay. The winner gets a prize. See who resembles their character the most!

5. Back in Time – Have everyone pick a time period to dress up as. This one can be especially fun for the parents who will be around. You get to see your childhood style get revamped and brought back to life. Really makes you a question…what in the heck did we think we were doing with those leg warmers! Some of the best time periods to dress in were the 60s, 70s, and 80s!

So have everyone pick one and have at it. Bonus points if you use the lingo of that time period too.

6. Greek Themed Game –  Have everyone come dressed in classic Greek Garb. Things like Togas, head wreaths, and sandals would be perfect for this time period. Take it up a notch by eating greek food. This can be such a fun way to get out of the norm and have some great laughs.

7. Best Selves Dress Up Party – As teens, I’m sure there have been styles that you wish you could wear but were too scared that you wouldn’t pull them off. Maybe you thought people would make fun of you, or that it was such a different style than you wore that people would have to make a comment about it. I am here to say, who cares!

Have a Best Selves dress-up party, dress as whatever your heart desires, regardless of any limiting beliefs. Just put on whatever makes you feel your absolute best.

This is guaranteed to make a night of confidence and freedom, You got this!

Fashion Games for teens

Fashion Games for Teenage Girls

Actually buying clothes for these games can end up being quite expensive, so to get a similar feel without breaking the bank, how about trying your hand at these fun virtual fashion games.

This way, you can still practice your fashion skills but don’t have to worry about the expense of it. These games are so fun, your teens will love them.

8. Fashion Designs for Teens

9. Girly Fashion Dress Up

10. Beach Party Fashion

11. Fashion Week

12. BFF Fashion Squad

13. Highschool Dress Up

14. College Student Dress Up

Makeover games for teens

Makeover Games for Teenagers

This last list is full of Makeover Games that are perfect for teenagers. There is just something so satisfying about these games that children, teens, and even adults alike can’t seem to resist. Take a look!

15. Ultimate Teen Makeover

16. Project Makeover

17. Makeover IRL

18. Makeover Master

19. Project Makeup

20. Makeup Salon

21. Makeover Story

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