Inside: Most popular prom themes that you can choose from for a magical night.

Prom is one of the most magical nights in a High Schooler’s life. They get to dress up in their fanciest gowns and tuxedos and spend the night dancing to music that makes them feel like they are in a movie.

What’s more, is the THEME.

Every prom has a theme, and that theme will help set the vibe for the entire night. Some themes are romantic; others are whimsical. If you are on the planning committee, you have the unique responsibility of coming up with the theme for the prom.

Most popular prom themes in the world. Roaring 20s Sign.

There are many to pick from, but I wanted to help you out by making a list of the most popular prom themes and giving you examples and inspiration for each one. So take a look at the list below to see which one you will be experiencing this year!

Most Popular Prom Themes: Enchanted Forest

First up, we have one of my all-time favorites; the enchanted forest prom theme. This theme is whimsical and magical; you really will have the night of your life if you pick this to be your theme.

Take a look at all the different ideas that you can include at your enchanted forest prom!

1.  Photo Backdrop Idea – A photo backdrop is an absolute essential if you ask me. You are going to be taking a million photos, and there will be a photographer present. Of course there needs to be a back drop.

2. Magical Mirror Wall

3. Cute Snack Table Idea

4. Adorable Photo Opt Idea

5. Cute Welcome Sign – A welcome sign is one of those little touches that is often overlooked. But I think these little touches come together to create a wonderful night, so don’t miss out on them.

6. String Light Entryway Idea

7. Light Blue Waterfall Idea – How cute is this little waterfall? I can’t get over it.

8. Soft Photo Idea

9. Magical Enchanted Forest

10. White Lantern Idea

Masquerade Prom Theme. Photo of table full of masks

Masquerade Prom Theme

Next up, I have a mysterious idea that I know everyone will love. It’s a masquerade prom theme! Everyone has seen Hilary Duff’s Cinderella movie. They include a Masquerade prom that literally knocked my socks off as a teen. You HAVE to recreate that if you have the chance!

11.  Epic Entryway Idea – The entryway is the first thing that people are going to experience when they are getting to the prom, you need to make sure it looks good.

12. Cute Red Carpet Idea 

13. Mask Decoration Idea

14. Mask Table Idea – This is a cute idea. If anyone doesn’t have a mask or if they loose theirs, they will be able to come to this table and get a new one.

15. Mask Food Table Idea

16. Great Gatsby Idea

17. Adorable Couch Idea – If people want to chill out, or take cute photos sitting down, this couch is an adorable idea. Take a look.

18. White and Black Masquerade

19. Phantom of the Opera – Phantom of the Opera is one of those well known masquerades that you just have to include.

20. Perfect Background Idea

Most Popular Prom Themes: Hollywood Prom Theme

Sometimes, you just have to spend a little time in Hollywood. This prom theme will make you see what I mean. There are so many good ideas on this list below. Each is unique in its own way. Wait, so instead of prom king and queen, do we just hand out Oscars or what?

21. Red Carpet Hall of Fame

22. Oscars Table Center

23. Hollywood Enterance Idea

24. Red Carpet Candy Bar

25. Star Walk Idea – I love this idea because it is basically saying that the students are the stars, and that is the whole point of the night.

26. Balloon Tape Deck Idea

27. Beautiful Center Piece

28. Gold Frey Photo Wall

29. Now Showing: A Night To Remember

30. And The Oscar Goes To

Starry night prom theme. Prom. 3 different examples of ideas.

Starry Night Prom Theme

I think this is one of the more beautiful prom themes. It’s full of so many twinkling lights, it will make you fall in love and never want to leave! I think this is a real winner. Okay, what am I saying…they are ALL real winners. This is rough!

31. Beautiful Compilation of Starry Night Prom

32. Long Hanging Light Strings

33. Shooting Star Idea – I think this is a super cute idea that would make your prom feel complete. What do you think? I am obsessed!

34. Under The Stars

35. Blue and Gold Themed Room

36. Cool Table Ideas

37. Moon Projector Idea

38. Twinkle Light Tunnel – A light tunnel…are you serious? How cute is this!

39. Cute Moon Background

40. Fancy Table Set Up

Arabian Nights Prom Theme

Here I have a classic prom theme that I just couldn’t leave out. Though this isn’t my FAVORITE idea, it’s still very magical and cute. There are lots of colors, and you just can’t beat the gold accents. This will be a fun night, for sure.

41. Cute Entryway Idea

42. Bright Food Table Idea

43. Purple Idea with Lamps

44. Colorful Arabian Nights Theme

45. Tent Ideas for Prom – I love this tent idea.

46. Arabian Balloon Arch Idea

47. Epic Entryway Idea

48. Cute Snacks Table Idea

49. Floor Pillow Ideas

50. Gold Fabric Idea

Fire and Ice Prom Theme

Alright, I am finishing up this list with a fire and ice prom that you will absolutely love. This is a super popular theme that has been around for decades. There are many different ways to achieve this look, but the ideas below are a great place to start.

51. Fire and Ice Theme Hall – You just have to check out this awesome themed hall. They really went all out. This is a wonderful example of what good planning looks like.

52. Fire and Ice Table Set Up

53. Mood Lighting Idea

54. Cute Lit Entryway – I have said it before and I will gladly say it again, having a cute entryway is the key to an all around great experience. What do you think?

55. Red Fire Table Idea

56. Unique Colorful Decor

57. Red and Blue Ceiling Decor

58. Classy Table Set Up

59. Blue and Orange Curtains – These curtains give you the opportunity to transform a space with very little effort. Plus they would be really simple to DIY, so you could save money as well.

60. Fire and Ice Dresses

61. Cool Balloon Arch

most popular prom themes

It’s going to be super hard to choose, so I don’t envy you. But I am jealous that you get to experience your prom for the first time this year.

I hope that it is as magical as mine was. I have been out of High School for years now, and I still think about it! The prom theme was Starry Night for me so that one has a special place in my heart.

If you need some help choosing more prom ideas, why don’t you check out some of my other prom ideas that I know will blow you out of the water? Seriously!

I love planning things; I just wish I could have been on the committee when my prom was being planned. But hey, I am making up for it now.