Inside: The best winter formal themes that will give you instant nostalgia.

Winter formal season is upon us, and that means that you are most likely planning on what theme to go with. This is no small decision, and there are a million different ways you can go with it. But stick with me, and we will figure this out.

I have created a list of some of the best winter formal themes for cold weather dances that range from classic to out-of-the-box. There is bound to be something here that will be perfect for your school.

When looking through these, make notes on the ones that you might want to consider, and then at the very end, you can sit down with the rest of your planning crew and make the decision.

Magical Winter formal themes for 2022

Winter formal is the opportunity to make some memories with your peers outside of the classroom, and these ideas will make those memories magical. What are you waiting for?

Classic Winter Formals Ideas

I thought starting out simply with the classics would be the best way to go. Sometimes a simpler dance leaves more room(and budget) for other things, like better food or perhaps a better DJ. Though more complex themes are super fun, so can the simpler themes if they are done properly. Take a look!

1. Classic Dance – Get some party streamers, some snacks, and some good music. You are all set!

2. A Night in the Stars – For this, you simply need to have LOTS of string lights; they should be your only source of light. It’ll look like you are amongst the stars.

3.  90’s Dance – The 90s are back, baby! You can never go wrong with this theme.

4. Space Theme – This one is similar to number 2, but instead, you will add lots of planets and other space-themed things.

5. New York Lights – You can serve deep-dish pizza and put up fake buildings to complete this look

6. Blizzard Ball – This is about as classic as you can get. You make everything white and snowy and serve hot cocoa and other cold weather things.

7. Under the Sea – I am sorry, I know this is basic, but you can never beat a classic!

8. Mardi Gras – This one will require lots of colors and a complimentary bead necklace for everyone coming in!

9. Black and White Themed – Have all your attendees wear black or white, or both. It’ll look like an old newspaper in there.

10. James Bond – Everyone has wanted to be a spy at some point in their life; give the kids their chance now.

11. Neon Themed – For this, you will need lots of black lights and glow bracelets…other than that, it is pretty simple.

12. Disney Princess and Prince Themed – For this, you can decorate to make the room feel like it’s straight out of a Disney film and have everyone come dressed up as a real-life prince and princess.

Unique Winter Themed Ideas

Unique Winter Themed Ideas

Well, I couldn’t make this list without including some winter-themed ideas. But these aren’t just any winter-themed ideas; they have some more thought to them. These are some Unique winter theme ideas because staying on theme with the season is fun, but the same old themes get old.

13. Arendelle Themed – Yes, a Frozen-themed party may seem a bit childish but it has been a smash hit. The students can dress in classical-looking dresses like they are from Arendelle. It’s like taking a childish thing and maturing it into teens.

14. Let it Snow! – You will need real fake snow…and a whole lot of it.

15. Christmas in Hawaii – Make this a Christmas-themed luau dance. You can play the Hawaiian Christmas song and everything!

16. Northern Lights – You can get these awesome northern light projectors, and you can put them all over the ceiling with snow on the ground.

17. Alice in Winter Wonderland – This is a fun combination of two of the most fun dance themes. You can make it a winter wonderland but even cooler.

18. Love Actually – Everyone loves the classic Christmas movie love actually. It’s one of the best! So make your dance to this theme. And you have to play “God Only Knows” at the end.

19. A Charlie Brown Christmas Dance – Another classic, but you will never go wrong with this one. You can have a dying little Christmas tree and live piano!

20. Candyland – Get some big candy canes, some gum drops, and your own gingerbread house for photos!

21. North Pole – You can make the North Pole look classy. With lots of red and white, and maybe some snow lights.

22. Winter in Paris – This is a classy one that the teens will love. You have to have twinkle lights and a big Eiffel Tower. Wee Wee!

23. Narnia Themed – Narnia has one of the most iconic winter sets, and it would be perfect for this dance.

24. Snowball Fight – For this one, you have to have a bunch of snowballs lying around and make the whole place feel like Christmas.

Magical Winter Formal Themes

Magical Winter Formal Themes

This last list is full of some of the most magical winter formal themes that you will ever find. These will leave the students with that nostalgic feeling for the rest of their lives when they look back on this night. These ideas range from on the nose to off the cuff, so take a look and see which ones might be the best fit for your school.

25. Harry Potter’s Yule Ball – Harry Potter’s Yule Ball is one of the best themes that you can go with. You can get hanging fake candles and lots of brilliant lights. This is perfect.

26. Bridgerton Themed – Though the Bridgerton show is pretty PG 13, chances are your students have seen it. And the best thing about it are rated E for Everyone! Take this historical upper-class London style for your ball.

27. Winter Garden – Have lots of plants and fake snow. This one is a very sweet idea.

28. Future Themed – Add lots of shiny elements and you are set.

29. Fairyland – Add lots of green and cute mushrooms. This will be a hit.

30. A Grecian Christmas – You can use lots of greek busts and head crowns to bring this one to life.

31. Studio Ghibli Themed – This is my favorite on the list. Studio Ghibli movies are known for their comforting feel.

32. Christmas in Disneyland – This one is based on one of the ideas above, but bumped up a notch. Nothing is more magical than Disney during Christmas!

33. Polar Express Theme – This movie is the epitome of nostalgia and magic.

Winter Formal Themes

Out of all of these ideas, which were your favorite? I hope you found a few that you love! That way you can get together with the planning committee and take a vote to see which one the group chooses. I know it can be daunting with all of these amazing choices (subtle flex, I know). But any of these will be awesome.

After the theme is chosen there are still so many other things that are on your to-do list. Like choosing a date, getting your proposal ready…and so much more.

Remember amidst this chaos that these are some of the best years of your life. This is your High School Experience, so put the phone down and be in the moment at least a few times a day during this process. I can tell you from experience that this is the best way to make memories!