Inside: Adorable birthday outfits for teens parties that are picture perfect.

A teen’s birthday party consists of many things, but photo taking is key. You have many things to figure out before the big day; what to wear? How to do your hair? The list goes on.

There will be so many photos immortalizing the party, so naturally, if it’s your birthday, you will want to look and feel your absolute best.

There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable when you are taking photos.

Cute Birthday Outfits for Teens Parties

So to help you figure out what to wear, I have created a list of over 50 of the cutest birthday outfit ideas. I arranged them in categories of birthdays to make it simpler. Getting ideas for outfits can be so much fun; it’s a part of the partying process.

Are you thinking of something more casual, or are you going to look at dresses? Scroll to your birthday and find out!

Birthday Outfits for 13-Year-Old Teenage Girl

Your 13th birthday is a big one; you’re officially a teen! So you have to dress the part, of course. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident. I have included a range of outfits here that range from casual to dressy, so look through and see which one fits your style and aesthetic.

1. Chic Summer Outfit – This colorful shorts/crop top combo would be perfect for all of you with summer birthdays out there. Bonus points if you match your jewelry to your color scheme.

2. Classic Hoodie Outfit – You can never go wrong with a cute hoodie. But make sure you add some accent jewelry. This makes the whole thing feel much more put together and party-ready.

3. Casual Flannel Outfit

4. Big T-Shirt with Flair Jeans

5. Light Pink Crew Neck – This outfit is a little lighter, so if you like pastels, this is the one for you!

6. Jean Shorts with Long Sleeve

7. White Floral Dress – You can never go wrong with a floral dress. They are perfect for any party, but especially your 13th birthday!

8. Cute Romper Outfit – Rompers are one of the best ways to have an outfit look put together without trying!

9. Blue Tank Top with Shorts – Sometimes, the simplest outfits are the cutest. Take a look at this one; you’ll see what I mean.

Cute Birthday Outfit Ideas Turning 14

Cute Outfits for Your 14th Birthday

What kind of outfit you pick depends on the kind of party that you are throwing. If it’s summertime, you may want a good pair of shorts, but if your birthday lands in the winter, a cute sweater may be more appropriate. Don’t worry; I have included different outfits for any time of year.

So you have plenty of options. Also, remember that you can always get inspiration from these and make it your own.

10. Layered Long Sleeve – This is one of my favorite new styles. Well…it’s not quite new, so much as revamped, but you get the point. This casual outfit looks so put together that you can’t go wrong with it.

11. Crew Neck Collared Shirt Combo – If sweatshirts are more your style, but you want to look a little fancier, consider adding a white collar under a crew neck. It’s too cute!

12. Sweater Outfits – For a wintery look, then consider wearing a cute sweater. They are adorable, comfy, and cozy, and you’ll look extra nice without trying too hard.

13. Cute Skirt Outfit

14. Jean Jacket with Black Jeans

15. Cute Striped Romper – I am such an advocate for rompers. They make an outfit just feel so put together. Plus, you get the added comfort of having it be shorts instead of a skirt.

16. Cute White Overalls

17. Button-Up Cropped Sweater

Birthday Outfits 15 Year Old

Being 15 is such an exciting time that is often overlooked. The looming 16th birthday typically overshadows the 15th, but it shouldn’t. 15 is when you start to step into your independence and figure out who you are. It’s the beginning of everything! So check out these outfits if you are turning 15.

18. Black Pants Outfit

19. Corduroy Dress – I love this style of dress. It’s like overalls; a corduroy jacket had a baby, and the baby is adorable. Check it out!

20. Cute Black and White Skirt – If you like the look of a cute short skirt but aren’t super comfortable, I recommend adding an oversized overcoat. It will add some style and some cute texture to the fit.

21. Mom Jeans with Cardigan – I think that mom jeans are the way to go in terms of pants when choosing an outfit.

22. Cable Knit Sweater 

23. Casual Outfit Ideas

24. T-Shirt with Overall Shorts

25. Soft Plaid Purple Overcoat – I love the look of this overcoat. It’s formal but casual at the same time!

26. Shorts with Fancy Crew Neck

27. Light Green Cropped Sweater – This is probably one of my favorite outfits. You need to take a look at this soft green sweater combo.

28. Cute Oversized Sweatshirt

29. Casual Flannel Outfit

birthday outfits for teens

Outfits for Your Sweet 16

From here on, I think these outfits will speak for themselves. Your sweet 16 is probably something you’ve looked forward to since you were young. It’s officially here, and there is much to do; picking an outfit is of the utmost importance. So take a look through these birthday outfits for teens.

30. Little White Dress

31. Blue Halter Top Dress

32. Cute Sherpa Jacket Outfit

33. Overall Outfit

34. Summer Dress

35. Cropped Crew Sweaters

36. Casual Jeans with Sweaters

37. Striped Dress with Jean Jacket

38. Turtle Neck with Jewelry

39. Sweet Mini Dress

40. Jean Skirt Converse Outfit

41. Silk Tank Top with Jeans

Birthday outfit ideas for 17 year olds

Birthday Outfits for Teens: 17th

Turning 17 is a more casual and low-key birthday. It’s the resting period between the sweet 16 and turning the big 1 8. And thank goodness for that, because after those two huge birthdays, you would NEED a good solid year or two to recover.

So most of these are casual outfits except a few. Check these out and choose whichever style you suit most.

42. Ruffle Top with Jeans

43. Casual Outfit Idea

44. Cute Halter Top

45. Colorful Turtle Neck with Skirt

46. Simple Overall Shorts

47. Big Green Sweater with Striped Slacks

48. Jeans with Cute Boots

49. Simple Shorts Outfit

50. Cute and Comfy Outfit

Best Outfits for Your 18th

This last list needs no explanation; you’ll have to look through them yourself. I included a good range of styles since you never know what an 18th birthday will look like. I think that this big birthday deserves a big adorable outfit. You are officially an adult, you are going through big shifts, big changes, and you deserve to look your absolute best.

So look through these and make that happen.

51. Off the Shoulder Shirt

52. Sweet Picnic Dress

53. Maxi Skirt

54. Casual 18th Outfit

55. Sleek Maxi Skirt Outfit

56. Fall Outfit

57. Sweet Floral Dress

58. 2 Piece Dress Outfit

And there you go, over 50 of the cutest birthday outfits for teens. I hope you found something on this list that made your outfit-finding process a little more fun and less stressful.

There are so many other awesome outfit ideas that you can go through if you haven’t yet found one of your dreams. Because at the end of the day, it is your birthday, and you deserve to feel as confident as you can.