Inside: 50 Self Care Ideas for Teens To Combat Stress.

Self-care refers to the deliberate activities we do in order to meet our physical, emotional and mental health needs. When we hear about self-care, it’s usually in reference to adults. However, let’s face it, teens are under a tremendous amount of pressure.

They can also benefit from practicing regular self-care!

Many teenagers are drowning in school assignments and extracurricular activities. They are preoccupied with getting good grades and joining enough clubs and teams to stand out when it comes time to submit college applications.

Self Care Ideas for Teen Girls 50 Ideas

Teens are also trying to figure out who they are. They are trying to sort out who their friends are and where they fall on the social hierarchy.  Many are also struggling to separate from their parents in order to gain more independence.

We put together a list of fun and relaxing self-care activities for teens.

Self Care Activities For Teens To Combat Stress

Self Care Ideas for Teens

1. Get some sleep

Easier said than done, but sleep deprivation is detrimental to a person’s thinking, and their physical and emotional state. Most young people need eight to nine hours of restful sleep to function at their best. It’s not easy fitting this into a schedule filled with academic, social, and recreational activities, but it sure has a big payoff. Try to have as regular a sleep schedule as possible, and you’ll generally find that your “biological clock” will remember when to fall asleep and wake up.

2. Take a shower

3. Talk to a friend

4. Watch a movie

5. Read a book

6.Go for a walk

7. Ride your bike

8. Play with your pet

9. Stretch your muscles

10. Do yoga

Yoga and other types of Eastern methods of activity involve stretching, improving flexibility, connecting mind and body – all of which are helpful for stress reduction and wellness, and have been used extensively for thousands of years. The best way to learn Yoga is through a studio, but you can also do so from videos online.

Self Care Plan For Teens

11. Meditate or pray

12. Go for a walk with a friend

13. Go to the mall

14. Get a haircut

15. Take a nap

16. Go for a jog

17. Write in a journal

18. Invite a friend to your house

19. Go for a swim

Self Care Activities + Ideas for Teens

20. Go for a hike

Many studies have proven the beneficial effects of exercise on mental health and one’s outlook on life. Physical activity induces the release of endorphin (a powerful chemical in your brain) which energizes your spirit, making you feel happy.

21. Play a board game

22. Cook for your parent

23. Go to the library

24. Learn a new language

25. Sing your favorite song

26. Learn to play an instrument

27. Make a funny video

28. Write a song

29. Make a bucket list

30. Write a letter to your future self

I personally tried this several times in my life and wow, it is so amazing. It’s wild to read a letter of your past self’s thoughts and ideas. To see how much you can grow and layout your dreams and expectations. I think this is a GREAT idea for teens, it makes them sit and think of the life they want to be proud of.

Self Care Activities for Teen Girls

31. Plant a garden

32. Make a scrapbook

33. Give yourself a manicure

34. Visit a museum

35. Play videogames

36. Eat your favorite dessert

37. Take photos

38. Do a puzzle

39. Go outside and watch the clouds

40. Go to the bookstore

We have a few favorite “self-help” books that are great for teaching self-care tips for teens.

Best Self Care Books For Teenagers

41. make a playlist of your favorite songs

42. Do a fun craft

43. Watch your favorite movie

44. Volunteer in your community

45. Color in a coloring book

46. Go stargazing

47. Make jewelry

48. Fly a kite

49. Walk barefoot in the grass

50. Write a gratitude journal

Gratitude journaling is the habit of recording and reflecting on things (typically three) that you are grateful for on a regular basis. In essence, you are rewiring your brain to focus more on the positive aspects of your life and build up resilience against negative situations. Keeping a gratitude journal is a popular practice in positive psychology – the scientific study of happiness. It’s commonly also referred to as “counting your blessings” or “three good things.”

Self Care Ideas For Teens

More Fun Ideas for Teens

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