Inside: Top popular apps for teens and why they use them.

Let’s face it, these days, we cannot really separate our teens from their phones. This doesn’t have to be a terrible thing; phones can be very useful and insightful!

But it is very important for parents to know what their teens are doing on their phones. So I rounded up this master list of the most popular apps for teens and what they are used for. So take a look at these ideas to get a better understanding of your teen’s world.

Most popular apps for teens & their uses. Photo of phones and notifications.

Most Popular Apps for Teens

For this first list, I wanted to show you the most popular apps for teens that are on the market right now. You may notice that I explain the top three with the most detail, that is because these are the top 3 apps that are used, and the ones that I have the most experience with myself.

1. TikTok – Yep, I put TikTok first because it is the most popular app in the world right now, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

TikTok is a short video streaming service where users can create and share their videos that last anywhere from a few seconds to 3 minutes. Teens use this app to keep up with trends and their friends and as a way to alleviate boredom. This app is brilliant and curates your FYP(for you page) based on your interests.

From experience, I will say that this app can be lots of fun and a good way to find an online community. At the same time, you may want to talk to your teens about time management because once you are on this app, you won’t want to leave. It’s a little scary, but it’s the truth.

2. Instagram – Instagram is a social media platform that is similar to facebook but instead is mainly focussed on photos and videos. To make a post, you select a photo or video, and then add a caption. Your friends can like, comment and share what you have posted.

You can also create ‘stories’ on Instagram. A story is when you take a short video or photo and post it on your timeline, but it goes away after 24 hours. The idea behind this is that you are sharing a little part of your day with your friends.

3. Snapchat – Snapchat is a photo messaging platform where you can take photos and send them to friends, and it will alert you when they see it. Photos disappear automatically. This site also includes a story feature.

Teens use this to stay in touch with each other.

4. YouTube – Youtube is a video streaming service where people can go to watch videos for entertainment or for information. I love this platform.

5. VSCO – This is a photo editing app that is known for producing the most aesthetic images.

6. Spotify – Spotify is a music streaming app where teens can download music and curate their own playlists.

7. Pinterest – Pinterest is an awesome site that teens and everyone alike use to share ideas and get creative inspiration.

8. Twitter – Twitter is a social media site that focuses on short statements. You can make a tweet that has to be under a certain amount of characters. Many teens use this to stay up to date on what’s going on in the world.

9. Reddit – Reddit is a network of different communities that focus on their own special interests. Teens can use Reddit to find a community of people with similar likes and hobbies as them.

Top Apps for 13 year old. Photo of 13 year old on phone.

Top Apps for 13 Year Olds

If you have a 13 year old, you may have already heard of these. But it’s important to stay up to date on what these apps are, so let’s get into it!

10. Roblox – Roblox is a fun gaming app were kids and tweens can create their own characters and interact with other players. There are many functions for this game.

11. Minecraft – Minecraft is an awesome game that teens can use to build an entire world of their own. It’s very calming and lots of fun.

12. Fortnite – Fortnite is a viral game that is basically like a battle royal. Players get to battle each other!

13. Subway Surfer – This is a fun game that makes you use your reflexes. You have to make sure you jump over the oncoming trains as you try and get as many coins as possible.

14. Garage Band – Garage Band lets you create your own beats with online instruments. You can literally make your own song with this app; 13-year-olds love it.

15. Sketchpad Pro – Sketchpad pro is used to create different kinds of digital sketches.

16. Procreate – Procreate is another sketching app, but this one has many more features than the one above.

17. Fashion Pro – If your 13-year-old likes fashion, then they have no doubt played fashion pro. It’s a virtual fashion game where you pick out outfits.

18. Flo – Flo is a brain puzzle brain that kids of any age enjoy, but especially 13-year-olds. I still play flo; it’s great!

Educational apps teens love. Photo of teen focussing on phone.

Educational Apps Teens Love

If you want to know what some of the most popular apps for teens are that have educational uses, this is the list for you. Take a look at these, and if you are interested, you can have your teen find them in the app store.

19. Duolingo – Duolingo is an app that teaches you how to speak another language. They have so many to pick from, and they have taught millions of people around the globe.

20. Khan Academy – Khan Academy is recommended by many teachers because it is a platform that walks you through things you learn in school. I used to use this to help me with my algebra homework.

21. Peak – Peak is a brain training app that helps you build your brain’s ability to problem solve.

22. Trivia Crack – This is a super fun game that teaches you pieces of trivia by testing how much you know. You can play against people.

23. Fantasy Hike – Fantasy hike is a newer app, but it is taking the teens by storm! It’s simple; your phone tracks your movements and how many steps you take per day. This information is uploaded to the app. This app tells you how far you are on a famous fantasy journey(Like the journey to mount fire in Lord of the Rings).

24. Words with Friends – Words with friends have been around for a very long time now, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Teens use this app to play word challenges with their friends.

25. Evernote – Evernote is the best note-taking app that you can use to help with homework, thoughts, or anything really. I love this one.

26. Robot Hackers – You get to learn the basics of coding while fighting against fake robots. A super fun way to learn!

popular apps for teens

So there you have it, the most popular apps for teens. I hope this has given you a glimpse into your teen’s digital world a little bit more.

I know that this can feel daunting and a little scary, but it’s nothing to fear. This is the way the world is headed, so by trying to keep your kids off the internet; you are really only succeeding in making their technology illiterate.

I understand, though. I think the best thing we can do now is to teach our teens proper balance. Screen time can be a big indicator of how well they are able to use their time management. There are some downsides to being online a lot, so take a look at these awesome self-care ideas for teens to help combat it.