Inside: Best Ideas for sports day spirit week to cheer on the home team.

Everyone has heard of spirit week. It’s the most fun five days out of the entire school year; I used to look forward to them more than summer vacation. Okay, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I meant.

Though you might know of spirit week, you may not grasp just how many different themes there are to work with. One year you may be doing the classics like twin day, pajama day, etc. Next, you could be doing an Adam Sandler Day and one of my personal favorites: Sports Day Spirit Week.

Sports Day Spirit Week Ideas to Boost Team Spirit

If you have yet to experience this one yet, you are in for a treat. Even if you don’t like sports that much, it’s still fun. In this article, I will be sharing some of the best Sports Day Spirit Week ideas that will help you boost your team spirit.

What Is Sports Day?

Great question; I would love to tell you. Sports Day is essentially a themed day where all the students come to school dressed up in their favorite athlete attire. You can get very creative with this, perhaps choosing a jersey or simply your actual sports uniform.

If you don’t like sports, this day can still be super fun. You can add some humor to your outfit. Perhaps you simply dress like a ball, or maybe a MATHlete instead of an athlete. Whatever you want, this day is about having fun. Most people will just dress up in their favorite team colors or shirts and call it good.

But you don’t have to stop there. You can paint your face, deck yourself out head to toe in gear, you name it. If you want to get creative but don’t know where to start, below I have some great sports day spirit week ideas for you to look at that will help lay the groundwork for your inspiration. Check it out!

Sports Day Spirit Week Ideas

This first list will give you a wonderful idea of what exactly sports day is and what you can wear to it. My hope with this list is that you walk away with your idea clean in your head. So take your time looking through these, and write down any ideas that you might like to include in your outfit.

1. Friend Group w Mixed Jersey – I wanted to start things off with an example of what the day is all about. This friend group isn’t matching, but they are repping their teams proudly.

2. Jersey with Matching Face Paint – Face paint may seem a little overboard, but it’s really not. Why not go all in? What other day do you have the excuse to wear face paint in school?

3. Jersey Outfit with Paint – You don’t have to stop at the face when it comes to body paint. Just sell it! Go all in! I don’t want to have to tell you this again.

4. Baseball Girls – You can do any sport you feel passionate about. This is football day or basketball day…it’s sports day!

5. Blue Jersey Idea – This blue jersey is actually super cute. Take a look to see if it’s your team or the school’s colors!

Sporty school outfit ideas. 3 different photos of groups of students dressed in sports outfits

6. Golfer People – Golf is a sport…I think. Just kidding, the golf community out there is going to be mad at me for that one. Golf is super cool.

7. Nerd Vs Jock – This is a fun one; if you have someone who isn’t a fan of sports, have them dress up as a nerd so they can be like your other half.

8. Basketball Uniform Idea – Just head to school in a full basketball uniform. This has got to be pretty comfortable, don’t you think?

9. Oversized Jersey Idea – Go for a jersey that is too big for you if you want a cozy look like this. You can also wear a sweatshirt under it as well if you live in a colder place.

10. Classic Face Paint Idea – This girl has warrior markings under her eye. Fun fact, people do this so that the sun does not shine as brightly into their eyes while they play. Who knew? Well, me I guess.

11. Green Jacket Idea – I think this is a great option for those of you who live in a colder climate. These girls are wearing shorts, but you can pair this warm jacket with pants. Letterman jackets are a classic sports reference!

12. Track Runners – Track is also a sport to consider. If you are on track, just come to school in your uniform. You’ll look super professional.

13. Cheerleaders – Cheerleaders are the backbone of sports. You cannot prove me wrong on this. They take care of everyone, keep morale up, and they do cool dances. I love them. If you are a cheerleader, wear your uniform to school!

14. Team Iowa – For those of you out there whose team is in Iowa, this is the idea for you. That is right; you don’t have to just rep your school; you can rep your personal team too!

15. White and Blue Jersey – Here, we have a super cute couple of friends who have matching world cup shirts. This would be a great thing to wear to sports day, along with any metals that you have. Now is the time to show them off, people!

Sports Day Spirit Week to Boost Team Spirit

For this last list, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas and details that will just put you over the top. It is such a good experience coming together with your entire school to be silly and goofy together…so why not go big?

Take a look and see if you like these ideas as much as I did. I am hoping you do, because they really spoke to me. I’ll let you make your own decisions about them.

Jersey Day. 3 different photos of groups of students dressed in sports outfits

16. Leg Paint Idea

17. Powder Puff Shirts

18. Green Jersey with Cheerleader

19. Maroon Jersey’s

20. Football Girls

21. Indiana Sweatshirt Ideas

22. Hockey Fans

23. Badgers Fans

24. Tennis Team Idea

25. Full Cheerleader Idea

26. Team Spirit

27. Funny Cheer Photo

28. Football Fans

29. Orange and Black Jersey

30. Classic Couple Idea

31. Football and Cheerleaders

Sports Day Spirit Week

So… are you ready for Sports Day? When I was in High School, I wasn’t very into sports, and I still had a blast on this day. There was such good energy in the air, and people were so excited; how could one not be happy?

If you found your outfit for this week, let’s go in for a virtual high five. This is so exciting! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your spirit week. Speaking of which, the fun doesn’t stop here. You need to check out some of my other spirits week-inspired articles if you are looking for more creative ideas to help you kill it every single day.

At this point, I am the self-proclaimed queen of spirit week, so you know you are in good hands. I have so many ideas, but I think this is the best place to start.