Inside: Adorable spring spirit week ideas for teens.

Spring spirit week is nearly upon us, so you may be on the (egg) hunt for some spring day ideas. Well, I have you covered!

When I was in High School, I looked forward to spirit week the way some people look forward to Christmas. I loved it!

Cutest Spring Spirit week ideas. Photo of teens jumping with easter bunny headbands on

So now I live vicariously through you by giving you cute ideas on what you can wear to participate! You may have heard of spirit week before, but SPRING spirit week may be new to you. So let’s discuss it!

What Is Spring Spirit Week?

Spring spirit week is the week before spring break. Some High Schools will participate in what they call Spring Spirit Week, where every day, there is a different spring theme.

For example, on easter bunny day, all the students have to come to school dressed as the easter bunny. On Flower Day, everyone must come to school dressed to the nines in flowers. And on Dress In Your Easter Best Day…you guessed it…you dress in your best!

Those are the three most popular themes of Spring spirit week, so I will go over those in the list below. Take a look below for Spring spirit week ideas!

Spring Spirit Week Ideas: Easter Bunny Day

First up, the most common spring spirit week day is Easter Bunny Day! For Easter Bunny Day, you have to come to school dressed as the easter bunny. The ideas below are ways that you can do that! As I said above, this themed spirit week is not as popular as others, so the ideas below are new!

1. Cute Easter Dress with Ears – You can obviously just put on the ears and call it good, but why not go that extra mile? These bunny ears are a wonderful combination for the pastel dress that just screams spring!

2. Simple Pink Bunny Ears – I love this look. She has the pink bunny ears on, but she has left the rest of her outfit normal. It’s adorable and absolutely perfect for Easter bunny day.

3. Unique Bunny Ear Muffs – If you want to get a little more unique, then I think you have to check out these ear muffs that have little bunny ears on the sides of them.

4. Crochet Bunny Beanie Idea – A bunny beanie? I don’t think it gets much cuter than this. You need to take a look at this crochet bunny beanie if you want something that is out of the box!

5. Floral Bunny Ears for Guys – Here is an example of some simple bunny ears for guys! That’s right guys, you need to participate in this day too. Life is too short of taking yourself too seriously.

6. Classic Pair of Ears Idea  – Here is a classic pair of bunny ears that you can probably find at your local Walmart for as low as $2. Especially if you are getting ready for spring week because that means spring is upon us!

7. Bunny Themed Hair Buns – If you want to save your money but still want to participate, then you need to make two little bunny ears with your hair! It’s simple and adorable.

8. Hilarious Bunny In Bun – If you want to get crafty with it, you can make a bunny INSIDE of your bun like this person did. How cute is this?

9. Long Bunny Ear Beanie – If you want a more lop-eared bunny look, then this beanie with super long ears is a wonderful idea for you. Take a look.

10. Hilarious Bunny Ear Braids – This one might take an entire bottle of hairspray to make happen, but it’s worth it. Check out this example where a person shaped their braids into ears!

Spring spirit week ideas: Flower day. Photo of flower crown.

Spring Spirit Week Ideas: Flower Day

Next up, another favorite theme for spring spirit week is flower day! Basically, on Flower Day you come to school with as many flower patterns as you can muster. You can keep it simple with a floral shirt, or you can go above and beyond by adding some quirkier items. Take a look below for inspiration.

11. Brown Floral Top

12. Cute Floral Dress Idea

13. Flower Themed Shoe Laces

14. Floral Jeans Idea

15. Floral Green Jeans Idea

16. Cute Flower Skirt Idea

17. Flower Crown Idea

18. Floral Head Decor idea

19. Flower Nails Idea

20. Floral Makeup

Dress in your easter best. Photo of easter dress idea.

Dress In Your Easter Best

And lastly, Dress in Your Easter Best is one of my all-time favorite themes for Spring spirit week. Though this week does have two more days in it, those days will probably be classic themes like Pajama day. So take a look at this and see if you have anything in your closet that is similar.

21. Cute Layered Dress Idea  The best easter outfits are the ones that make you feel extra fancy. You need to check out this adorable layered easter dress, it will do the trick!

22. Epic Embroidered Dress Idea – Flowers are the name of the game when it comes to dressing up for easter.

23. Tea Party Dresses – Have your closest friends get matching dresses in different colors. This is such a fun way to celebrate!

24. Easter Best Teen Boy Outfit – I had to include at least one look for the boys out there. This is a super simple easter outfit idea that I know you are going to love.

25. Cute Green Dress Idea – I think choosing a dress that is green is such a lovely idea. Everything about easter and spring has to do with the greenery coming back to the earth. I love it.

26. Orange and White Floral Dress Idea – You can see why I am obsessed with this dress, can’t you? I don’t think there is a much better dress than this one.

27. Long Flowey Dress Idea – Well, I stand corrected. This is definitely the prettiest dress I have ever seen. You are going to look so cottagecore!

28. Long Dress with Floral Lace – If you like your dresses to be longer, you have to check out this idea.

29. Picnic Dress Idea – I love the look of casual dresses. This one looks adorable!

30. Comfy Easter Dress – One thing you should consider when choosing an easter dress is how comfortable it will be.

31. Baby Blue Dress Idea – Baby clue dresses are my kryptonite!

Spring spirit Week Ideas

I hope you love these spring spirit day ideas that will make your spirit week one to remember. I covered the three most popular themes in every spring spirit week, so I hope you got the ideas and inspiration that you were looking for.

I miss having spirit week so much. It truly was my most favorite time of the school year. So enjoy it for me, will ya? Go and make this week the best week of your life! Take note of the little things; I think you will come to find that your life will get better when you do.

And in the meantime, make sure that you enjoy spring as well! Take a moment to go out and look at the flower blossoms. This is my favorite time of year.