Wake up with Winter Spirit Week by combining both things to wear and things to do. This will promote excitement for being back in school and the new year ahead!

Has school started back up this week and everyone is sleepy from the delicious Christmas cookies are sitting warmly in your tummy? Wake up with these fun and festive winter spirit week ideas.

winter spirit week ideas for high school

Spirit Week is not just about dressing up in a particular way on a particular day. Oh no, there’s so much more to it than that!

Spirit Week has many benefits, including connection and community. It brings everyone a little closer, expanding outside the day-to-day- cliques. It’s also known to improve morale, perform better academically, and be more socially engaged.

If you are doing a winter week before the holidays, check out these Christmas spirit week ideas.

So, here’s to more happiness…

Pro Tip: Everyone is happier when dressed for fun whatever time of year it is.

Teen girl sitting in her warm pajamas Pajama day idea with her eye mask pulled up.

Winter Spirit Week – Something For Everyone

Now, dressing up for Spirit Week isn’t everyone’s idea of a fun time.  Well, that’s easily resolved by simply including a wide variety of Winter Spirit Week ideas that will wake everyone up.

Long Winter Nap Day (aka, PJ day)

Put on your softest, most fluffiest pajamas for pajama day at school and stay cozy!

White Out Day

From head to toe, wearing only white to match the snow.

Mix & Match Feet

Wear mismatched socks and/or shoes and boots.

Wig day for cold weather spirit week ideas

Wig Day

Everyone wears a wig! This is such a fun day idea that my girl obviously loves.

Duo Day

Grab a friend or family member and pick a famous duo to dress as. Ex: Romeo & Juliet, Taylor & Kelce.

Throwback Day Outfits

Throwback Day

Pick a decade and dress in the fashion of that era for a fun high school throwback day.

Black Out Day

You guessed it, only wear black on this day or do a white and black day and let students choose which side to be on.

Bring a Present Day

Switch out your backpack one day with a present and bring your present to school, this is a fun idea for anything but a backpack day.

dress like a college student day

College Student Day

College students know there is nothing comfier than hanging out in your sweats. Wear sweatpants/joggers on this “look like a college student” day.

Bring The Spirit Up This Winter- Things To Wear & Things To Do

There’s something for everyone. So switch up the Winter Spirit Week with fun outfit themes with an exciting winter-themed activity.

Tinsel Hair Products

Crazy Hair Day

Grab some colorful temporary hair dye or your mom’s Aqua Net (yep, it still exists)! A little creativity and a lot of crazy on your hair goes a long way, maybe even put a bunch of tinsel in your hair! That’s always so fun/

Gingerbread House Competition Day

They’ve expanded now to even little farmhouses and such… pick your poison and put your mad skills to work! Dress up like one, bring one or just carry along the candy that you used.

Winter Wonderland Day

Wear all blue and white, ice skates, bring along sleds… anything you can think of to turn the school into a winter wonderland of fun.

Color Block Day

Wear your fav holiday color in one festive block.

Snowman/Snow Angel Day

Weather permitted, select a day to get some fresh air and play in the snow.

onesie day for high school spirit days

Tiny Tot “Onesie” Day

Reminisce on your youth by dressing in onesies. Be sure to bring your blanket along!

Way Down South/Western Day

Do-se-do your way with cowboy/cowgirl boots and country gear with these western day spirit week ideas.

Teen girl wearing neon pink shirt, neon yellow leggings and neon purple hair with sunglasses.

Neon Clothing Day

Put on your shades so you don’t get blinded by all the neon-colored clothes for this fun take on a colorful spirit day, see all our neon day ideas here.

Kindness Day

Leave a kind note for a friend, teacher, or stranger. Kindness is contagious and it starts with you!

Cute ugle Christmas sweater winter spirit ideas

Cold Weather Highschool Spirit

If we can have Christmas in July, why not bring the heat into winter with these spirit week ideas? It can be hard to think of dressing up in the cold, so let’s get everyone thinking of summer… now.

Hawaiian Day

Say Aloha with your floral or tiki wear topped with a lei for these beach day ideas.

Denim Day

Dress fully in denim from head to toe. A denim tuxedo, dress or jumper would all work great here.

Plaid Day

You guessed it, wear your best plaid clothing or mom’s Christmas tablecloth if necessary. 😉

Door Decorating Day

Grab some supplies and deck out the classroom, gym and theatre doors with winter-themed décor.

Music Genre Day

Either throw on some band merch or dress to fit the genre that’s played most on your aux.

Cute winter outfits for school

Fav Winter Outfit Day

Yes it’s self-explanatory, but just another reason to wear whatever makes you feel best!

Rep Your College Day

College signings have begun! For this day dress up in your fav college gear wither the one you plan to attend or your local town team.

No School Day

Go to school as you are, a day in comfort – just as you’d dress if there was no school at all that day.

Tie-Dye Day

Wear your tie-dye top, bottom or both.

Gratitude Chain Day

Everyone writes something they’re thankful for on a strip of paper and links the strips together to showcase all the gratitude! Love this idea to kick off a new semester in the best way.

Glitter Day

Have fun dressing up in the blingiest jewelry, and sequins, and wear anything that sparkles and glitters!

Fun Ways To Celebrate A New Semester In Style

Give a reason to celebrate all winter long with these days either strung together in an epic spirit week, or popped into the calendar all winter long.

New Year’s Eve Day

Wear your countdown clothes and bonus points if you can set up a NYE backdrop and do a noon ball drop in the cafeteria.

Flannel Day

Dress in spirit with your Christmas flannels.

Ugly sweater day teen boy funny ideas

Festive Day

Wear anything festive… tacky ugly Christmas sweaters, tinsel, ornaments. Go all out!

Cliques Day

Coordinate outfits with your friends for the day.

Crazy Sock Day

Wear the craziest winter socks you have or a mismatched pair.

What Not To Wear Day

Dress in the ugliest clothes that you have or that just don’t match anything.

Athlete vs Mathlete day

Athlete vs Mathlete Day

Choose either athletic wear like a jersey or make it a geek-themed outfit.

Positivity Rock Project Day

paint rocks with inspirational and encouraging words and messages. Spread kindness by scattering them for others to find.

Funny Character Day Ideas with Up Costumes

Character Day

Get ready to see what everyones been watching lately as they show up dressed like their fav character.

Grinch Day

Wear your greeniest gear & harness those grinch vibes.

Sidekick Day

Grab a friend and dress up as sidekick characters from any winter movie.

Face Paint Day

Have your face painted with cool colors when you show up for school. This one can be exceptionally fun with a winter sports game that you want the whole school to support.

Big group of meme costumes

Meme Day

Dress as your fav social meme for spirit week Meme Day. This one is always a hit at our school.

Ready or not, it’s time to showcase some winter spirit. Wake up, throw on your coziest PJs, and kick off Winter Spirit Week!