Inside: The top teen study tips that are proven to get you good grades if you use them. 

I know we have all been there at some point in our scholastic careers: You had that study wall. Then after that, for weeks or even months, you can’t seem to get yourself to sit down and open a book. This tips the first domino in a line of many bad habits. This happens in our house all the time.

So, how do you create good study habits that you won’t get tired of? That is an awesome question and one that I am excited to answer. I’ve been at this whole school thing for the majority of my life now, so I have picked up some tips and tricks that seriously make a world of difference.

Proven Teen Study Tips To Boost Your Grades. Photo of girl studying with yellow sweatshirt.

I want to share those with you today; that way, your school life can flourish the way mine did. These tips are proven to help you get the grades that you desire if you stick with them. Don’t wait; set that study date!

Proven Teen Study Tips To Boost Your Grades

Alright, I am not messing around today… so I started with the big ones. These are the ones that are going to make the biggest difference. So if you are planning on implementing anything on this list, let it be these. If you are looking to add to your habits list, check out these chores teenagers will benefit from.

1. Teen Study Tips – NO CELL PHONES

This one might sound kind of obvious, but cell phones are extremely distracting. If you still need to use the internet or your phone during study time, I suggest that you put it on DO NOT DISTURB mode.

As fun as social media can be, they are literally designed to get your attention and keep it, so don’t give them the chance. You are more likely to fully absorb what you are reading if you are not dividing your attention between TikTok and your Bio homework.

2. Break Up Your Time

If you are like me, then you most likely struggle with keeping your attention on something for long periods of time. Studying one thing for hours on end actually is not the best way to absorb information. So I would recommend that you really apply yourself for 20 minutes at a time, then take a little break.

That break can be anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on what you need. This can really help you to get started studying too. I don’t know about you, but when I know that I have hours of work ahead of me, I am more likely to avoid it.

So if you tell yourself, “At least do 20 minutes”, you are already doing 20 minutes more than you would have.

3. Use Sticky Notes

Get yourself some cute sticky notes that make you excited to find something in your book that you want to bookmark. This will help your brain to seek out important information, and it will make you more likely to remember it.

4. Set your space. Photo of girl studying with pink sweatshirt.

4. Teen Study Tips –  Set Your Space

Seriously, do not skip this step. Make your studying space feel inviting and cute. You can do this by getting your favorite blanket and lighting your favorite candle. Really make it your own. By romanticizing it a little, the whole process is more fun.

5. Get A Fun Notebook

Having to write in the same boring notebook is a recipe for disaster. You are just asking to be bored! Get a cute one to avoid this.

6. Use Different Colored Pens

Do you like to color? I do. I make my notes extra fun by using different colored pens and color-coding what I am working on. I also like to make different doodles that represent what I am working on. This makes the process of studying feel so much more fun.

7. Use Notebook Tabs

Get organized with notebook tabs. These will help you to break down different chapters and sections which will then help you to be able to find your information a little easier. I highly recommend this!

Fun Teen Study Tips to Boost Your Grades

Studying doesn’t have to be a punishment. There are plenty of ways that you can make it fun!

When I was a teen, I used to feel like studying was something that I had to avoid if I wanted to have a good day. If you feel the same, then you need to follow these tips.

8. Get a Study Group Together

If you have some friends in your class, plan a study date! This will help hold you accountable, just make sure you can focus.

9. Join an Online Study Group

There are online virtual rooms where people get on to study. Nobody talks, and everyone just kind of does their own thing, but they hold each other accountable and focused just by being there.

10. Teen Study Tips – Use the Candy Method

Get a bag of candy and place bites of them after each section. This will incentivize you to keep reading and give you rewards along the way.

11. Have Plenty of Snacks

Keeping your brain fed is SUPER IMPORTANT when you are trying to retain information.

12. Listen to the same music. Photo of girl with headphones on studying.

12. Listen to the Same Music

This can help you to make the neuro-pathways that you are making even stronger. When you hear the playlist, you know it’s time to focus.

13. Teen Study Tips – Get an Iced Drink

This can just make you feel extra special and excited to work.

14. Let Your Family Know You Are Studying

This way, they are less likely to bug you. You need to get into the zone, and you can’t do that if someone is knocking on your door.

High School Study Tips You Need To Try

Now that we have covered the biggies, I wanted to add my honorable mentions. What works for you may not work for the next person, studying is a very personal thing! So try these out and see which ones stick for you.

15. Take a Walk Break

This will get blood circulating to your brain and will help you to feel more awake and alert when you are working. During my finals, I actually took a hike. Check out these teens hiking tips if you are interested.

16. Write Down Your Goals

It’s good to write down your goals so you can cross them off when finished, so satisfying!

17. Work with a Parent

You can have your parent help you study by relaying information to them in an effort to ‘teach’ them what you are learning about. This helps you retain information!

18. Teen Study Tips – Record Your Voice

Record all of the important information with your voice and then replay it back.

19. Light the Same Candle

This is similar to the music tip from above. If you always smell the same thing, you are more likely to get into the zone quicker.

20. Always Study in the Same Spot

Have you ever heard someone say that you shouldn’t study in bed? That’s because if you work in bed, your brain won’t associate the bed with only sleep.

This will make it harder for you to fall asleep. The same idea is applied to your study space. If you always study in the same space, you are more likely to get in the work zone quicker.

21. Get Note Inspo on Pinterest

This is one of my favorites. Get some note inspiration on Pinterest for Aesthetic notes that will look great on your stories.

teen study tips

I really hope that these teen study tips help you do achieve your academic goals, because they did so much for me. I promise you if you just stick with it, you will see results. At the very least, you are going to have more fun while studying, and that is a total win.

If you want to set some goals, check out these academic goals high school students will benefit from. But remember that school is not your entire life (though it can feel like that when you go for 40 hours a week). Make time to have some fun outside of learning.

At the end of the day, you just need to try your hardest. That is all you can really do. Studying can be really hard, especially when you are in a rut. So be gentle with yourself. I know you can do this.