Inside: The best team-building activities for teenage athletes. 

Being a part of a team is such a wonderful experience. I remember when I was a teen, my team was like my family. It’s so funny to think that those girls were ever strangers to me.

I know how hard it can be to bond with your team in the beginning. That is why I have created the ultimate list of fun team-building activities for teenage athletes! Doing any one of these ideas will be just the icebreaker that the doctor ordered. I’ve made sure to add more affordable options along with some spendier ones, so whatever your team needs… you will find it here.

Fun team building activities for teenage athletes

So take a look and think about which ones would be the best fit for you and your group. Look around, they are strangers now, but pretty soon, they’ll be family.

Easy Team Building Activities for Teenage Athletes

For this first list, I wanted to give you some of the simpler team activities. This way you can build upon them as the list goes on. You can choose as many as you want to do. There is never too much fun!

1. Tug O War – This is a classic way to go, but it will never steer you wrong. Just grab a robe, and have everyone split down the middle.

2. Wheel Barrow Races – If you are hoping to get some laughs, this is the way to go! How can you resist laughing when being held by the ankles?

3. Potato Sack Race -Another classic, but they are classics for a reason, right? See who has the best hops!

4. Car Wash – Holding a car is a time-honored tradition for athletic teams. You get to bond AND earn money for your team.

5. Charades – Charades may be an old game, but it’s a fun one as well. We even have lots of charades ideas to help you out.

6. Scavenger Hunt – Scavenger hunts are a great way to get everyone working together after one goal.

7. Group Crafts – See what they can make with some crafts put in front of them; there is a trick to this, though…they have to make one thing together.

8. Decorate a Cake – This one will be hilarious. Take them completely out of their athletic element to see how cute their cake will be!

9. Build a Table Challenge – Give them simple supplies like a cardboard box, a book, and some duct tape to see how well they can put together a sturdy table

10. Egg Toss – Another classic, but this will also teach them to work on their hand-eye coordination.

11. Human Pyramid – This one is a silly idea, but it is great for team building.

12. Trust Fall – Another classic; I am sensing a pattern here. Just have everyone pair up and catch another person. In the end, have the whole team catch the coach.

13. Truths and a Lie – This is a less hands-on game, but it is very effective nonetheless.

Fun Bonding Activities for Teen Athletes

Activities for Bonding

Bonding is one of the most important parts of having a team. You need to be so connected with your players that you know the exact second they are going to throw the ball without even looking at them. To do that, you have to be comfortable with them. These will help!

14. Escape Room – Escape rooms will help them put their heads together to be able to get out. By the end, they will already be a solid team.

15. Ice Cream Social – Ice cream bonds everyone. So take them all out for some ice cream to get to know each other. Just avoid doing this before practice, though.

16. Bowling – Bowling alleys were literally made for bonding. Okay, maybe not literally, but they are great for it. Just try it out, and you’ll see what I mean.

17. Water Park – Going to a water park(if you have one near you) is perfect for getting your team to bond. They get to have some fun in the sun without the constraints of practice. How awesome.

18. Go See A Movie – Seeing a movie on the big screen is a great way to get your teens hanging out and getting used to each other. Make it a specific sports-themed movie, and it’ll be a winner.

19. Decorate T-Shirts – Have your team make their own themed t-shirts together. This will be a fun experience for everyone.

20. Mad Libs – This is a simple one, but it is hilarious. You can do one of these at the beginning of every practice to get everyone to have fun.

21. Trivia Night – See how much your team knows about the world with a trivia night. This classic is always a winner.

22. Blind Draw – Have everyone split up into pairs and then take turns having one person use the other’s back as a table for drawing on paper. If the person can guess what they are drawing, that team wins.

23. 20 Questions – This is another one that you can play at the beginning of every practice. I wish my coaches did stuff like this!

24. Hula Hoop Pass – Have everyone hold hands and put a hula hoop on one person; they have to get the hoop to the next person without breaking the hold or dropping it.

25. Jumbo Jenga – This one cracks me up because it is literally the small game turned large. Tensions will be high, and relief even high when it doesn’t fall.

Team building activities for teenage athletes with examples

Team Building Activities for Teenage Athletes

Here are some more great options for you and your team to choose from if you haven’t found anything that you like already. I find that hard to believe, but hey, the more options, the merrier, right?

26. Game of Horse – This classic basketball game is a great way to get the teens working on their aim while having fun.

27. Trampoline Center – Go to a bounce room, aka a place with a bunch of trampolines and obstacle courses for the team to kill some energy(and nerves) in. These are too funny.

29. Make a Mummy – Give them a roll of toilet paper(or five) and see how quickly they can create a mummy from their partner.

30. Try Not To Laugh – These videos on YouTube are challenging. The goal is to see how long you can go without laughing. This is great for bonding!

31. Would You Rather – A classic game that is meant to be played with many! Have everyone come up with questions, or find them here. I love this because you get to know people in better ways than just asking what their name is and where they were born.

32. Ice Skating – Ice Skating is a fun and out-of-the-box team-building exercise unless your team is a hockey team.

33. Go to an Amusement Park – If your team can afford it, an amusement park will be the perfect place for your team to bond.

34. Corn Hole – Have everyone split up into Teams to play the classic game of cornhole.

35. Mall Scavenger Hunt – Doing a mall scavenger hunt is an affordable team-building exercise.

36. Cup Stacking Tournament – Have you ever heard of speed stacking? Well, it would be such a fun bonding exercise!

37. Play Mini Golf – Mini golf is one of the best games to bond with your teammates. I love it.

team building activities for teen athletes

So, which one are you going with? Or are you going to choose more than one? I think any way you go; you will love the results. I understand how awkward it can be in the beginning when you are just meeting the people who you will soon be playing with, but these will help make it so much easier.

Just bypass the nerve-wracking part and dive straight into the fun! That’s what I wish I did.