Inside: Fun Things To Do in San Diego for Teens

Teenagers traveling with their families will have a blast in San Diego. Your teenagers won’t have any trouble disconnecting from their devices to enjoy the many exciting activities you’ve prepared for them, which include exciting outdoor adventures, educational (but still fun) museums, and much more.

We’ve compiled a list of the best teen-friendly activities in San Diego, including beaches, tours, museums, and more. We just got back from a trip with our teenagers, and they had a great time.

Take a look at what we discovered to placate even the most discerning adolescent during the entire summer break.

Things To Do with Your Teenager in San Diego

Fun Things To Do in San Diego for Teens

Seaworld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego – Extreme thrill rides, nonstop entertainment, opportunities to get up close and personal with animals—SeaWorld San Diego has it all. As there is so much to do, they will beg you to stay late.

If you’re visiting a theme park with some adrenaline lovers teenagers, I highly recommend waiting in line for some of the more extreme rides.:

  • Manta
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Shipwreck Rapids
  • Riptide Rescue
  • Electric Eel

Sign up the whole family for an animal encounter as a way to sneak some learning into the day. Your teenager will not only have the opportunity to interact with marine animals like dolphins, beluga whales, and penguins, but will also gain valuable insight into marine ecosystems and the importance of protecting them. Training instructions, feeding, and even petting a sea creature are all part of these interactive adventures.

San Diego Zoo

If you’re visiting San Diego with the kids, you have to go to the San Diego Zoo. This world-famous zoo, which spans more than a hundred acres and features a wide variety of animal exhibits and educational programs, is on every family’s itinerary when visiting San Diego. When taking your adolescent to the zoo, make sure they get to see their favorite animal. It will make their entire day.

Teen Activities in San Diego

Zoo Safari Park

Teenagers will have a blast on the Photo Caravan Safari, where they can capture stunning images of Asian and African wildlife. In addition, there is a chance to feed a giraffe during the tour. This was definitely something to share on social media.

The Flightline Safari is an exciting zip line tour that provides breathtaking views of rhinos, giraffes, and other exotic animals from above, making it a popular choice among teenagers visiting the park. The Jungle Ropes Safari is another favorite among teenagers because of the exciting challenges it presents high in the trees.

Additional safari experiences include:

  • Roar & Snore Safari
  • Balloon Safari
  • Cheetah Safari
  • Balloon Safari
  • Roar & Snore Safari
  • Ultimate Safari
  • Behind-the-Scenes Safari

Teen Activities in San Diego

In case you’re looking for more teen-friendly activities in San Diego, here are a few more of our top picks.

Balboa Park

The Balboa Park in San Diego is a true work of art. There are more than sixteen museums, peaceful hiking trails, venues for the performing arts, and numerous places to eat and drink in this enormous park. Your adolescent will be entertained for long periods of time due to the abundance of interesting things to do and see in this area.

The best Balboa Park museums and attractions for teens are:

Spend as much time as you can exploring the park. It’s impossible to predict what sort of treasures or trails you’ll uncover on your travels.

San Diego Beaches

Almost every teenager has fond beachgoing memories. Beautiful beaches and hidden coves can be found all over San Diego. Surfing, long walks along the beach and exploring the marine life in the tide pools are all great options for teenagers.

Add a trip to these San Diego beaches during your stay:

  • Moonlight State Beach
  • Mission Beach
  • La Jolla Cove
  • Coronado Beach
  • Bonita Cove
  • Mission Bay Park
  • Children’s Pool

For a perfect day at the beach, don’t forget your sunscreen, shades, and towels.

Teenager Travel Ideas California

Whale Watching Tour

A whale-watching cruise is a great activity for families in San Diego, especially those with teenagers. During your time aboard, you’ll hear from knowledgeable naturalists and tour guides as you cruise the San Diego Bay in search of gray whales.

Please be aware that due to whale migration patterns, these cruises are only available from December to April. The marine animal experts at Birch Aquarium suggest booking a cruise for any time between December and January for the best possible viewing. You should also pack a camera, a warm sweater or hat, some sunglasses, and motion sickness pills if you’re prone to motion sickness.

Fun Things for Teens To Do in San Diego

Belmont Park

Belmont Park is a great place for teenagers to spend the day in San Diego, and it’s easy to see why. It’s is a great place for teenagers to spend the day because it has everything from a roller coaster and other amusement park rides to arcade games and even escape rooms.

The amusement park and boardwalk are located in a beautiful setting, making them ideal for a day of sightseeing, shopping, and dining. Everything from a snack to a full meal is available here for your teenager’s dining pleasure.

Speed Boat Adventures

On this San Diego Bay cruise, you’ll get behind the wheel of a 16-foot mini speed boat and explore the bay at your own pace while listening to narration from a guide in the lead vessel.

On the bay, you can learn about the history of the military in San Diego, the local wildlife, and even the discovery of California at Cabrillo National Monument.

Boat operators must be at least 18 years old to operate without an accompanying adult or 16 years old with one.

Fun Activities in San Diego

San Diego Fly Rides

Book a tour with San Diego Fly Rides and ride an electric bike around the city (or, rent your own). You’ll still need to pedal, but these bikes can handle hills and longer rides with ease, so you can focus on taking in the sights and learning about the San Diego coast.

The SoCal Rivera Bike Tour is a popular option, and the Cali Dreamin’ Bike Tour of La Jolla and Pacific Beach is a great option for teens.

La Jolla Zip Line

The longest zip line in California is in San Diego County, and you can visit it in a day. Pauma Valley, where the La Jolla Zip Zoom is situated, is about 90 minutes from the heart of San Diego.

There are four different tracks, varying in length from 300 to 2700 feet. You’ll be able to reach speeds of up to 55 mph on this side-by-side zip line, and you can do it with a friend or loved one. You need to be between 65 and 250 pounds and 48 inches tall.

More Fun Vacation Idea Teens Will Love

Now that you’re thinking about traveling, we thought we’d suggest a few more exciting vacation options.

  • Fun Things To Do in Los Angeles – In keeping with our theme of a California road trip with teenagers, be sure to read up on some of our top recommendations for Los Angeles. There is no way your teenagers will get bored on this trip, what with all the thrilling roller coasters, hip downtowns, and thrilling rides.
  • Fun Things To Do in Las Vegas – Teenagers can enjoy a wide variety of exciting activities in Las Vegas. Teenagers can choose from thrilling tours that include everything from zip lines and roller coasters to driving an ATV or dune buggy and even visiting a shooting range.

Making plans for your next vacation will be more challenging but also more enjoyable, thanks to the new information you’ve gained from this article. Please share in the comments your top teen-friendly travel activities.

Fun Things To Do in San Diego for Teens