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If you are the parent of a high school student, you may have received information about required community service or college application preferences. Many families are beginning to consider mission trips for their teenagers, despite the fact that local community service is commendable and, honestly, more remarkable from a university application perspective.

Teens’ lives are profoundly altered by the full immersion of mission trips, as well as the exposure to other cultures and economic situations. We could all use a little help right now breaking out of our own little social media bubbles and seeing what the world is like outside of Snapchat and Tik Tok.

Numerous organizations offer mission trips tailored specifically to teenagers. Some trips are designed as research expeditions, while others are geared more toward teen travelers. Youth service trips are common and often organized by schools or religious groups, but this isn’t always possible.

Despite the fact that there are numerous options available. Finding a collection of them in one place to sift through and determine which is best for your teenager can be challenging. Here is a fantastic list of summer service trip options for parents looking to enroll their teen.

Mission Trips for Young Adults

Summer Mission Trips for Teens

Let’s start off with some of our favorite mission trips for young adults! These even include a few of our favorite Christian mission trips for teenagers. Let us know which you think sounds like the most fun and rewarding.


In excess of 40 countries are represented among the more than 150 volunteer opportunities provided by GoEco. These initiatives cover a wide range of fields, from working with exotic wildlife to providing English lessons to kids. Teens can participate in mentored projects, while college students can take advantage of international internship opportunities.

GoEco is a company that promotes responsible volunteering by partnering with a wide variety of service providers ranging from small grassroots organizations to large, international NGOs. Every one of their volunteer opportunities has been thoroughly screened to guarantee the highest ethical standards. Teens concerned about the planet and its inhabitants will find this an appealing option.

Overland Summers

Teens can choose from a variety of service and backpacking trips, in addition to adventure and cultural excursions, through Overland Summers. Overland organizes hiking and service trips for groups of no more than 12 students to New England, Maine, Alaska, or Colorado. Every excursion that stresses the importance of having a good time, meeting new people, and taking on exciting new challenges.

Summer Mission Trips for Teens

Rein Teen Tours

The community service programs offered by Rein can be found in Santa Barbara, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Ecuador, Cambodia, and Thailand, in addition to the more well-known traditional teen tours. Teens are given genuine chances to give back in significant ways through community service trips. More generally, to broaden one’s understanding of the world and its inhabitants.

Some examples of these initiatives include English classes for Thai orphans in Bangkok, Hawaii animal rescue, aid for the indigenous Kichwa people in the Amazon, and California programs for families on the verge of homelessness.

Shoulder to Shoulder

High school students can participate in Shoulder-to-Shoulder to live and serve “shoulder-to-shoulder” alongside nonprofit leaders and their groups while completing projects with an immediate and tangible impact. Over a hundred high school students and teachers from across the country collaborate annually with reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) across four continents.

Some programs last as long as 20 days and feature volunteer work and travel.

Mission Work for Teens

Mission Trips for Teens

These are just a few of our favorite short-term mission trips for young adults. Each of them holds its own lessons, ideas, and benefits for teens. Check out a few more of our favorite programs for your teenager.

Catholic Volunteering

There are some fascinating concepts at play in Catholic Volunteering.   Besides that, their website features listings for both internships lasting a year and full-time positions.

Volunteers of America

To inspire young people to give back to their communities, Volunteers of America and the MLB Players Trust have formed a partnership. As an added bonus, the program appears to be a fantastic opportunity for teenagers to grow into influential leaders.

Latitude Global Volunteering

Youth in the age range of 17–25 can participate in Latitude Global Volunteering’s international programs. There is a wide range of exciting opportunities in fields like outdoor education, rural health care, teaching English in other countries, and working with underprivileged and disabled youth.


Over a hundred and twenty volunteer opportunities in developing countries around the world are available through LoveVolunteers, all of which are rewarding, safe, and inexpensive.


You can spend 9 months traveling through India, Guatemala, and Costa Rica with WorldStamp. Let the world be your school is their motto. Leave your comfort zone, learn about other cultures, and change the world.

Service Project Ideas


MissionAdventures bills itself as a “full service” outreach ministry for short-term groups. However, you can take them to the Outback, Latvia, India, Alaska, and beyond! It’s like a branch of YWAM…


Youth With a Mission, or YWAM, has been around for quite some time. The target audience is young people aged 8 to 18. But, in addition to the traditional discipleship curriculum, their Discipleship Training Schools also feature a variety of family-focused educational offerings.

Teen Missions International

This summer, your high schooler can participate in a variety of thrilling Teen Missions International short-term mission opportunities. In this article, they detail the many ways in which teen mission trips benefit their development… and there’s information there about taking a “gap year.”Gap year program

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Mission trips for Teens