A birthday cake can be devoured in a matter of moments, so let their 13th cake be a statement of who they are and who they’re becoming. Turning thirteen is a big deal, let’s celebrate it in the sweetest way possible.

BUT HELP you say! My precious baby is officially becoming a teenager, with all these ideas of her ow.

Don’t you worry, I’ve done the homework to help you make your teen’s 13th birthday epic with some amazing birthday cake ideas including trendy toppers that she will definitely approve of.

Pictures of four different trending birthday cakes for teens.

Most Trending Turning 13 Cakes

Turning 13 is a huge milestone for anyone, for both the teen and the parent.  It’s a birthday they will not soon forget!

So celebrate your new young adult with a 13th birthday cake that tastes like heaven and looks divine.

Whether you have a boy or girl, these 13th birthday cake ideas with trendy toppers will be eye candy for their big birthday party celebration.

A few tips when thinking about a cake for your new teenage girl:

  • Try to gear your birthday cake to the style off whatever it is she is into at the moment!
  • Offer to search with her on Pinterest to get cake ideas she will be excited about
  • Think of the colors she wears most often for clues on the vibe and tone of the cake.

Birthday Cakes With Trendy Toppers For Girls

No matter the personality of a 13-year-old girl, there is a trendy cake just for their special 13 year old birthday party!

Pictures of 4 trending birthday cakes for 13 year old girls.

1. Diva Cake

True beauty lies within, but you can showcase their sassy diva attitude with a stunning diva cake!

2. Make-Up Cake

Have their 13th birthday cake resemble their vanity with this make-up cake!

3. Starbucks-Themed Cake

Are they a Starbucks addict?  I know, dumb question, right?  She will LOVE this Starbucks-themed cake topped with Starbucks treats!

4. Beauty Queen Cake

For those beauty queens, simply add a tiara to the top of the cake, and voila!

5. Rainbow Birthday Cake

They will be somewhere over the rainbow with this magical cake!

6. Barbie Birthday Cake

Since the Barbie Movie came out, the Barbie trend has been massive!  You can’t go wrong with celebrating a 13th birthday girl with a Barbie birthday cake!

7. Boho-Themed Birthday Cake

Boho has become extremely popular amongst the younger generations.  There is a simplistic beauty of a boho-themed 13th birthday cake.

13th Birthday Cakes With Trendy Toppers For Boys

13-year-old boys aren’t as excited about the extravagance of their birthday cake, but I bet you can pleasantly surprise them with one of these cakes with trendy toppers!

Pro Momma Tip: For your boy who is turning 13 my best tip it to focus on one important element.

A large scale topper, a bold color he loves. Your boy will think the moon of this type of thoughtful detail added to his birthday cake.

Four trending birthday cakes for 13 year old boys.

1. Sports-Themed Cake

Whatever sport they play or are a fan of, there is a sports-themed cake just for them!  And if they do participate in sports and have a jersey number of such, that will make it even more special!

2. Football Field Cake

Score a touchdown with your teen by getting a football cake!

3. Video Gaming Cake

You’ll always win the game with a video gaming cake!

4. Adventure Cake

Bring the great outdoors in with an adventure birthday cake.

5. Galaxy Cake

3-2-1 take off!  Take him out of this world with a galaxy cake!

6. Superhero Movies

Throw them a punch they won’t see coming by getting POWing and WOWing him with a superhero cake!

13th Birthday Cookie Cake Ideas

A great alternative to an all-out classic birthday cake with frosting, you can get a unique cookie cake for the big celebration!

Four birthday cookie cakes for a teen birthday.

1. Cookie Cake Shaped by Name Or Initials

Personalize their birthday cookie cake with their name or initials!

2. Cookie Cake Shaped With The Numbers ‘1’ And ‘3’

That’s like 2 large cookie cakes for 1 sweet 13th birthday!

3. Emoji Shaped Cookie Cake

Gift them an emoji birthday cookie cake that they’ll surely smile back at!

4. Inspiration From A Fav Movie Or TV show Cookie Cake

‘Do or do not, there is no try’ with this Yoda cookie cake!  Get inspiration from the birthday teen’s favorite movie or TV

show for their birthday cookie cake.

5. PG-13 Cookie Cake

That’s right, gift them with a birthday cookie cake that displays their new exciting milestone!

Trending Ideas For 13th Birthday Cakes

Not sure what’s trending for 13-year-olds, here are some of the most popular ideas for birthday cakes no matter if it’s for a young lady or young man.

Pictures of four trending 13th birthday cakes.

1. TikTok Birthday Cake

Go viral with a TikTok cake to celebrate their big milestone!

2. Instagram Birthday Cake

#13thbirthdaycake #socialmediatrendybirthdaycakes #instagram13thbday

3. Netflix Birthday Cake

Don’t need to grab your popcorn with this Netflix-inspired birthday cake!

4. Music-Themed Birthday Cake

Does your teen never NOT listen to music or sing in the shower?  You’ll get a standing ovation with a music-themed cake. Mic drop!

5. Magic 8 Ball Birthday Cake

Will they love this cake?  The magic 8 ball says it’s true!

6. S’mores Birthday Cake

They’ll be singing the C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E song with a s’mores birthday cake!

7. Tie Dye Birthday Cake

Girl or boy, tie-dye is trending across the board.  Get groovy with a tie-dye birthday cake!

8. Harry Potter Birthday Cake

This Harry Potter cake is for any Potterhead!

13th Birthday Cake Toppers

A trendy cake topper can actually ‘make the cake’ if you know what I mean.  Personalize, customize, or add something bright or beautiful to make the 13th birthday cake a total hit!

Four different trendy cake toppers.

1. Trendy Symbols For Cake Toppers

Personalize a trendy symbol, like a #hashtag cake topper!

2. Customized Cake Toppers With Names Or Initials

Add an extra special touch with a customized cake topper with their name or initials.

3. Numbers ’13’ In Metallic Or Glittery Cake Toppers

You can get metallic or glittery cake toppers in various colors that boys and girls will love!

4. Mirrored Cake Toppers That Spell Out Happy 13th Birthday

May the beauty of a mirrored cake topper reflect the beauty of a 13th bday celebration.

5. Candy Or Lollipop For Cake Toppers

Whether it’s their favorite candy, lollipops, cotton candy, or cake pops… these will satisfy their sweet tooth.

Popular 13th Birthday Cake Shenanigans are so fun to find and recreate at home.

Remember, cake is the answer no matter the question!

You’ll unquestionably make your new teen’s birthday celebration memorable with a trendy, picture-perfect birthday cake. Looking for gift ideas? Check out our teen gift guides right here.