Inside: Totally Rad Teen Cake Ideas ( + Decorating Tips)

No matter if you’re planning on making a cake for your teen’s birthday on your own or ordering one online, we have the best teen cake ideas for your big day. I personally have always loved making cakes for any birthday celebration in our family. Now, I am not saying that they have always looked the best, but they sure are a labor of love that I love to do.

But as my kids have gotten older, their birthday demands have become a little more… how should I say it…. specific, elaborate, not to mention expensive. lol

This raises a challenge when it comes to decorating a birthday cake. So I hit the internet and found the cutest, trendiest, and “do-able-est?” teen cake ideas out there.

Check out our favorite designs and ideas that are teen-approved.

Teenage Birthday Cake Ideas

Tips and Tricks for these Teen Cake Ideas

Because fondant icing is so far beyond the skill level of a novice cake decorator, we will not be covering it at all in this guide and will instead concentrate on buttercream.

Please take note that the principles outlined here apply equally well to other types of whipped frosting.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Rotating cake turntable: A cake turntable isn’t required, but it will make your life much simpler.
  • Serrated cake or bread knife: A serrated knife, such as one used for cutting cake or bread, can be used to evenly slice through layers.
  • Offset palette knife:If you want to frost a cake but don’t want to drag your fingers through the frosting, an offset palette knife is the tool for you.
  • Pastry bag with tips: You can substitute Ziploc bags for a pastry bag with tips, but the results won’t be as good.
  • Cake smoother/scraper:To even out frosting and draw designs on cakes.

Especially before attempting them on your cake, it is recommended that you practice making decorative accents such as flowers, swirls, and borders. Using a piping bag and different tips to create decorative flowers and other shapes takes practice. The same holds true for using royal icing to write. Although nothing can replace hands-on experience, practicing on wax paper is a great alternative to wasting a perfectly good cake.

Our Favorite Cake Decorating Supplies

Over the years I have tested my cake skills for events like birthday parties, baby showers, and even a few graduation celebrations. Most of the time I had my trust sidekick right next to me baking away. (aka: My Daughter) Here are a few of our favorite cake decorating supplies that we use.

Teen Cake Ideas

These teen cake ideas are some of my favorite out there. They are simple, cool, trendy, and perfect for your birthday teen.

1. Simple Pink Ombre with Sprinkles

2. Leopard Print Cake Theme

3. Tik Tok Themed Cake

4. Bright Colors and Gold Trimmed Icing

5. Large Smiley Face Cake

6. Pineapple Themed Cake Idea

7. Cute Rainbow Decorated Cake Design

Teenage Birthday Cake Ideas

Celebrate your teen’s birthday with the coolest cake. These cakes are packed full of trendy designs, unique icing techniques, and vibrant colors. From their favorite movie, tv series, and emojis these teen cake ideas are perfect for a birthday celebration.

8. Stranger Things Themed Birthday Cake

9. Cherry Themed Cake

10. Pastel Colored Birthday Cake

11. Zodiac Sign Themed Birthday Cake Idea

Birthday Cake Ideas

12. Happy Face Daisy Cake

13. Eclectic Layered Cake

14. Paisley Print with Icing

15. Vintage Inspired Birthday

Funny Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

Treat your funny teen with a funny cake, these hilarious cake ideas are perfect for the comedian in your family. From food-shaped cakes to social media icons they love these cakes are packed full of fun designs.

16. Donut Themed Cake Design

17. Green Smiley Face Cake

18. Hamburger Cake, Anyone?

19. Giant Macaroon Shaped Cake

funny Birthday Cakes for Teenagers

20. Circus Animal Cookies Covered Cake

21. Crunchy Taco Shaped Cake

22. Friends Inspired Birthday Cake Design

23. iPhone Shaped Cake Idea

Cool Birthday Cakes for Teenage Girl

If you’re specifically looking for birthday cake ideas for a teenage girl, then check out a few of our favorite girly, glittery, and gorgeous ideas.

24. Harry Potter Birthday Girl Cake

25. Sweet 16 Flower Cake

26. Rock Crystal Birthday Cake Design

Cool Dessert Ideas

27. Purple, Pearls, and Butterflies

28. Starbucks Themed Birthday Cake

29. Shaggy Textured Cake

30. Star Tipped Icing Pattern

Simple Birthday Cakes for Teenage Girls

Back to making your own birthday cake, these simple teen cake ideas are still perfectly designed. Just because a cake is simple doesn’t mean it is any less wonderful or cute. These ideas are the perfect proof of that.

31. Cute Daisy Cake Idea

32. Peach and Pink Ombre Cake

33. Marbled Effect with Name on Cake

Simple Desserts

34. Rainbow Inspired Cake Icing

35. Cactus Inspired Cake Decorations

36. Kate Spade Striped and Floral Cake

37. Stary Cake Topper

Teenager Cake Designs They Can Make

Do you have a teenager that also likes to help out with baking? Now, I want to make sure that I make it clear that just because they are teens doesn’t mean they don’t have the talent to make an incredible cake. There are tons of very talented teens out there. Here are just a few ideas for new bakers or new cake decorators.

38. Simple Paint Stroke Cake Idea

39. Fruit Loop Decorated Cereal Cake Idea

40. Red and White Mini Hearts

Teenager Cake Designs

41. Cake Covered in Sprinkles

42. Speckled with Sprinkles and Pink Trim

43. Fondant Rainbow Cake Topper

44. Pink Drip Around Cake

45. Colorful Polka Dot Cake

More Fun Birthday Ideas for Teens

Since you liked these cool teen cake ideas, check out a few more of our favorite birthday-inspired ideas that your teenager will love.

  • Teen Party Game Ideas – So you have a big teen birthday coming up, maybe it’s finally becoming a teenager or finally getting that driver’s license. No matter the age they are turning, throwing a bumpin’ birthday bash is a must. Now that you have tons of great cake ideas, now it’s time to start planning the entertainment. Check out our favorite party games that teens will love.
  • Teen Pool Party Ideas – Since we are in the spirit of planning teen parties, check out these fun pool party games. From cool and trendy decorations and pool toys to a few fun food ideas, this pool party post is packed full of great ideas. Throwing a pool party is always one of my favorite birthday theme ideas. The great thing is you DON’T have to have a pool to throw a swimming party. You can visit a hotel, rent out a public pool, or use a friends. The possibilities are endless.
  • Teenage Hairstyles – With a new birthday there can also be a desire for a change. Help your teen change up their style in a subtle but noticeable way with these fun teen hairstyles are full of trendy ideas. One of my favorite birthday traditions is getting a new “birthday” outfit to wear that day. Pair that outfit with the perfect new hairstyle and make your teen feel special all day long.

Teen Cake Ideas