How do you get your teen to be EGG-cited for Easter? We hopped over to TikTok and scoped out the top trending new Easter games for teens that your bigs will surely love and not think lame at all – for that after church family brunch you might be planning.

A white bunny standing up with a yellow background.

By the time the kids become tweens and teens, the Easter Bunny has officially retired.  So now it’s time to level up our game and start new traditions with our teens that will stick around and keep the magic of the holiday strong for our entire family.

After all, Easter is all about new beginnings and celebrating life itself.

I’m planning these trendy and fun bunny hops and TikTok Easter games to keep our big kids engaged with the family and Easter holiday traditions we love so much.

Teens playing classic Easter games.

Classic Easter Games On TikTok That Teens Will Love

Classics are still around for good reasons.  They are not the flying fad, they stick around throughout the generations and these ones have new fun twists that your whole family will enjoy.

1. TikTok Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

No one is ever too old for egg hunts!  There are endless TikTok variations of Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts.  Your teen will hop away happy with this classic, no matter which scavenger hunt you decide!  Your teen needs more of a challenge.  They can only pick up the Easter eggs with oven mitts!  Or how about a spatula?

2. Easter Egg Toss

A classic that doesn’t need directions.  Feel free to switch out the eggs with water balloons.  Or for a surprise, fill plastic eggs with flour!

3. Egg Push

Another classic where all you need is an egg and your teen’s nose!

4. Easter Musical Chairs

Here’s a classic for your teen that will keep them on their toes!  The winner of Easter Musical Chairs gets a prize!

5. TikTok Easter Egg  & Spoon Race

You can do the Easter Egg Race either individually or pair up into relay teams to add some more intensity and EGG-citement!

6. Spin The Carrot

TikTok did a spin on the classic Spin The Bottle game.  Here you spin the carrot and the player gets to keep the plastic-filled egg that it lands on!

7. Easter Balloon Stomp

Tie a balloon around all the player’s ankles.  As others try to stomp and pop everyone’s balloons, the last one with an inflated balloon wins!

Teen Easter Games With Solo Cups

Talk about a household item that went from one use to multiple uses nearly overnight!  Who would’ve ever thought that solo cups would bring so much entertainment? Well these fun Easter games and challenges will get your high school & college aged kids playing and laughing like when they were kids again.

Games being played with solo cups.

8. Easter Present Pull

Wrap a bunch of smaller gifts (candy, cash, sardines lol) and pick a string to pull your present through the solo cup!

9. Hip Hop Whatcha Got?

For this EGG-citing TikTok ping pong game, you can set up your desired amount of solo cups with prizes in each. Have your teen toss or bounce a ping pong ball into a cup to reveal their prize!

10. Solo Dual Cup Pick-Up

All you need is 2 solo cups for this trending game. Place one cup on the ground, rim-side faced down and the other balanced on top with the rim up. Only being able to bend your legs/knees, how low can you go to grab the top cup with only your mouth?

Parenting Tip: Games are a great way to bond and connect with the whole family. They create lasting memories that your teens will always remember and hold near and dear to their hearts.

11. TikTok Easter Head, Shoulders, Knees And Go!

Here’s a fav Easter game!

12. Easter Cup Grab

Place out 48 solo cups, 24 cups of two different colors, Easter-themed colors preferably!  The first player to stack their 24 solo cups using only one hand wins!

Fun TikTok Easter Egg Challenges For Teens

Plastic Easter eggs may be small in size, but once you crack them open the treasures themselves can be huge, in value!

Teens playing Easter games with candy for the prizes.

13. Easter Egg Dares

For the Easter Egg Dares game, fill their plastic eggs with goofy activities on little slips of paper.  ‘Do the Chicken Dance’.  ‘Drop for 10 push-ups’.  Or better yet, ‘Give your Momma a big hug!’.

14. Egg Raffle

Print out duplicates of numbers 1-20, or however many you wish.  Place one of the numbers in the plastic Easter eggs and throw the duplicate numbers into a bowl.

Be sure to have the same number of prizes as you do numbers.  For this Easter Raffle, whoever has the number that is pulled from the bowl, gets first dibbs to select which prize they want.

15. Match The Easter Eggs

Each player gets a bunch of mismatched plastic-colored eggs. The first one to undo their mismatches and pair the eggs correctly wins the Easter Egg Match!

16. Spinny Eggs

For this TikTok Easter game, each participant gets a plastic Easter egg and spins it on the table.

Whoever’s egg spins the longest wins the round, keep playing until there’s only one winner!

17. Easter Egg Smash

Hard boil a couple of eggs, allow them time to cool, and replace them in the gull carton with the rest of the eggs. Step outdoors if you can, and each player selects an egg and altogether on the count of 3, they all smash their chosen egg on their head.

18. Easter Egg Hop Drop

Your teen will hop til they drop with this Easter game! TikTok has you covered with the Easter Egg Hop Drop!

Minute To Win It Easter Games

You can build an Easter basket for the Minute To Win It winner!

Teens playing various Easter games with a plank, plastic eggs and a shower cap.

19. Easter Blind Basket

For this TikTok Easter Game, blindfold your teen, hand them a spatula, and see how many plastic-filled eggs they can get into their basket!

20. Bucket On Head

Similar to the egg toss, except this one the partner has to catch the plastic eggs with a bucket on their head!

21. Easter Egg Roll

Here’s a social challenge your teen will love, the Easter Egg Roll!

22. TikTok Spring Showers

Grab a shower cap, whipped cream, and a bunch of Peeps for this Easter Spring Shower!

23. Easter Marshmallow Minute To Win It

One minute to scoop as many marshmallows from one bowl into the next!  BUT, you can only use a spoon in your mouth to scoop them over!  Game on!

24. Easter Jelly Bean Race

Holding a popsicle stick in your mouth, fill it with jelly beans.  Once it’s full, carefully walk across the room and drop into a couple.

How good are your family balancing skills? Only time will tell!

TikTok Inspired Easter Games For High Schoolers

TikTok is a great platform where you can find endless Easter games that teens will love! And great news, we just started posting there so you can follow us @mommateen as you explore.

Families and teens playing TikTok Easter games.

25. Peep Wars

Let the Peep War Begin!

This is my favorite idea I’ve found and one we are for sure doing at home this year.

26. TikTok Easter Blowout

Light up this Easter by lining up 12 lit votive candles running straight down the middle of your counter/table.

Prizes are placed alongside each of the lighted candles. Standing at one end, how many flames can they blow out with one breath? Keep the prizes next to the ones they blow out.

27. Jelly bean Exchange

For the Jellybean Exchange game, all you need is a paper bag full of jelly beans!

28. Easter Jellybean Match

Each player gets their bag of jellybeans.  The first to sort their entire bag by color wins the Easter jelly bean match!

29. TikTok Easter Wrap

Oh yeah, this saran wrap ball filled with Easter goodies will have your teen EGG-cited to play!

30. Race Against the Easter Balloon

Have plastic eggs all spread throughout the floor around the Easter basket.  Just another TikTok Easter game treasure!

31. Easter LRC

This is a new Easter tradition that I started with my teens and entire family last year.  Every family member will gladly bring $3  to this table in hopes of winning the big Easter jackpot!

Don’t want to use singles, use quarters for LRC!

So many games, and so little time.

Now grab your bunny ears and ignite your big kids Easter spirit with these TikTok Top Easter games for teens!