Inside: Happy 17th Birthday! The ultimate guide to wishing your teen a happy birthday.

I pride myself on how special I always make people feel on their birthdays. It’s one day a year that you can truly show a person just how happy you are that they are alive and on this planet. I think I am this way because of how above and beyond my parents went every year.

One birthday that I think is often overlooked is the 17th birthday. It’s in between your sweet 16 and your big 18, so it feels like a small birthday…but it’s not. It is the last birthday before your teen is officially an adult(in the eyes of the law), and it deserves to be celebrated as much as the others are!

Best ways to wish your teen a happy 17th birthday. Photo of teen holding a bunch of balloons.

So below you will find some of the BEST ways to wish your teen a happy 17th birthday! I have some up with these so you could get some inspiration for your own teen. But keep in mind that the more personal your birthday wish is, the sweeter it will be to them. So choose one that just screams your teen.

How To Wish Your Teen a Happy 17th Birthday!

Below you will find some ways to wish your teen a happy 17th birthday that will make them feel super loved. That is the goal after all, right? This is the time to show your teen just how much they mean to you! So check out the ideas below and choose as many as you think they’ll like.

1. Wake Them Up With Their Favorite Breakfast

This is an absolute must. It starts their day off the right way; with delicious food that they get to munch down on while they are still in bed! Think about what their favorite breakfast is, which ones get them the most excited? After 17 years on this planet, I bet you know.

Make sure that you take a little extra time on the presentation. You know you’ve done a good job when they have to take a photo of the food first. This idea is super sweet.

If your teen gets up early and you don’t think you can surprise them in bed, then make sure that you have breakfast made in the kitchen before they come out. And when they do, have Alexa play their favorite song. My mom always woke me up on my birthdays by playing Birthday by The Beatles

2. Have 17 balloons waiting for them. Pink 17 Themed balloons.

2. Have 17 Balloons Waiting For Them

This is another one of those things that you have to plan in advance for. Good thing you are reading this before the big day! Have 17 balloons waiting just outside of their bedroom door on their birthday. They will wake up, and leave their bedroom instantly feeling the love.

If they have a favorite color, try and get balloons that are in that scheme. There are so many unique and cute balloons on the internet, think out of the box!

3. Give Them A Bouquet Of 17 Roses

Getting your teen a bouquet of roses will help them to feel extra special. What’s more, they will feel more mature getting a bouquet of roses because it’s a very mature flower. They are nearly an adult and this small act can make them start to feel that.

If you have a son, get him the roses too. Boys deserve flowers!

4. Create A Photo Timeline Of Their Life

This is a super sweet way to wish your teen a happy 17th birthday! You can print out a photo timeline of their entire life and string it up somewhere in the house. This is not only sweet for them to see, but it will be a timeline for you to look at as well.

Your little baby is all grown up, and this timeline will prove that. My parents did this for me! They taped a photo timeline of my life leading from my bedroom all the way to the living room. I loved seeing it.

Ways To Wish Happy B-Day On School Days

5. Post It On Social Media

Of course, a classic(classic as of 2008) way to tell your teen happy birthday is by posting it on social media. You can include some funny photos along with the cute ones to add that little extra something to it. Every year, my mom posts a long paragraph about how much I mean to her.

It’s like a little love declaration to tell the whole world how much your teen means to you! Just make sure you convey this in person as well.

6. Write them a sweet letterer. Photo of person writing a letter.

6. Write Them A Sweet Letter

If you are a super sentimental person, you can write them a letter to convey just how much you love them. You can include 17 different things that you think is unique and loveable about their personality. 17 is the theme after all!

You can include little photos in this is you want as well. They can keep this letter for the rest of their lives. I am a very sentimental person when it comes to my birthday cards and letters, so I am speaking from experience when I say these do mean a lot.

7. Surprise Them With A Party

Of course, a great way to say happy 17th birthday to your teen is to surprise them with a birthday party. I haven’t gotten a surprise party since I was a little kid. This is such a fun ordeal. You have to do this if you want a bigger and louder way to say happy birthday.

You can even include some of the other examples above at the party. I think the life timeline would be a super cute addition.

8. Surprise Them With A Day Trip

You can surprise them with a day trip that you have all planned out. I live in a small town, and for my last birthday, my friends and family planned a surprise trip to one of our neighboring bigger cities. They had all of my favorite things planned, and it just made me feel so special and loved.

Think about the place that they get most excited about going to. What are their favorite stores? What is their favorite place to eat? There are so many amazing directions to take this idea in. What’s more is that this is going to be fun for your entire family. You have to do this!

happy 17th birthday

See, what did I tell ya? There are so many amazing ways that you can wish your teen a happy 17th birthday. These are just scratching the surface! You can get even more creative with your teen’s birthday.

I hope these ideas gave you inspiration, and that you are super excited about celebrating your child. If you want some birthday party ideas for teens, then you don’t have to go very far. I have so many more things to share with you!

Birthdays are a very special time of year because you finally get to show the people you love just how happy you are that they exist. I mean sure, you do this on a daily basis…but now you get to show it with balloons and cake!