Inside: 40+ Fun Ideas for an unforgettable 13 Year Old Birthday Party.

Happy birthday to your tween-now-teen! Help them have a birthday bash they’ll never forget with these unique 13 year old birthday party ideas.

Whether you’re partying inside in the winter or outdoors in the summer, these activities, themes, and favors will help you throw together a get-together that will help your child ring in this exciting new chapter of their life.

From movies to marshmallows too Minecraft, we put together the most fun 13 year old birthday party ideas we could find. Think about your teen’s favorite hobbies and plan a party that celebrates them.

Here is our master list of fun 13 year old birthday party ideas!

Fun birthday ideas for new teenagers turning 13

13 Year Old Birthday Ideas In The Winter

  1. Game Trucks:  Check for Game Trucks in your area! It’s a truck that comes with games, party favors, and refreshments in an all-inclusive package. There are often birthday packages as well! 
  2. Photo Booth:  All you need is a smartphone with a camera and some props to set up a photo booth for your teen’s b-day bash!
  3. Hot Chocolate Bar:  Keep your teen nice and cozy with their closest friends during their party with a sweet hot chocolate bar.
  4. Movie Time:  Give your teen a cozy night in with these movie theater-themed 13 year old birthday party ideas!
  5. Throw Throw Burrito:  Throw Throw Burrito describes itself as “when Uno meets Nerf.” It’s hilarious and perfect for groups of friends to play at an indoor birthday celebration!
  6. A Painting Party:  Bob Ross is still very popular with teens, let me tell you. So why not throw a fun painting get-together to get your child’s creative juices flowing? 
  7. Rock Climbing Celebration:  Take your teen and their closest friends out for a fun day of rock climbing. These funny party favors will commemorate the occasion!
  8. Laser Tag:  Laser tag parties are super popular! Find a cool venue or plan your own right at home.
  9. Candy Bar:  You’re never too old for candy! Take a look at some 13 year old birthday party candy bar ideas.
  10. The Classic Pizza Party:  If you can’t go out, then order in! Either set up a pizza bar at home, or order pizzas with a variety of toppings so everyone can grab a slice of something they like.

Great Party Decorations For A 13 Year Old

  1. Festive 13 Streamers:  These bright streamers really set the scene for a sweet 13. 
  2. Black and Gold Decor:  This decoration pack comes with balloons, banners, cake toppers, and more!
  3. Jumbo Balloons:  Grab a bunch of these 40 inch balloons shaped like the number 13..
  4. Large Yard Banner:  This yard banner reads “Official Teenager”- perfect for your new teen!
  5. Purple “Official Teenager” decorations:  These silver, purple, and black decorations scream “I’m a teenager now!”
  6. 13 Year Old Blues:  Blue balloons, streamers, and “Happy Birthday” banner are included in this decor set. 
  7. LED Balloons:  These LED balloons are by far my FAVORITE balloon decoration for birthday parties.
  8. Hanging Door Banners:  These large door banners read “Cheers to 13 Years!”
  9. Gamer Decorations:  This banner is decorated with gaming consoles and controllers.
  10. Huge Wall Banner:  Say “Happy 13th Birthday” loud and clear with this 3.9 x 5.9 ft. wall banner!

Best Birthday Celebration Ideas For New Teens

Best birthday celebration ideas for teens

  1. Best B-Day Favors For Teen Boys:  These ideas for party favors are sure to be a hit with your teenage son and his friends. 
  2. Great Party Favors For The Birthday Girl:  Snag some favors that any girl would love.
  3. Camping Out: Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and outdoorsy teens alike would love a camp-themed celebration!
  4. Teen Party Food Ideas:  At a loss for snacks? Check out these tasty treats for your teen!
  5. Soda Bar:  Parties are the best time to indulge in some caffeine and sugar. Let your teen go nuts with a classic soda bar!
  6. Pancakes And Pajamas:  Pancakes and pajamas make for a perfect, laid-back celebration for the laid-back teen. 
  7. Awesome Animal Crossing Bash:  Is your teen a Nintendo nut? Then they’ll LOVE this Animal Crossing theme!
  8. DIY Escape Room:  Host an Escape Room right at home for a one-of-a-kind party!
  9. Paint Splatter Palooza:  Let your teen let loose with a paint Slip N Slide or with squirt gun painting!
  10. Pastel Neon Birthday Party:  These fun 13 year old birthday party ideas are bright and colorful, perfect for the artsy teen!

Fun Party Themes For Teens

13 year old birthday party ideas

  1. Fortnite:  You’d be hard pressed to find a teenage boy who doesn’t love Fortnite! Check out these cool Fortnite-themed celebration ideas. 
  2. Fear Factor:  For the daring! Fear Factor themed 13 year old birthday party ideas are bound to be hilarious.
  3. Nerf Guns Galore:  Any teen boy would love a Nerf War themed extravaganza. Be sure to have some rules put together to keep everyone safe and having a good time.
  4. Glow Party:  I hope you like glow sticks because you’ll need plenty for these super cool glow-in-the-dark 13 year old birthday party ideas!
  5. Starbucks:  Throw a Starbucks-themed b-day bash for your teen!
  6. Spa Day:  There’s nothing like a nice spa day! Give your teenager daughter a nice spa-themed celebration. 
  7. An Epic Sleepover:  Set up the coziest and dreamiest sleepover over with these awesome overnight 13 year old birthday party ideas.
  8. A Donut Day:  Throw a delicious donut party for your new teen.
  9. Minecraft: If your teen is more of a Minecraft guy, then these frugal Minecraft 13 year old birthday party ideas will be perfect!
  10. For The Crafty:  If your teen is creative and loves crafting, then they would love a celebration full of fun projects they can make with their friends. 

Great Games For 13 Year Old Birthday Parties

Best games for a 13 year old birthday

  1. Scavenger Hunt:  Send your teen and their friends on a scavenger hunt! This is one of the most low-maintenance 13 year old birthday party ideas you’ll find, that’s for sure. 
  2. Minute To Win It Games:  These quick challenge games are great for a 13 year old birthday party.
  3. Heads Up:  Everyone loves this game, even teens! Hilarity is guaranteed with a game of Heads Up.
  4. Capture the Flag:  If playing outdoors and at night, this awesome light-up capture the flag game set will be an absolute hit with your teen!
  5. Kids Against Maturity:  This game is Cards Against Humanity, but not wildly inappropriate. Your teen will love playing this game with their friends!
  6. Double Ditto:  A fun party board game, Double Ditto is absolutely hilarious and great for even large groups.
  7. Minute of Fun:  This game set comes with 237 quick challenge games all ready to go!

More Ideas Teenagers Will Love

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