Inside: Birthday cake ideas for teenager boy Ideas he’ll devour.

Birthday parties are one of my favorite forms of celebration. It’s like a holiday, but themed after a person! I just like to be able to celebrate with the people I love, get together with family, and eat lots and lots of cake. Though party decorations are a big part of the theme, having a cute decorated cake is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can have to bring the party over the top.

The birthday cake is the thing that everyone gathers around, it’s the biggest part of birthday celebrations, besides the presents perhaps.

So having a cool cake is very important.

I remember for my thirteenth birthday, I had a cake that was in the shape of a burger and fries. I was obsessed! I still remember exactly how it looked, and how it tasted: Chocolate with vanilla buns and strawberry jam center(aka ketchup). It is easily one of my core memories now so that just goes to show how much a cool cake can really make a difference.

Teen Boy Cake

When picking a cake, you really have to take into account the birthday person’s personality. Their likes, hobbies, things like that. Some other things that you should keep in mind are their favorite flavors.

You wouldn’t want to get someone a german chocolate cake when they hate coconut. It’ll ruin the whole moment!

If you have a teen boy at home with a birthday coming up then you might be on the lookout for some awesome cake ideas. Well, look no further! I’ve created a list of some of the coolest birthday cakes for teens I could find, 53 of them to be exact. So there is bound to be something they will love.

I made sure to separate them into categories, starting with some general cakes for all ages, and then starting from 13 and working my way up. So have a look.

Cakes for Teenage Guys

This first list is a brought mix of different kinds of cakes that will be perfect for any age group. If you noticed, number 3 is a burger cake. I just figure that If I enjoyed mine so much that perhaps I’d share the love and experience that comes with having a food-shaped cake.

Lately, realistic cakes have been on the rise. They even have a Netflix show called, “is it cake?” where bakers have to make the most realistic cake they can and judges have to try and find the imposter amongst the real thing that it was based on.

I don’t think my cake was THAT realistic but it was cool all the same. Check these out.

1. Cute M&M Cake

2. Pizza Cake

3. Burger Cake

4. Reese’s Cake

5. Nike Cake

6. Fortnite Cake

7. Candy Theme

8. Taco Cake

9. Sweet Treat Cake

10. Sour Patch Kids

Teenager 13th Birthday Cake Ideas for a Boy

The 13th Birthday is a big one. It’s the first birthday that marks your boy a teen! There will be many ups and downs, and hilarious experiences that will follow this milestone, so you better celebrate them now. Teens are crazy, but at least at this age, you don’t have to worry about them learning to drive. You get to avoid that for a few more years! So check these out and see which one you think will best be suited to your new teen.

11. Video Game Theme

12. Blue and Green Cake

13. 13 Shaped

14. Soccer Cake

15. Campfire Cake

16. Football Cake

17. Hobbie Themed Cake

18. Call of Duty Cake

19. Fortnite Cake

20. Iron Man Cake

21. Youtube and Netflix

Cake Ideas for 14 Year Olds

Cake Ideas for a 14-Year-Old Boy

Ah, the 14th year. A fun one in terms of hormones and bodily changes. No one wants to talk about it, but it’s a normal part of life! Everyone goes through changes, and the fun part is being able to celebrate them. So don’t skimp out on your 14-year-olds birthday party just because it isn’t a milestone. Any one of these cakes will make the birthday something to remember. Plus, they look delicious!

22. XBox Controller

23. Minecraft Cake

24. Dirtbike Cake

25. Dance Cake

26. Chocolate Coin Cake

27. Basketball Hoop

28. Surfing Cake

Cake Ideas for a 15-Year-Old Boy

29. Video Game Cake

30. Candy Cake

31. Donut Themed Cake

32. Burger Cake

33. Card Cake

34. Archory Cake

35. Racetrack

36. Basketball Candy Cake

37. Monster Cake

38. Pancakes

Birthday Cakes for 16 year olds

Birthday Cakes for 16-Year-Old Boy

We’ve finally made it to my favorite section of this list, the 16th birthday! This one is a big milestone. This is when you’re baby can legally drive if they so choose! So naturally, I made sure to include a few car themed cakes. It can be a pretty scary time when you realize the independence that follows this birthday, but it is also fun to see your kid turn into their own little mini adult. You just have to sit back and let them do their thing. Here are some of the coolest 16th birthday cakes the internet had to offer.

39. Driving Themed Cake

40. Green and Blue Cake

41. Licence Plate

42. 16 Year Old Cake

43. Jazz Cake

44. Remote Controls

45. Football Cake

46. Iowa Licence Plate

47. Tire Cake

Birthday Cake for 17-Year-Old Boy

Finally, the 17th birthday. Though they are still technically teens until they are 20, after they turn 18, it just feels like they’re in that middle grey area between teen and adult, like the older version of a tween. So I think that this one is defiantly worth the celebration, after all…they only turn 17 once! You have to make the most of it. Have a look at these.

48. Speed Limit 17

49. Weight Lifter Cake

50. Captain America

51. Money Cake

52. Zombie Cake

53. Space Jam Cake

Birthday cake for teenager boy

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