Inside: Loft beds for teenage girl that will make the most out of your small space.

We have all been there before: our childhood bedroom no longer has enough space for us. Gone are the days when all you had to do was play with toys and watch movies…now you need space for science projects, homework, and work out. So how do you make more room without getting rid of stuff?

I have quite a simple solution, and it may surprise you. Have you ever heard of a loft bed? A loft bed is essentially like a bunk bed, but with no lower bed, so you can use the lower space however you like.

Some of the cooler loft beds come with desks and shelving, so you can utilize your small space even more than you ever imagined.  They can be quite cute too!

Loft Bed for teenage girl Stylish + Efficient

I put together a list of some of the best loft beds for teenage girl that will help to make their room feel like their perfect space. Take a look to see which ones best fit your aesthetic and which ones have qualities that will fit your lifestyle.

Affordable Loft Beds

I know how hard it can be as a teen(or a parent of a teen) to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new bed frame. So with that in mind, I made this first list full of affordable options. They start out at around $90 and go up to $300 at the max, so take a look and see which ones fit into your budget and your lifestyle. Remember that you can always decorate it to make it fit your style!

1. Simple Loft Style in Black – I thought this one was perfect for kicking off our list. It’s the simplest way you can go!

2. Stylish Bed with Built-in Desk – If you need your space for homework, having a designated desk can be so helpful. Check this one out!

3. Black Frame with Wooden Desk – I like the look of a metal frame with wood that accents it and adds texture.

4. White Bed Fram with Cute Roll-Out Desk – If your room needs lighter colors, this is the bed frame for you. They even include a white rollout desk.

5. Black Bed with Wooden Panelling – If your room has a lot of wood, this will perfectly match your style. Take a look at this to see what I mean.

6. White Bed Frame with Cool Ladder – I really like the ladder on this loft bed. It’s extra cute and cool. But I may be biased because ladders are my favorite feature of this bed.

7. Sweet White Wooden Bed Frame I think a lighter style for bedrooms is super cute because it can make your space feel even bigger. I think this bed frame would be a great addition to your room.

8. Black Bed with Built-in Couch – This bed has a built-in couch. Yep, you read that right. Imagine what a cool hangout spot your room will be if you have a built-in couch!

9. Wooden Loft Style Frame – I like the look of a wooden bed frame because they seem extra sturdy.

Stylish Loft Beds with desks

Stylish Loft Beds for Teen Girl

Loft beds are even cooler when you see how stylish they can be. Not only are they helpful, but they are cute too. When will these cease to amaze me? I wish I had one of them when I was younger, especially number 13. Take a look at these and really take a moment to imagine each one in your room to get a good idea of what will truly fit your style and your needs.

10. Metal Loft in Silver – This space grey loft bed is one of the cutest I have seen. It is simple enough that it will fit into many different styles of bedrooms, so it’ll definitely work for you.

11. Black Bed with Light Wooden Accents – The combination of black and wood is something unmatched.

12. White Bed with Built-in Drawers – If you have too many clothes for the space you have, then perhaps a loft bed with built-in drawers is the style for you.

13. Adorable Bed with Real Stairs – I like that this one has real stairs. Sometimes the idea of only a ladder is hard because what do you do in the middle of the night when you need to pee?

14. Low Loft Styled Cute Bed – You don’t need your loft bed to be super tall to still benefit from the extra space. Take this one, for example.

15. Cute Styled Room Bed – This loft bed shows you how cute you can make your room with this style of frame. I love it!

16. Awesome Light Grey Bed – I think that this light grey bed would be perfect for those of you who have lots of color in your room. It’s a good neutral phone.

17. White Bed with Space for a Desk – The idea of having a desk for your room is perfect because in order to get in the mood to do work, you need to separate yourself from your bed.

18. Double Bed with Ladder  – If you want a double bed for all the slumber parties, then look at this one!

Efficient Loft beds for dorms

Efficient Loft Beds for Teenage Girl

The best part about loft beds is how efficient they are. They will take up the same about of space as your bed but, at the same time, will give you the opportunity to utilize that space for other things that you might need. Plus the awesome fact that you will get to crawl into your bed at night up a ladder or stairs.

There is something so comforting about being off the ground. So check these out and see which ones you like.

19. Loft Style with Storage Stairs – This bed has storage stairs…yep, I repeat…STORAGE STAIRS. They made little cubbies for extra storage in the stairs. How perfect!

20. Loft with Perfect Desk – How perfect is this frame?

21. Perfect Slumber Party Bed – This is literally the perfect bed for a slumber party. No person will have to sleep on the floor.

22. Navy Blue Bed with Peg Board Desk – Pegboards are one of the coolest additions to a desk.

23. Twin Loft with Storage Area – Storage is the name of the game.

24. Cool Grey with Shelves The more shelves, the more room for fun activities.

25. Desk with Bed and Shelves – I think that the shelving options this frame gives you are awesome!

26. Cute Wooden Tall bed – This is probably the tallest bed on this list. So if you are tall then this is for you!

27. Perfect Teen Bed – This is the best teen bed, so it is the finale of this list.

Loft Beds for Teenage Girl

So did you find a loft bed for teenage girl that you loved? I know it can be hard to make a decision that will take up so much space in your room…but it will be so worth it! You will have much more room for all your heart’s activities.

Styling a bedroom for a teenage girl can be hard too, but so much fun! Your room is your safe space, so it’s important to create a space that you absolutely love.

The best way to do this is to fill it with things that make you happy, and when you have a loft beds for teenage girl, it gives you more room to fill your space with those things! What you are doing is important, so go you!