Inside: Cute winter outfits for teenage girl that are comfy and cozy.

Winter is coming, and no, I am not quoting game of thrones when I say this…it is a fact. Okay, I may also be quoting Game of Thrones, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter, is finding some cute outfits to wear during these colder months.

I know how hard the transition from summer to the colder months can be a hard one in terms of your wardrobe. You have to forgo your favorite outfits and instead reach for something warmer.

When you haven’t had to dress for the cold in 8 months or so… you can forget how to do this and feel overwhelmed.

Cute Winter Outfits for Teenage Girl

The good news is, you CAN feel confident in a warmer outfit. In fact, you can sometimes feel even more confident because you are more cozy and comfortable.

With this in mind, I have created a list of some cute winter outfits for teenage girl ideas that will knock your socks off. Jokingly of course, you’ll definitely need your socks since it’s so cold.

Before we get into the ideas, I have some tips for dressing warm!

Tips and Tricks to Feel Cute During Winter

There are a few key things to keep in mind when looking for a good winter outfit.  First, you must think about the weather. Is it super cold where you live, or does it mainly stick around the mid-60s? Does it rain a lot, or does it snow? These things will make a big difference in your outfits, so think about it for a bit.

If you live in a rainier place, you must include a raincoat of some sort. This does not mean that classic yellow rubber thing that always comes to mind, but simply something with a water-resistant surface. That way it does not absorb the droplets! Another good idea for this climate is a pair of good quality boots. Depending on the rest of your wardrobe, pick a plain black or brown pair that can go with anything.

Next, we deal with the layers. Sometimes wearing big baggy clothes can make you feel like a shapeless blob. To avoid this, consider getting some cropped sweaters or simply tucking your sweaters into the waist of your pants. This will give you an elongated look and show your shape. It’s super cute!

Now that we have that covered, we can get into the fun part: Finding winter outfit inspiration! Look below to get a good idea of the kinds of outfits that you want to wear during your winter season.

Simple Outfits for Teenage Girls

When wintertime hits, that cold weather can zap any energy you have to put together an outfit. I have been there! But at the same time that you do not feel up to creating a cute outfit, you still want to WEAR a cute outfit: quite the predicament, but a simple solution.

Down below is a list of the simplest sinter outfits you’ll find. They are cute, warm, and, best of all, simple! Check them out for inspiration.

1. Jeans, Tank Top, and Big Cardigan

2. Ginger Cardigan with Jeans

3. Turtleneck with Jewelry

4. Leggings with Socks and Fluffy Jacket

5. Big Wool Coat

6. Cute Puffer Jacker Outfit

7. Cute Flowy Shirt

8. Big Cozy Jacket

9. Hipster Flannel Outfit

Cute Winter Outfits for Teenage Girl

Cozy Outfits for Teen Girls

Along with the cold comes a need to bundle up and be cozy. There is nothing worse than leaving the house and feeling cold by the time you get to the car. So this outfit list below will help with that. Each of these is cozy, comfy, and warm enough to make you feel like you are walking with a blanket wrapped around you.

Take a look and consider investing in a few of these winter coats.

10. Cozy Tan Look

11. Big Sweatshirt with Tan Pants

12. Comfortable Jacket

13. Cropped Sweater

14. Stretchy Yoga Pants with Tank Top

15. 2 Piece Cozy Suit

16. Brown V Neck Sweater

17. Sweet Outfit

18. Sweater with Button Up

19. Green Puff Jacket with Boot

Chic Cute Winter Outfit for high school

Chic Cute Winter Outfits for Teenage Girl

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you cannot still dress adorably. This list is the perfect example of this. Below sits a compilation of the chicest outfits to wear during winter time. There are lots of large adorable coats and nice boots, so consider investing in a few of them.

They can go with multiple outfits, and they’ll be so worth it. If not for the comfort factor, for the cuteness.

20. Big White Soft Coat

21. Patterned Pants with Sweater

22. Button Shirt with Blue Sweater

23. Yellow Seater with Sleek Shoes

24. Dr. Martens Outfit

25. Leather Leggings

26. Big Button-Up Shirt

27. Long Coat with the Loafers

28. Cozy Long Sweater

29. Believe in Yourself

30. Blue Sweatshirt with Black Jacket

31. Yellow Sweater

32. Cute Converse

Winter Outfit Ideas for School

Going to school during the wintertime can be kind of drab in terms of fashion. You want to be comfortable and warm, but you don’t want to wear the same thing every single day. I get you! So look at the list below to help fix those problems.

You will find that there are lots of ideas out there that are perfect not only for school but for any occasion that you need to be comfortable and cute. Take a look to get some inspiration!

33. Jeans and Flower Sweater

34. Light Blue Sweatshirt

35. Colorful Sweater Ideas

36. Tan on Tan with Jeans

37. Turtleneck Sweater

38. Jean Jacket with Leggings

39. Light Long Cardigan

40. Black Pants with Sweater

41. Puffer Jacket with a T-Shirt

42. Tucked Sweater

43. Collared Shirt Outfit

44. Light Plaid Jacket

45. Casual Comfy Outfit

46. Black Jeans with Green Sweater

Trendy fashion for school on cold days

Trendy & Cute Winter Outfits for Teenage Girl

Whenever you hear trendy, you may cringe a little, but you shouldn’t! Because trendy simply means whatever is popular right now, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, the popular things are most often the coolest and the most out of the box.

That is why they are so popular! So take a look at this last list to get a good feel for what is on trend and how to style it. There are lots of large sweater vests and baggy clothes, so add those to your list!

47. Long Green Coat

48. Sweet Blue Sweaters

49. Tied Button Up

50. Soft Collared Button Down

51. Pants with Green Sweater

52. Big Cozy Outfit

53. Sweet Pea Sweater

54. Cropped Turtle Neck

55. Turtleneck Sweater with Button Up

56. Brown Baggy Sweater with Leggings

57. Colorful Knit Sweater

58. Soft White Sweater

59. Large V Neck

60. Big Sweaters and Yellow Pants

61. Monochrome Look

I hope you have found this article helpful and that you loved these Cute Winter Outfit Ideas for Teenage Girl. There was a lot to look through, so it is my wish that you figured out what kind of styles you liked and which you didn’t.

The internet can be such a helpful place for finding inspiration in your daily life. Clothes are an expression of who we are, so finding what style you like is like finding a way to be yourself. Too many people in the world don’t wear what they really want to wear because they are too scared that it won’t look good. Remember that no matter what, you will look amazing.

Unless you wear low-rise jeans…those are insane, and I cannot believe they are coming back into fashion.