Inside: Epic teen Halloween activities for a super fun Halloween.

I think one of the saddest times in life is those awkward in-between years when you are a teen, especially around Halloween. It’s when you start to feel awkward about knocking on doors to trick or treating and start to doubt whether you are too old to participate in Halloween.

If this is you, I have some words of advice: You are never too old for Halloween. But if you don’t find trick or treating as fun as you used to, that is okay. A big bag of candy is like five dollars. There are so many other ways to celebrate this fun holiday still.

Epic Teen Halloween Activities

That is what I am talking about today: the most epic Teen Halloween Activities. These are perfect if you get together with your friends. They give you something to do that is fun and festive. Don’t ever stop celebrating Halloween; just figure out ways to celebrate that align with your idea of fun. So take a look at these and see which ones you like!

Classic Halloween Teen Activities

First up, here are some games that you can play with things that you will most likely already have at home. The more people you have playing, the more fun it is. So try and get as many of your friends together as possible! Any one of these games is a guaranteed good time.

1. Painting Pumpkins – First up, we have a simple spin on a classic game: Painting pumpkins! Instead of carving them out, you simply have to paint them. This also helps the pumpkins stay good for longer.

2. Play Halloween Video Games – I am talking Zombie killing games, witch hunts, and any other kind of video game that is Halloween Themed. This is a great idea because you probably already have a few scary games that will count.

3. Bobbing for Apples – This one puts the fun in funny. Bobbing for apples is a time-old tradition where you fill a barrel or big bucket with water and apples, and you have to try and get it out with just your mouth.

4. Costume Contest – See who has the best costume. You are never too old to dress up, so don’t let that kind of thinking way you down. Honestly, the older you get, the more realistic your costumes become!

5. Try Not To Get Scared This is one of my all-time favorite games because it has everything you want: Scares, Laughs, and it’s completely free! Youtube has these jumpscare challenges, so take a look at the link. But caution, these are scary so only watch if your heart can take it.

6. Scary Movie Marathon – This one has a lot in common with a Zombie…it’s a no-brainer. I am not sorry for that joke because cheesy jokes are the best.

7. Make a Mummy – Grab some toilet paper and have everyone get into pairs. Set a timer for 2 minutes and see who can make the best mummy in that time.

8. Halloween Pictionary – Pictionary is just one of those games that deserve to be at every single party. You can make it any these you want, and it is always a good time.

9. Who Am I – Everyone sits in a circle and has to take turns saying a description of a famous villain or monster. For example, “My favorite midnight snack is high in iron; who am I?” The answer is Dracula!

Epic Teen Halloween Activities

Epic Teen Halloween Activities

Next up, here are some games that you can buy before the big day. I like referring to Halloween as the big day. Because I feel like it gets looked over a lot, it is one of the top 3 Holidays, but it deserves as much love as Christmas gets. So check these out and decide which ones would make your Halloween better.

10. Crystal Ball Teller Game – This one would be the most fun with all your friends sitting in a circle asking it questions.

11. Halloween Charades

12. Halloween Ring Toss – Personally, I don’t think you are ever too old to play ring toss. I feel the same way about dressing up for Halloween. Just do what feels most fun to you!

13. Bite Me Board Game

14. Stupid Deaths Party Game – This game is hilarious and loads of fun. It’s perfect for teens on Halloween.

15. Minute To Win It Game – I think these are extra fun because this bundle comes with everything you’ll need. Minute-to-win-it games are always a blast.

16. Escape Room In a Box

17. Find the Stuffed Pumpkin – Get a stuffed pumpkin from this link, and hide it somewhere super hard to find(or have your parent hide it so you can play too). Then the first person to find it gets candy.

18. Twister Ultimate: Halloween Costume – So, yes, this is the classic game of twister, but doing this while being in costume is bound to elicit more laughs from you can your friends.

Halloween Baking Ideas

Halloween Baking Ideas

I loved baking as a teen, and I still do today because of those early days that I experienced. One of my favorite Halloweens I have ever had was spent baking Halloween cookies with my friends. We divided into groups and then had a contest to see which was better. Check out these ideas and choose a few to create with your friends!

19. Graveyard Brownies – Sometimes, going with a simple dessert is the way to go, so you can decorate it however you like.

20. Chocolate Spiderweb Pretzel

21. Peanut Butter Spider Cookies – These are too cute. I can’t take it!

22. Raw Meat Rice Crispy Treat – This one looks NASTY. Since making rice crispy treats is pretty easy to do, the contest should be to see how many people you can freak out with this one.

23. Strawberry Chocolate Rats

24. Pumpkin Pops

25. Spiderweb Cookies – These look simple and cute—just my kind of dessert.

26. Mummy with Rice Crispies

27. Pumpkin Pie Twists

28. Monster Strawberries – I like this one because it gives you the freedom to choose whichever monsters you want.

29. Jack Skellington Oreo Pops

Teen Halloween Activities

Printable Teen Halloween Activities

And lastly, I wanted to include some options for those of you who want to have fun but don’t feel like setting up some big complex game. These are already done for you, and they are loads of fun! Check out this list of printable Halloween Activities for Teens. Make each game more fun by having prizes.

30. Witches Brew Escape Room

31. Halloween Battle with Friends

32. Halloween Game Bundle

33. Themed Bingo Idea

34. Halloween Emoji Pictionary

35. Editable Halloween Games

36. Word Card Games

37. Finish My Phrase

So…are you feeling better? I hope so. I understand how that gray area feels, so I am happy to be able to help you find a way to fill that space with fun.

You are never too old for Halloween. If these epic activities weren’t enough for you, then you have to check out these other teenage Halloween activities. There will definitely be something for you here.

The most important part about Halloween is that you are having fun. You can still dress, you can still go door to door if that makes you happy, you can do anything you want. These fun games and activities are a surefire way to make sure you are having a blast!