Inside: Teenage Hangout Room Ideas.

Every cool group of teens have a designated space where they hang out, this is a fact.

Think about it; That 70s Show had their basement, iCarly had their film room, Code Name:Kids Next Door had…well they had a whole secret base so they don’t really count.

But my point stands.

Teens need a good hangout spot.

Many parents have rooms that they designate for such a purpose, and if you clicked on this article then you too are perhaps in the process of creating one for your teen. How fun!

There are many things to consider when making this space, so I’ve created the Master Guide to Creating a the perfect Teen Hangout Room to get you off the ground running.

I’ve gone ahead and broken it down into sections, that way its more streamlined and you can get to work right away. So let’s get into it.

How To Create A Teen Hangout Room


First and foremost you need to pick a place. There are many to choose from including:

  • Your Teen’s Bedroom
  • A Spare Bedroom
  • A Garage
  • An Attic
  • A Mother in Law Sweet

These are just some of the most popular, but you can get creative with it. As long as it has electricity & WiFi then you are good to go. Another thing to concider is privacy. Choosing a place that is not too close but not too far from adult supervision is the way to go. This way they can feel respected and comfortable but you are still nearby enough to help with anything they may need. Once you’ve chosen a place, the real fun can begin.

Creating Your Teen Hangout Room

Now this is a pretty big task to undergo, so I’ve broken it down into different subsections. I start with the basics and work my way up to the more complex ideas, so don’t feel overwhelmed. First we are starting out with:


What your teen’s hangout room looks like is entirely dependent on their personality! You’re not going to make a basketball themed room for a piano lover, you know what I mean?

So what does your kid like? Some things to consider are:

  • Their hobbies
  • Their favorite TV Shows
  • Their favorite bands
  • Games they like to play
  • Their favorite colors
  • Their Go-To Style

These are the different aspects that you can incorporate into your teen’s hangout room. You should buy posters and decor that reflects their interests and style. Also, don’t be afraid to get their help with this project! It’s literally being made for them so having their input along the way will only stand to perfect the finished project. Not to mention some family bonding along the way, it’s a win win!

Room For Friends

Make sure that your space will have enough room to comfortably fit all of your teen’s friend group(with room for growth of course). Make sure to include enough seating options for whatever amount there may be. Oh and make sure to keep sleep overs in mind.

Sure, teens can sleep on the floor better then us adults, but that doesn’t mean they should HAVE to.

In the next section we discuss the many different seating options available and how to incorporate sleepover friendly spaces.

Seating Ideas for teen rooms


As discussed above, your seating options are going to depend on the rough amount of friends your teen has. Generally, there are some staples that are must haves for a hangout room.

Couches- Having a couch is basically a non-negotiable. Not only do they give lots of sitting space, but they can also double as sleeping space as well. Especially when they include a fold out bed, maximum comfort! Below is a little list of some great couches you could include in your space.

Bean Bags- Yep bean bags are still popular. What can I say, they’re timeless. They’re a fun way to add some more comfy seating that isn’t as conventional as a chair. Check out some cute ones below.

Hanging Chair- One of the cutest ways you can add seating to your hangout room is with hanging chairs. They’re fun, adorable, and can really pull the place together. Look at the list below to get a good idea of what you’re looking for.


One of the most important things to include is activities! Based on what your teen is into, you can fill the space with fun things that both them and their friends will enjoy. Picking can be tricky but some must haves include:

  • A TV
  • A Game System
  • Board Games
  • Art Supplies
  • Music

They don’t just have to be fun things either. It’s important to include a space for studying and school work as well. Talk to your teen about what potential activities they’d like to include in their hangout room.

Bonus Addition teen media room

Bonus Additions

This next list are things that you don’t necessarily NEED but will definitely get you some bonus points with your teen. If this entices you then consider adding:

So there you have it! Creating the perfect hangout space for your teen is actually pretty easy once you get started. You simply think about their likes and hobbies, and incorporate them into a room with lots of comfy seating and things to keep the kids entertained. Making this room can be a fun challenge for you and your teen to work on together, so get started!

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Teenage Hangout Room Ideas