Inside: The coolest Japanese Teenage Room Ideas

I love learning about all of the many popular decor styles from around the world. Each one brings something new and unique to the table, so I never really get tired of finding new ideas.

I love to travel, and so I try and make my home reflect that. Wherever I go, I try and notice something that I like so I can incorporate it into my home. One of my all-time favorite styles that I have found is Japanese teenage rooms.

So today I am going to show you some of the coolest ones I have seen.

Awesome Japanese Teenage ROOM IDEAS

Many of the examples below are from dorm rooms or apartments, so they are totally achievable within a smaller budget. But there are some unique ones that are perfect for those of you willing to do some investing. So without further ado, let’s get into this!

Japanese Teenage Room Ideas

First up, I figured I would show you some classic and simple Japanese teenage room ideas. This way, you can get a good idea about what exactly this style is. Though there are some variations, depending on if you want something simpler or more colorful. But there are many examples below to get a good feel for your preferences!

1. Cute Light Cozy Room Idea – I thought this simple design would be perfect to start us off. It does get quite a bit busier from here, so if you like this, then take notes.

2. Simple Light White Room – I live in this kind of light white room. Check out this example to see what I mean.

3. Simple Colorful Monitor Setup – Having a cute monitor set up is such a fun idea for a bedroom, especially if you are a gamer!

4.  Cutest Gamer Set with Stuffed Animals

5. Colorful Room with Anime Posters – Adding posters of your favorite Japanese animes is one of the cutest ways to stick to this theme.

6. Pink Room with Light Art – Light art is another awesome way to incorporate some unique color into your room. Check out this idea.

7. Rainbow Room with Big Flower Seat

8. Checkered Light Pink Rug Room – Okay…I am absolutely obsessed with this idea. How could I not be? I have never seen anything quite like it!

9. Adorable Pastel Room with Projector – These TV projectors are probably one of my next bigger purchases. You can even use them to project windows onto your wall, so you can create whatever atmosphere you want. Too cool.

10. Soft Little Daisy Pillow

11. Light Blue Checkered Rug – I am just going to go ahead and add a checkered rug to my online shopping cart real quick; I didn’t know what I was missing in my life.

Japanese Decor Ideas

Japanese Decor Ideas

Next up, I thought we should cover decor. This is one of the most important factors when putting together a Japanese teenage room. As you will see from the examples below, you are going to want your walls COVERED in decor. There are so many unique ways to do this. Take a look below to see what I mean.

12. Big Yellow Bow Wall Hang 

13. Curly Lamp – I think adding a unique lamp is one of the best ways to create an awesome living space within your room. Light is one of the most important factors of any bedroom, after all.

14. Lots of Stuffed Animals

15. Snazzy Floral Carpet – Look at how cool this carpet is. I think the moral of the story is you will need a very unique carpet for this style of room.

16. Fancy Little Decorated Blanket

17. Big Googley Eyes – These huge googly eyes are cheap on amazon and make sure an adorable impact on your bedroom space. Just saying it.

18. Red Checkered Blanket

19. Bubble Seat Idea – I think unique seating is another one of those must-haves; what do you think? Take a look at this bubble seat idea to see what I mean.

20. Sleepy Cat with Plants – Yep, I mean it when I say you will have to invest in a little feline and use it as decoration for your room. Maybe get some plants, too(with all jokes aside, if you don’t have a cat, maybe get a stuffed animal in its place).

21. Pastel Rainbow

22. Hanging Moon and Stars Lights – Lighting. I have said it before, and I will definitely have to say it again, but lighting is such a big and important part of any Japanese teen room.

Must See Japanese Teen Room Ideas

Must See Japanese Teen Rooms

Lastly, I thought we should end this off with a strong finish. These are my absolute favorite Japanese teen rooms that I have ever seen. I am seriously inspired to add some more bright colors to my home and maybe even get myself a projector for my bedroom. Check these out and try not to get too excited…it’s impossible.

23. Room with Multiple Rugs – Layering rugs like this can add so much texture and fun for your eyes. Plus, they are so soft…you can’t go wrong by adding more to the mix.

24. Adorable Room with Projector and Stuffed Animals

25. Cute Little Safe Place Room – I love this room because it really does emulate a safe space. I just want to spend hours in here reading. Take a look to see what I mean.

26. Japanese Light Colored Room

27. Perfect Kawaii Room with a Lot of Color – Are you a fan of color? Then you HAVE to check out this idea. It’s like a rainbow made its home in here.

28. Little Side Couch Cozy Area

29. Super Simple Room with Pastel Colors – I think pastels are perfect for a room because they are just the right amount of colorful and peaceful at the same time.

30. Unique Room Arch Must See

31. Achievable Kawaii Room Ideas – I understand that some of these rooms would cost quite a bit to recreate, but you don’t need a lot of money to create a Japanese Teenage Room. Take this idea, for example.

32. Big Floral Pillow with Teddy Bear

33. Room Collage Wall – I love this style of collage wall. Take a look to get a good idea for your own collage wall if you choose to make one, which I am sure you will after seeing this.

Japanese Teenage Room

I hope these ideas opened your mind to new home decor possibilities because that’s the effect that they had on me. My living room needs a tune-up, and I think I am going to use some of the Ideas that I found here. The cuteness and the colorfulness alone give me such a serotonin boost.

If you are interested in continuing the home decorating fun, I have you covered. We have so many home decor ideas…you will never get bored. Check these out!

Your bedroom is the space where you spend the majority of your hours, so I think it is very important to make that space as cute and cozy as you can. What is the alternative? Live in a boring little room? No, thank you! So I hope you enjoyed these ideas and that they will help you in creating your perfect space.