Inside: Pink & grey teenage girl room design ideas.

When it comes to decorating, choosing a theme is very important. Your theme can be very in your face, or very simple. You could decorate your place to be decked in video game decor, with silvers and black. Or you could go the Hello Kitty route, with the bright cartoon cat on every surface of your room.

That is the beauty of decorating, it’s in the eye of the beholding! Meaning that everything is up to you when creating your space. Bedrooms are the one place in your house that you have the free reign of decorating…at least when you are a teenager. So you should take advantage of that.

It can be such a fun process, but very hard to start. There are so many paths you can take!

Cozy Grey Bedroom Design For A Ten

One of my favorite ways to decorate a bedroom is super simple. This one is good for those of you who want your room to feel put together but don’t necessarily want to commit to having a certain theme. To create a space that feels comforting, inviting, and cute, you simply have to pick one or two colors and use them as the basis for your decor.

Pick your favorites, and you will have a bedroom that feels like your own. My absolute favorite color combination has to be Grey and Pink. Not only are these colors very complimentary of each other, but they create a very relaxing atmosphere for you to hang out in.

There are so many different ways that you can incorporate colors into your room in seamless ways. So let’s talk about it!

How to Create a Seamless Color-Themed Room?

It’s a very simple task, but there are certain tips and tricks that can make the process easier, so I thought we would go over them.

If you are not able to make any big changes to your walls or rooms in a permanent way (like painting or adding paneling) because you are renting, don’t worry. There are so many ways to incorporate these colors without changing anything major. Instead, start with these to create a grey teenage girl room:

  • Add a Grey blanket with pink accent pillows(or visa versa)
  • Put up posters and photos that fit the color scheme
  • Add colored lights
  • Add a chair cushion that is grey or pink
  • Make your desk accessories match

These are just some ways that you can create your cozy grey and pink bedroom without changing the room itself.

Next, if you have a little more wiggle room in terms of being able to make changes to your space in a more permanent way, consider adding:

  • A grey accent wall
  • A small pink chandelier
  • Colored Panelling

These things will definitely help to create a fun and comfortable space. It will make the room feel cozier and just an overall fun place to be.

Okay so now that we’ve covered that, let me tell you what this article is about. I’ve created a list of awesome grey and pink room designs to help get you started on redecorating your room. There are so many cute ideas here that you will not be able to stop yourself from redecorating your room as soon as humanly possible.

Grey teenage girl room with pink details

Cozy Grey Teenage Girl Room

For this first one, I wanted to create the perfect mixture of different styles of bedrooms. They all have a similar theme, sure. But there are literally so many ways you can achieve this look and in so many different decor styles.

For example, you can have a sleek modern grey and pink room, or perhaps if you are more into natural textures, a boho chic style room.

1. Grey Headboard with Pink Blankets

2. Cute Pink and Grey Aesthetic

3. SImple Bedroom with White Accent Tables

4. Comfy Bed with Cute Pillows

5. Grey Carpeted Room

6. Baby Pink and Soft Grey Accent Wall

7. Light Pink Knit Throw

8. Light Grey with Simple Decor

9. Light Up Mirror

10. Zebra Rug with Pink Aspects

11. Grey Twin Bed

12. Chunky Knit Blanket on Bed

13. Adorable Couch Set Up

14. Crossed Pink Carpet

15. Area Rug with Grey Highlights

16. Grey Couch with Pink Pillows

17. White Bed Frame with Grey Aspects

18. Pink and Grey Palette

19. Light Pink Chunky Blanket

20. Pink and Grey Hangout Room

Grey Teen Room decor

Grey Teen Bedroom

This next batch has some of the cutest room designs out there. With all of the different textures and accent pieces, I couldn’t decide which I liked the most. So when you are looking through these, keep in mind that you do not have to create your room exactly as these are here.

Take them with a grain of salt. Use them as a basis, not as an exact blueprint. This way you can take what you really like and leave what you don’t. After all, it is your room!

21. Blush Pink Bedroom with Jute Cord Rug

22. Pink and Grey Hangout Room

23. Elegant Simple Decor

24. Cute Pink Side Table

25. Cute Room with Black & White Posters

26. Cute Chic Room

27. Hello There Wall Posters

28. Grey and Pink Room with Rose Wall Flower

29. Room with Brown Tones

30. Grey and Pink Accent Wall

31. Dark Grey Bed Frame with Pink Pillows

32. Grey Wall with Pink Bedding

33. Princess Bed Frame

34. Boho Bedroom

35. Big Room with Blush Accents

36. Cute Teen Room

37. White Bedding with Grey and Pink Accents

38. Dark Grey Room

39. Cute Fairy Lit Room

Cute Pink and Grey Room For Tweens

Teenage Pink and Grey Bedroom

40. Grey Color Palette

41. Light Grey Room

42. Grey Bed Set

43. Grey Wall Paneling

44. Pink Rug with Cute Bedding

45. Dark Wall with Light Grey & Pink Aspects

46. Pink, Grey and Gold Room

47. Low Bed with Mandala Prints

48. Cute Soft Room

49. Bedroom with Abstract Face Drawing

50. Simple Accent Wall with Cute Plants

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