Inside: Art Kits for Teens With Supplies That They’ll Love.

Does your teen love drawing? Or sewing, maybe even building unique structures.

When I was a teenager, I would spend hours making, creating, and coming us with fun DIYs.

Today there are so many new and exciting art and craft kits to help teens express their creativity. Whether your teen enjoys drawing or is looking for another creative outlet, I’ve got you covered. Check out our favorite art kits for teens.

Art Sets for Teens

Art Kits for Teens

1. Dream Board Craft Kit: This kit lets you assemble a dream board to display all the things that are special to you in one cool piece of art.

2. Daler Rowney Complete Artist Kit: This might be a dream of (almost) every artist in the world. The package, designed as a cool metal suitcase, the way all the items are placed inside, their variety, the colors, and the quality – all of these are reasons why this would make a teenager artist very happy.

It includes a lot of things and allows to have a wide field for experimenting and trying things out, but is also suitable for those who already have experience and know that they want these particular supplies.

The contents of this kit are 56 colored pencils, 10 acrylic paints, a mixing palette for them, and 10 brushes that are perfect for acrylics, 24 oil pastels, 10 drawing sheets and 8 canvas boards. Also, a palette knife, a pencil sharpener, and a soft white eraser.

Craft Kits for Teens

3. Craft-tastic DIY String Art: Craft-Tastic’s String Art Set is an interesting entry set into the world of string art. The set itself is relatively simple with 3 unique patterns, and the required string, pins, and boards to complete them.

4. Bellofy Sketching Kit: There are 72 unique pencils that include graphite, charcoals, colors, and more. If that wasn’t enough, the accessory selection is just as impressive. The blending tips allow teens to try out advanced techniques while the sharpener and pencil extender adds comfort.

Best Craft Kits for Teenage Girl

5. Bracelet Box Kit: Accessories have a unique advantage over other kinds of crafts and arts in the sense that they are always relevant regardless of your age.

6. DIY Felt Succulents Kit: Is there a plant or flower lover in your house? Want to give them a gift that lasts forever and requires no maintenance? Then this is the set for that teen in your life.

The Felt Succulent kit comes with enough pieces to make 18 separate succulents in various colors. And since it also comes with chalk for blushing and detailing the final result will stand out at first glance. However, this is one project where patience is key. The parts are small and there are a lot of them. Making the perfect succulent will take some trial and error and a lot of re-rolling. But once it is done the final results is breathtaking, and completely beats artificial succulents in the market.

Best Craft Kits for Teenage Girl

7. Mont Marte Calligraphy Set: Calligraphy might seem like an outdated skill, but in fact,  is very popular and in-demand on social media right now. The art of calligraphic writing is not as complicated as it might seem, and this kit is an awesome getting started guide!

8. Punch Needle Pillow: If your teen wants to try something different, this punch needle pillow textile art kit will give her endless opportunities to explore new talents. Make the design for your punch-needle pillow, transfer it to the fabric, and mount it on the punch frame. You’ll learn how to use (and thread!) the punch needle so that you can fill in your project with colorful, fluffy yarn. Then, sew and stuff your pillowcase so you can display your finished work!

DIY Kits for Teens

9. Paint By Numbers: If your teen isn’t a skilled artist yet but loves being creative, then paint by number art kit is the way to go.

10. Vigorfun Deluxe Art Set: Overall this set brings 24 paints, 24 oil pastels, 12 watercolors, and it’s all rounded up with brushes, pencils, and other accessories. That’s a little bit of everything and while most teens won’t be into all the painting styles, they are bound to like one. So this set is great in the sense that it gives them tools for what they already like, and room to explore new techniques at their own pace.

DIY Kits for Teens

11. Screen Printing Kit: Print your own sayings on a T-shirt with this easy-to-use printing kit. Because there is no electricity or heat used, the manual process is safe and mess-free for beginners, and chemical-free ink is easily cleaned with soap and water. This kit contains a step-by-step guide, along with the materials you need, including graphics to enhance your ideas.

12. Beginners Calligraphy Kit: Give young artists this award-winning calligraphy kit with an instruction booklet and supplies. Contains quality supplies, detailed directions, and traceable alphabets in one start-up kit! Included are beginner-friendly Nib, Pen, Ink & Calligraphy Paper. Suitable for both left- and right-handed users.

Craft Gifts for Teenage Girl

13. Nail Art Kit: A nail art kit is something right up my alley. I would have loved to have this as a teen, as I used to draw my nail designs on paper and then stick them on. You can imagine that I’m obsessed and somewhat jealous of the type of art kits teens can get today.

14. Pottery Kit: A Sculped Pottery Kit contains everything you’ll need to sculpt, carve, paint and seal your own pinch pots, succulent plant pots, trinket dishes, vases, candle holders, sculptures, and everything in between.

15. Pressed Flower Kit: Unlike most craft boxes that have limited use, this one can be used over and over again to create the most beautiful pressed flower art!

16. DIY Keychain Kit: Paint a fun and colorful keychain with this unique kit. It comes with everything you need to customize your own creation.

Craft Gifts for Teenage Girl

17. Weaving Loom Kit: This kit will include everything you need to start the project. The kit is great for beginners, this is an easy hand stitch embroidery project you can complete in one weekend.

18. Rainbow Macrame Kit: This is a complete DIY Macrame Rainbow kit for teens! Take the guesswork out of sourcing your own supplies, buying a whole skeen of yarn for a tiny project and playing the price comparison game. The kit includes all the supplies you’ll need to create a beautiful macrame rainbow in one convenient box.

19. Clay Bud Vase Kit: his kit allows you to make ONE or TWO decorated vases of your choice. Included is –your vase and polymer clay in lavender, robins egg blue, soft pink, mustard yellow, seafoam green, and bright orange hues.

Craft Kits for 13-Year-Olds

20. DIY String Art Kit: This kit makes it easy and simple to create cool designs to display in rooms or lockers or give as gifts.

This kit comes with everything you need, including brightly colored string and pretty pushpins. No hammer or nails are necessary, you simply push the pins into the foam canvases (three 8.5-inch square canvases are included) to create cool designs. There are patterns included to make a heart, peace sign or “hi” message, but you can also let your creativity loose and create anything you can dream up. It’s recommended for ages 10 and up.”

21. Paint Pouring Kit: Tweens will love exploring their creative side with this paint pour set. Simply mix, layer, drip, and pour acrylic paint to create fluid art designs!

22. 3D Coloring Kits: This Fantasy Freaks kit comes with four picture boards, seven felt-tip markers, and 3-D glasses so you can finish your project in 3-D.

Craft Kits for 13 Year Olds

23. Comic Book Kit: Perfect for fans of comic books and graphic novels. This kit provides everything your teen will need to create their epic, illustrated superhero stories.

24. Mosaic Art Kit: A professional-quality mosaic made easy! The unique thing about this kit is that Tunisian mosaic artists have carefully cut all the genuine, natural stones.

25. Bath Bomb Kit: Comes with everything you need to make your own pretty, yummy smelling bath bombs for the most luxurious soaking.

26. Tropical Terrarium Kit: Mix gardening and crafting together with this fun terrarium kit that comes with everything you need to get started—even seeds!

27. Painting Earring Kit: Add a touch of your own personality to your style with these custom earring painting kit.

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Art Kits for Teens