Inside: Fun + Rewarding Teen Volunteer Programs To Help Those College Admissions.

If you want to give your teen a leg up in life, encourage them to get involved in volunteer work. There are many benefits to encouraging your child to participate in community service, such as instilling in them the value of helping others and preparing them for the workforce.

Your teen will gain compassion and self-assurance by helping others, and this is just one of the many benefits of volunteering. Many universities also require applicants to detail their community service on their application essays. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start looking for volunteer opportunities for your teen; most communities have at least a few of these to choose from.

Check out our favorite teen volunteer programs and ideas.

Volunteering For Teens

Teen Volunteer Programs

This collection of teen volunteer programs is perfect for the summer.

American Red Cross: The American Red Cross is a well-known organization that helps those in need and collects blood donations in the wake of disasters. This is vital work, and you can participate! See if there are any ways you can help out as a young person, and if you’re moved to do so, perhaps you’ll consider starting a Red Cross Club at a more local level like your school.

Habitat for Humanity:  Each person should be able to call a place their own. Working with Habitat for Humanity is a great way to give back to your neighborhood (literally). Anyone between the ages of five and forty is welcome to participate in Habitat for Humanity’s Youth Programs, which offer a wide range of opportunities for service, from building houses to advocating for more affordable housing options.

The Humane Society:  There are things you can do at your local Humane Society end animal cruelty, whether you prefer canines, felines, or even hamsters. Consider outreach, working on the phones, and shelter assistance options in your state.

Key Club:  Key Club has an extensive history of encouraging high school students to give back to their communities through service. Student-run clubs give you a voice in determining the focus and nature of the community service you perform. There probably is a chapter at your school, but if there isn’t, you can start one!

Best Volunteer Jobs For Teens

Places to Volunteer for Teens

Meals on Wheels:  Here’s a volunteer opportunity that will give teens who have recently gotten their license a good reason to hit the road. The goal of the program is to supply the social and nutritional requirements of the elderly. A shocking 225 million meals have been dropped off! If you want to get involved, be sure to contact your local provider.

Best Buddies:  Make new friends while making a difference in the lives of the 200 million people worldwide who have intellectual or developmental disabilities by volunteering with Best Buddies. If you want to use friendship as a tool for inclusivity in your community, consider joining a school chapter (or starting your own).

Sierra Club:  There is a Sierra Student Advocacy Group geared specifically toward youth, which is a great resource for young people who want to get involved in the fight for the climate. Engage in environmental work such as litter picking, leading nature walks or advocating for change. There are millions of participants that work together on campaigns to end poverty, violence, poor education, and environmental degradation through social action, volunteer work, and charitable giving campaigns. Check out our initiatives to find meaningful ways for youth to get involved.

Places to Volunteer as a Teen

Volunteer Ideas for Home

Giving back to the community doesn’t have to be limited to visits to soup kitchens or Habitat for Humanity construction sites. Teens can help others in their communities without leaving home by using the following ideas. Given that most 13-year-olds lack ready access to reliable transportation, the aforementioned opportunities provide excellent volunteer work. This will help them develop their sense of responsibility and self-assurance as volunteers.

  • Assist younger siblings with chores like tidiness, hygiene, and homework.
  • If you have bored younger siblings, you should play with them.
  • Prepare lunch for work or school for a family member or neighbor if you’re feeling generous.
  • Assist a parent in completing a task around the house, such as shoveling snow or grabbing a rake and cleaning up leaves.
  • Bake some treats for a family member who feels under the weather.
  • Create a haven for butterflies, birds, or some wildlife like raccoons or possums in your backyard. Be sure to make sure your parents are on board with this idea!
  • Spend time with a pet and care for it by giving it food, baths, and regular attention.
  • Send a note to an older loved one or organize a card-making party with some young neighbors and drop the results off at a nearby nursing home.
  • Take charge of tidying up your room, the kids’ play area, or the living room.
  • Help out around the house by putting up your coat, washing the dishes, or taking out the trash.

Volunteer Opportunities and School

Teens can find inspiration from outstanding volunteerism at their own school. Make sure your tween gets approval from teachers and the principal before starting a school project on his or her own.

  • Facilitate first-year classroom preparation for teachers.
  • Assist educators with closing-out classrooms.
  • Serve as a security guard at your local bus stop or ride the buses and help watch the kids.
  • Assist the librarian with arranging books on shelves or helping students check books out.
  • Create a set of posters promoting safey to post around the campus.
  • Hold a drive to gather school supplies for kids whose families can’t afford to pay for the basics.
  • Help younger students with tutoring as needed.
  • If you or a friend haven’t been able to make it to school due to being sick or an emergency, please bring your assignments to your classmates.

Summer Volunteer Programs For Teens School

Volunteering at Church

Teens can get their feet wet in the world of service by helping out at their local churches. Teenagers can find fantastic opportunities for service at the church at any given time.

  • Help keep an eye on the little ones in the worship service.
  • Help out with a week of Bible study run by adult volunteers.
  • Make a poster and decorate it with the latest church happenings.
  • Get in touch with new congregants by sending them a card.
  • Take up a collection for the Sunday school teachers’ classroom needs.
  • Indulge the staff at the church with a cookie bake.
  • Donate your time to keep the church’s gardens in order.

Volunteering in the Community

There is a great need in the community for teens to volunteer their time, and these positions provide excellent opportunities to do so.

  • Get together a drive to collect food, blankets, or toys for the animal shelter.
  • Donate to the community food bank.
  • Help out a kid down the street by doing their homework.
  • Create Valentine’s Day cards for elderly people living in nursing homes.
  • Take part in a community cleanup event.
  • Bake cookies to welcome the new neighbors.
  • Get involved with your community by joining a service group.
  • Donate to a homeless shelter in lieu of receiving birthday presents.
  • Donate holiday funds to a deserving family.

More Great Ideas for Teens

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Teen Volunteer Programs